Who should get ultimized next?

Who do you think should get ultimized next?

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Jul 24, 2004
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I think that we should get more of the classic charaters ultimized. Vaughun is doing a great job at it. Already he has ultimized Sunspot in "The Tempest" arc. And in the preview of ult. # 50.......


Wolfsbane will get ultimized as part of a show on coney island.
Lets hope to see people like Jubille come along soon. Or maybe Bishop. Well who knows whos gonna be next?
Well, you certainly gave us poor choices. Out of all the characters that haven't been ultimized, you pick two that are of personal choice? I hope that it isn't about getting your post count up... Not fair...

I feel that we should focus on characters that will have more of a lasting impression rather than have throw-away characters... Vaughan has had a lot of cameos in his run of four- five issues... All of which were there just to be there or help the plot move onto the next miniscule event.

To answer your question, though, I think that we should focus more on the characters that we touched on in New Mutants before any more appearances. Havok, Karma, White Queen... I'd like to see them rather than your Jubilee or Sunfire.
I agree with Goodwill about the New Mutants characters. Too many introduced too quickly; something needs to be resolved there.
Mystique has probably been the most demanded character next to Gambit, don't you think? I think they should save her and make her an omnipotent ring leader of a gang of mutants who want to bring back the Brotherhood. This arc could answer the questions such as 'Where is Juggernaut/ Sabertooth/ Toad?' and 'What'll Rogue do now that she is on the other side of the fence'? That kind stuff. She'd be a good way to bring back a lot of good stuff.
First of all Goodwill, im sorry i gave you poor choices. I tried, I SWEAR I TRIED to put other mutants that werent just them, but when it came up as a post, they were not appearing. And no, they are not personal choices.

Well Sunfire isnt a personal choice. I had some others but again, I had problems putting them up.

Now Mystique was actually mentioned in Ultimate X-Men. At least as Xavier's cat. Check issue #32 last page, last panel. HE was talking to Fury when he says,"Now Come along Mystique. It's feeding time, my friend.

As for Sabretooth, he was a goner the issue before. I said in another thread that his head was sliced off by Wolverine. The great part was when Wolverine said, "Try growing this back". Toad and Juggernaut, they are still unknown (in where they are I mean).
Hey, maybe Mystique IS the cat! That'd be a great way of spying on the X-Men; be the head honcho's cat.
Though what I don't get about Sabertooth is what happened to the Adamantium he had put in in the Weapon X storyline (which I thought was really lame)? Was that just the claws and teeth, cause it sounded like the whole deal... and furthermore the claws and teeth never showed up in ROTK.
I'm not sure, I'm too lazy to look it up right now, but I think the cat even has a little hourglass mark on the forehead. Doesn't 616 Mystique have one of those? It be a great way to break out Magneto too. Xavier could stop by for a visit or meeting, the cat slips away, undetected, shape-shifting 'til she got to the cell. Then all hell breaks loose!
It would be cool if Mystique was the cat. Thats what I though when I read the line. But as for Sabretooth, he didnt have his whole body with adamantium. It was just teeth and claws (that were given to him).

And Mystique didnt have an hourglass in the 616 verse. She had a mini-skull.
Finch was not aware that he had adamantium claws, so he didn't draw them into his rendition of Sabertooth.

Also, yes, his skull was cut off, but a writer could very easily write Sabertooth back in the title.

Mystique the cat was a joke between Millar and Kubert, the two behind the cat in the first place. I doubt there is any connection between the damn cat and the mutant that we love to hate. :)

Lastly, I'm sorry for going crazy on this thread, honestly, I don't know what happened! The Singer news you brought to the site ticked me off a little, I guess... :)
Mystique is way cool, but I wouldn't want to see a writer bring her in just for the sake of bringing her in, y'know. A good story that does not make, me thinks. I think Bendis could write a great character with shapeshifting abilities, which was why I was a little dissapointed to see Dmitri Smerdyakov amongst the easter eggs in #53.
And about the cat...the Ultimate version of Carnage is a Peter clone, the Ult version of The Green Goblin is a real monster-goblin thingy, Sinister is a serial killer in the Ult U...maybe the Ultimate version of Mystique is quite simply a little cat. Kinda anti-climatic in terms of speculation, but...
Well, I, for one, am going to agree with Mastertron (For the first time!). I feel that Mystique is a character that shouldn't be thrown away. Too often are X-Characters being used too quickly in the Ultimate Universe. We're gonna get to the point where there aren't any familiar characters on the team roster... I wouldn't want Lifegaurd or Slipstream taking the place of Colossus or Jean Grey. Not cool. Mystique needs to be used to her fullest extent as does all of the characters that were just there... IE Northstar, Sunspot, Wolfsbane.
They could introduce Mystique as a mercenary or thief for hire. She could even work for S.H.I.E.L.D. if they worked it right. That would be a great way to introduce her.
Yeah, like Gambit's a thief for hire! I still like my Brotherhood idea... Bendis should come back on for that arc!
Oh, will people stop whining about who gets used? I'd rather see an issue with just three or four X-Men than something that crams in the other characters just to say it did.
Look, the book is called "Ultimate X-Men". Not "Ultimate Wolverine" or "Ultimate Cyclops, Jean, and Colosus" or whatever. Its a team book so the team should actually be used. They shouldnt be tosed aside or used as cameos.

When Bendis was on the book, Iceman was used as a cameo. Out of the year BMB was on the book, he had Iceman only say FOUR WORDS!! Nightcrawler we didnt see too much. But we sure got a whole lot of Wolverine! The X-Men are not just one or two, but more!

If your working on a team book, try using the team!

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