who do you think ultimate spider girl is?

It COULD be Kitty, still...

She could've made her own web-shooters... I mean if Arcade did as well as Peter, they aren't impossible to make, you know?

Also, clinging to walls would be easy for her... Couldn't she just let her fingers go intangible and everything juts kinda sit there while her fingers and feet are holding all the weight?

It's a stretch, but...

Spider-Woman DOES look like Kitty.
I can't tell if you're joking but Spider-Woman's webbing came out of her finger, not a web-shooter.
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catburgler_2100 said:
so since she is peter how do we discribe her relationship to him - sister? (since twins are sort of natures clones), ? im sooooooooo confused!:shock:
Fraternal Clones? (for those not in the know a fraternal twin is non-identical twin) is that possible? sure it is!
How easy would it be to take a tube up to her finger...? I'm not trying to be a pain - just backing my argument. Politely... I hope. :) I'm trying, guys...
Ultimate Spider-girl/woman is a combo of a clone of Peter and a little bit of the Venom suit mixed in. I could be wrong but that's my best guess.
I'm pretty sure she is a clone because she was saying how "we" didn't deserve this probably meaning her and the other clones.
ultimatedjf said:
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I checked out the last couple of issues again last night and came up with some more ideas:

Miles Warren dating Aunt May couldn't just be a coincidence! He's connected somehow right? Maybe because Peter and Aunt May are related Warren or Ben Riley or both of em geneticly altered Peters clone to be female using a little bit of Aunt May DNA? The Scorpians' DNA wasn't a 100% match to Peters so it possible they messed with Spider-Womans' too.

Ben Riley did have access to the Carnage/Venom suit. Didn't Carnage need Peters' genetics? Maybe because Spider-Woman is a clone of Peters (or a really close match) she has complete control of her suit and doesn't need to suck the life out of people like Carnage/Venom do?

This idea far fetched but I can't help myself.....When Doc Connors asked Peters' permission to poke a stick at his DNA he mentioned cloning. Connors is a desperate man and not the most ethical person. I mean he turned himself into a giant Lizard and helped to create Carnage! So maybe the guilt over the whole Carnage debacle turned him back into Ulitimate Lizard. With the help of Miles Warren and Ben Riley, Conners gained at least partial control over his lizard persona and helped to create all the clones? Not likely but whatever it might happen.......
I feel you guys shouldn't rule out Jessica Drew... Joe Mad was caught drawing sketches of her in his Ultimates 3 portfolio so i think its her. And Fury is def. connected to this in a big way... Fury always said to peter when he turns 18 he's government property so maybe Fury couldnt wait that long and hired the jackle to make clones and it got outta hand... which he was prepared for with the what? ... SPIDER SLAYERS!!!
Hmm. I know I posted a couple of ideas here before but now I gots me a new one.

What is a clone saga without the scarlet spider? I still think that she's a clone of Pete who rocks a little of the Venom suit.

What's the name gonna be?
Spider-Girl? noway!
Spider-woman? Nah!
It's got to Scarlet Spider.
Yes, but X-23 is both a horrible idea and horrible character that deserves to rot in a specified Hell where she must make paper people all day. :shifty:

And she better get her hands off of Hellion.
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Well, X-23 is a clone of Wolverine and she's a girl....

Then she's not really a clone.

I'm not trying to argue, just saying that if that's the case then either X-23 is not really a clone, or the writers who said she is don't have a clue what they're talking about. Maybe she's genetically engineered using Wolverine's DNA, but a clone is a perfect copy with no changes.

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