Whatsup with the hatin'

I first thought this was about the bickering on this site. Then I read about Wolverine... I used to like him when I didn't read many comics... But he is overused. Look at all the UXM covers with Wolverine on them. I'm going to go count them...
Familiarity breeds contempt.

But also, he's too..... cool. He's really not quite human enough for me. Fine, he has flaws, but exaggerated ones, maybe if he had bad flatulence of tourette's syndrome I'd have more interest in the character.
I don't know if this counts but he usually smells like "a wet dog". Yet the X-men all still love him.
Perspnally, I like the character of Wolverine if WRITTEN WELL, I loved Wolvie as portrayed by Claremont. Nowadays, there are so many interpertations of Wolvie and exagerations of his powers it is kind of annoying.

I mean wolvie has been taken down by Cyclops before in the 80s, but under no circumstance does Wolvie survive a nuclear bomb [the Venoms series]. That is what pisses me off about a character, when so many people think they can just throw a mega threat at him, because he can't die?
I've just been thinking that I enjoy Wolvie when written by Joss Whedon

Wolvie: What do you want me to do?
Scott: Just sit there and have a beer
Wolvie: Cool. Beer.

Its in some ways annoying but its better than wise-old-man who can still fight a lot wolvie.
The over exxageration of his powers is a big point too. I mean he has a healing factor. Okay, he heals quick. Shouldn't any sufficent harm that would casue someone to die instantly be the end for the clawed canuck? I mean I've gotten into arguments with friends of mine over weither or not you could drown him. I say yes as he'd eventualy run out of oxygen and atleast go braindead, eventualy his entire body following suit. My friend of course argues something along the line of his healin factor would allow for suspended animation till oxygen can get to the bloodstream. Of course everyone also pulls out the old Uncanny issue where he regenerates from a friggin drop of blood thans to the power of the Shi'ar's crystal whatchamiggy. Blech.

I almost want him tossed out of a space shuttle. Lets justsee him heal up from that.
Yeah, the guy has been hit by a nuke, burned by a sun, left as a skeleton so many times, and then he heals back, with all memories (well, you know what i mean), intact. nah. that's a bridge too far. Comics these books are, but certainly some grounds in reality need to be considered.
the best there is at what i do....

this is all just too funny....but synch is the man....that DD bashing added to MWOF's response was my breakfast this morning. I like wolverine, lately i havent seen anything interesting enough for me to buy with his face on it. I loved the blockbuster arc in UXM that had him, but the nuke thing was overexaggerated as others have already mentioned.
Caduceus said:
Hehehe. Read Your New X-men Planet X

I didn't think that was too bad. With that, you're not just dealing with Wolverine and his healing power - he was saved by the Phoenix.

But yeah, regenerating from a drop of blood - :roll:
He can't regenerate from a drop of blood? Lucky I haven't been reading too much 616... C'mon Marvel, you're getting to be a bit too much GOOFY NUTS...
ProjectX2 said:
He can't regenerate from a drop of blood? Lucky I haven't been reading too much 616... C'mon Marvel, you're getting to be a bit too much GOOFY NUTS...

It was in an old annual. But can you belive they actualy keep a copy on hand to shut me up when the conversaion turns to Wolverine.

it does get out of control with the healing. Like i remember when Adam Kubert was drawing the series (when i first started to read comics) he just "healed" but then after he came back from the Apocalypse "war" horseman thing now he grows back limbs. it's tough to be a fan when wolvie is headed toward cheese like that. but still he is the best there is at what he does. and he doesn't always win. Lady deathstrike tossed him around so many times and Sabretooth is 87-2 w's to L's with him cyber beat him cable beat him gambit beat him deadpool beat him. i could go on for a while alot of the appeal is in the whole he takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin' thing. how could u hate that.
Mostly because it doesn't MATTER when he gets beaten. It has almost no affect on him ever. He can get chopped into little pieces and thrown in a blender and it won't matter. Its Superman Syndrome. Too hard to relate too

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