Who is going to take over after Ellis?

We've mentioned all of these second rate villains... We really decided that these aren't people that we'd like to see unless seriously altered.

Well, with Reed's fame and new powers, it would be interesting to see if they react in a different way or if his sister has more sympathy for him. Remember, Reed has, like, three sisters that he didn't have in 616. That could be interesting to go through... She wanted to go into the N-Zone and maybe she'll get a chance and get lost and it's up to the Four to find her....?
I partly agree with goodwill
Villains is hardly all super-heroes are about. Anyone read Supreme Power?
No villain, yet a hell of a good story.
I'd actually like to see all ultimate heroes deal a little bit more with "realistic" problems than with the "villain of the arc". Spiderman could get involved with street crime and mob gangsters, or possibly with drug-dealers reaching out towards his own school.
The Ultimates could get used in international conflicts, possibly fighting afgan war lords or tzezenian rebels.
The FF could spend a whole arc searching for missing astronauts on a secret us space station, looking for atlantis, whatever.
The X-Men could for example hunt down the reminder of the hellfire club, they could free mutant slaves held in chinese prison camps, getting into a conflict with the chinese government in the process.
there are anought possibilities.
Reed is an inventor. It would be nice to see S.H.I.E.L.D. coming to the Baxter Building to see if there's something they need Reed to work on for a particular mission. Or if some of those inventions gets Reed and the Four into more trouble.
No, no. Keep SHIELD out of this title. I do get the realism when SHIELD comes and visits these titles, but I just feel that they can't do anything without SHIELD...
They can't, and rightfully so. SHIELD is involved in every aspect of the super powered beings. It only makes sense for them to appear regularly.
SHIELD has to appear, or otherwise Fury won't be able to tell them what to do, which he has done or tryed to do, in every Ultimate title. I agree, with Ricky though, I wanna see some more real stuff. In U6, Thor was in Bosnia helping.
it didnt say.. just said he was in bosnia and thats why he was late for a meeting or something.
Goodwill said:
Right, I know that, but why would he just pick up and go to Bosnia?

He was helping clean up after the war that has ravaged the country.

Let's try to get back on topic.
Who else would be a likely candidate besides Bendis? Millar? Are there any others, besides, Vaughan (Be more original), that may be able to do well with this title?
Crikey, talk about fashion!!!!!!

What ever happened to citing names like Miller or Moore?

Okay this is very improbable but somebody had to mention these two.
Weeeell, how about Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, the writer of MK 4?
He's already working on the FF, he certainly knows how to do them, and the title may cringe on te verge of cancellation despite it's quality.
(okay, taking McNiven off the book didn't help much, either...)
UltimateE said:
But why does it have to be scientific?.

Perhaps because it's a book about scientists?

And as for the sentiment that a superhero book without supervillians would be boring, need I point out that Herr Kleiser aside, the Ultimates is a book about superheros without supervillians?
UCS, you're back and with a punch! Thanks for supporting me. I really, honestly believe that the Fantastic Four can do without villains if it only became more political like the Ultimates and more about scientific stuff... After all, that's why Reed is here in the first place. I think they could do a lot of things without villains and that would all make for better plots. There would still be action and adventure but just without someone standing in their way spitting out cliches about world domination. We don't need that necessarily in this title.
Okay lets say that the book has no villians at all... what will Ben and Johnny do? Ben is not a scientist, he's a good hearted guy that looks after his friends. Johnny is looking for a fight! If you noticed during both of these story arcs we only focus on Reed and Sue what about the other two?

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