Which Ultimate X Character Is In Dire Need of Change?


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Jun 16, 2004
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Hey, guys!

This has been a burning question of mine since the title began. Well, got involved at least. Millar didn't do the greatest job of defining these characters, Bendis left room for improvement, and Vaughan has been taking his time with these characters but there has been a lot left open. Who do you guys think should be explored next?

I would like to see either Angel or Cylcops, personally. Angel obviously has more to him than his good nature and Cylcops is a flawed leader, which is always interesting to harp on. For those of you who watch Lost, it's obvious that Jack and Scott are a lot alike.
I think we need to see some more of Wolverine. His character pontental is untapped.

Kidding Kidding. I think we should see more of Nightcrawler. I think he really interesting but they've barely used him.
Yeah, Ultimate Nightcrawler was cool. We need more of him.
We need to see more of Kitty, we know next to nothing about her. I'd like to see more Colossus and Nightcrawler.
I love Vaughan's Wolverine. I love how he manages to make the character world-wise while stripping him of all the macho posturing that has made him famous but without compromising any of his toughness and ferocity.

As for untapped potential, I think it's Dazzler. The character concept and design is fundamentally interesting, but they haven't really done anything with her other than just providing the occasional superficially cynical attitude I'd attribute to most punks.
Awesome... Responses!

Well, there have been a lot of answers across the board, two that I would probably agree with. I think that Nightcrawler and Kitty are two characters that need more to them. First, NC is a victim of Weapon X for crying out loud! Where's his reaction? Also, Kitty... Wow, she wears the Star of David and stuff like that and we know she has a crush on Spider-Man, but what else is there to her? I guess the same can be said with Iceman. We haven't gotten all of the dimensions from him.
I would most like to see nightcrawler get a good solo arc. Maybe seeing him get revenge on some of his weapon x captors or maybe being recruited by shield for a mission. What ever it is, I would like to see him in an action role.
Come to think of it... This two part arc with Deathstrike would've been cooler with Nightcrawler and Wolverine in it together. That bond seemed cool enough in 616 from what I've seen...
Naw. I prefer Storm and Wolvie in this arc instead of NC, especially since it highlights more about Storm. That will knock down one more character that was in dire need of character development.

I think Cyke will get some attention in the Magneto arc, especially if Havok is involved.

Nightcrawler definitely needs his own arc or at least an arc that revolves around NC. Actually many of the characters need attention to their lives that doesn't have to deal with their love lives (Iceman, Kitty, Colossus!!!).
Like I said, I think that Colossus was the one character besides Longshot that shined in the Most Dangerous Game... He did great in that arc. I'm sure we'll get to see more of him by the end of Magnetic North. This time off from the actual team has been wearing on a few members.

Also, I would love to see an arc revolve around NC. This would probably be a good time to answer the questions we have about his age and feelings towards Weapon X.
Nick Kal said:
Oh Nightcrawler definitely needs more development!
Yeah, he's just sorta been hanging out, playin pirates and teleporting about when needed. He hasn't actauly DONE anything since return of the king.
I would have liked to see something with Rogue's background fleshed out. She actually has parents in this universe. I was thinking that Marvel might take advantage of UXM to unload an origin story that was previously withheld regarding 616 Rogue to keep her background all mysterious, but alas, she was grafted onto Iceman in a lame duplication of the X-movies pairing, and then foisted off onto Remy to bring about the Rogue/Remy pairing that people can't seem to get enough of in 616. Joy.
Well I've been avoiding this thread because of the title. Which should be changed. Most of us have mentioned characters that need further developing not "changes".

Goodz, My vote goes to Cyclops too. Anyone else? No?
Cmon' he's the one character that is screaming at us, "What am I all about!". We know nothing about his relationship with Havok, Where his parents are (which is a point that most of the other X-Men need explained) and we need more of "leader" Cyclops to show.

I'd like to see more of Gambit's background. I'd like to see more Nightcrawler too.

I'd like to see less Wolverine.
I agree a little bit with everyone here. Cyclops' family issues definitely need some diving into, but Magnetic North might just provide that. Gambit and Rogue could use more development, but i'm sure the annual will give us some tidbits. As far as changes go, i wish we could've seen more edge from Angel. To me he seems painted as the helpless pretty-boy who's not very good at anything. I would've liked to see a more arrogant or at least confident Warren. Just my 2 cents
Well, yes, that's the whole reason I voted Cyclops in the first place. His family and his relationship with Alex. I think we've got a very different character here than the 616 counterpart and he needs to be fleshed out so that we can make that distinction. This could potentially be the character that has the most colorful past and we're not paying any attention to him. We need to. Also, I do agree that he needs to become more of a respectable leader, but I do like to see him lose control every once and a while... He needs to fail to succeed.

On a team like the one we've got now, Angel with a little edge would be fine, but not too much. It's going to get annoying to see all of these characters rebell against whatever it is they decide to rebel against... A character like Angel, who refuses to do bad things or at least looks for some amount of justification, is a good character to have around on a team full of rogues. Also, you know he's going to change, since a relationship with Dazzler is heating up and he can't play the good guy forever... Even then he's taken captive by a criminal! Angel is up in there with me at this point.

I don't think they're going to go into Rogue in the UU since I don't think she has much of a past other than what we've seen of her as a villain already. I would like to see flash backs where she does more stuff as a villain, or act as one with Gambit, so that her radical change can be ignored. I do think Bendis ignored the fact that she was a former villain and didn't do a good job of blending her into a good guy. Perhaps we can see more of Rogue, but I don't expect much from her character. BUT, I've been wrong before. :)
I'd definitely like to see more Nightcrawler. He's the most underdeveloped Character, I think. I'd also like to seesome more about the team as a whole. Who hangs out with whom, who doesn't get along with the rest, what do they do all the time? Hang out? Read? Study? Practice? Does the professor tell each one what he's suppossed to do? I think he might, especially with the younger ones - didn't Kitty's mom comment on Xavier's curriculum befor letting her daughter go to his school? But somehow I don't see Colossus of Wolverine talking classes...

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