who do you think ultimate spider girl is?


Aug 12, 2006
I think she's a female clone of Peter. My logic is based on the fact that there are several of them running around now...Plus she has the same shade of brown hair.
I think thats not Spider-girl, but Spider-Woman. It is most likely a female Peter clone but I was hoping it was Gwen Stacy, but that looks to be wrong. Oh yeah this is my first post, so see yall around.
I'm pretty darn sure she's a female clone of Peter. After she knocks out Peter she makes a comment about how "I'll get them back for you, Peter. I'll do it for all of us.". This leads me to believe she's talking about the other Peter clones.
I think Bendis should make Ultimate Spider-Girl the real Petra Parker, and Peter the male clone of himself. That'd be one hell of a twist:twisted:
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Goodwill said:
Because the title is named Spider-MAN... But all this time... Peter Parker was actually a girl. BRILLIANT. :)

:D that's what I thought! No one would see it coming. This is even better than Gwen dying and then returning:D
napalm113 said:
dude, if peter had sex with his female clone, is it insest or masterbation?

I was thinking that awhile back. I asked my friends and my mom, and they all seemed to think it would count as masturbation.

And as humorous as the thought of Peter having sex with his clone, that isn't really a discussion meant for this thread; we don't even know who Ultimate Spider-Girl is:( .
It's Aunt May. The Jackal turned her into Spider-Woman on their "date".

Also, he gave her hair dye.
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Hibiki said:
I still think it Ultimate Jessica Drew.

I would honestly like her to be. Since the clone of Peter's was named Ben Reilly, perhaps she could be Jessica Drew AND a clone of Peter's.
That would be a very interesting idea but I still want to see Ultimate Scarlet Spider. They did say that a unmentioned character will get his/her debut. It would be very cool if Jessica Drew was a Peter clone.
With all of the whackiness going on right now... It wouldn't surprise me if the Scarlet Spider-Man showed up.

I just want to see Tarantuala first...
it's impossible to guess

since ultimate ben reilly is out there , making strange experiments on the symbiote , it can be my mother too :)
Issued said:
it's impossible to guess

since ultimate ben reilly is out there , making strange experiments on the symbiote , it can be my mother too :)

unless ben reilly, after seeing peter's "perfect" strand of dna, made a clone from that and his own.....but then it'd be male.....

here's a thought, what if peter was actually a clone of his FATHER, thus the reason why carnage turned out to look like him.

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