Who's behind the Clone Saga?

Whose behind the Clone Saga?

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I want it so much to be Norman Osborn, but judging from the cover it's gotta be Otto... I'm torn about that.

Think of it this way: how many times have covers given false clues?

Don't judge an Ultimate book by it's cover.

It *should* be Osbourn, but it will probably be Richard Parker, and it may not have been done with evil intent.
I'm sure it's gotta be Osborne........but the Jan solit has all signs pointing to Ock.

I'm still staying with Osborne...and if it ain't him---then bad form.

Could be both of them, remember in Hobgoblin arc the underground bunker, there was a pair of Ock arms there? It could be something or just nothing that Bagley through in there.

E said:
Think of it this way: how many times have covers given false clues?

Don't judge an Ultimate book by it's cover.

It *should* be Osbourn, but it will probably be Richard Parker, and it may not have been done with evil intent.
Well the solict also said "The acention of Doctor Octopus" its the acention part that has me curious. They could has said the return of Doc Ock but didn't maybe I'm reading too much into it. Also the hair cut in the cove makes me think Richard
well, remember that otto worked with osborn during ultimate six. osborn is behind it all, but doc ock got tired of watching and wants to finish it. and the whole ascension thing....well it makes sense, since he did lose his arms, and he has new ones....new, improved Otto?? and besides, it has to be osborn. i mean, what would be a greater blow than showing peter his own, thought-to-be-dead father?!?!? and then to tear/kill him away......sound very osborn like to me. and this leads to peter etting totally fed up and wants to take gobby down for good. cept this time he has spider-woman and tarantula, who as they're clones of pete should be affected too, to help.

or, ock comes crashing in, kills richard with his new arms and peter blows his top and goes after him.
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well if death of the goblin is happening soon then i doubt its norman we all know bendis doesnt do immediate follow ups. plus theres reasoning in doc ock

1. he worked at oscorp so he knows his way around
2. he knows his secret identity
3. hes got peters dna sample

but who knows it might be BOTH of them. but its not norman by himself
Good lordy, people.

Osborn. No u, no e. Learn it! :p

And yeah, I know GG was behind the 616 Clone Saga. But the 616 Clone Saga was radically different. Unless maybe Ultimate MJ is pregnant from some pre-school wrestling with Logan in Peter's body...
well. this has been developing in my head most of today, so here it is.

Everyone thinks Richard is behind it. Now, Richard is most likely behind Carnage's return, as his "concern" for Gwen implies. But the flashback shows him working on his research. So I doubt he stopped on that to make clones of his own kid. SO if Richard was only working on Carnage, then who is doing the cloning?
More on that later.

Now here's the deal with Fury. When he got to be head of SHIELD, no doubt there were others wanting it too. Gyrich was probably one of them. Now, there was a choice between Fury, who saved the Pres. with only one arm, and Gyrich, who is in charge of the creation of a monster like Carnage. Who do you think got the job? Fury. So Gyrich gets more than a little pissed and decides that Fury may not be exactly a boy scout. There has been some proof pointing to this, and only just enough for Gyrich to get the CIA's own meta-human program going on. To counter SHIELD, and just in case Fury goes rouge. Yeah, like that's all Gyrich is concerned with. Anyway, he gets Richard because of his Venom research. But it seems Gyrich takes an interest in Spider-man, who seems to be a genetic wonder. He discovers that it's Peter Parker, Richard's son, go figure, and that Fury has gotten to him. At the same time, he confiscates some of Connors' work. Remember, Doc Connors went to the Feds, not SHIELD. Now Richard has enough to seriously start work. But then comes Ben Reilly, who happens to be working for the CIA( the whole, more secrets of Ben Reilly thing). Reilly and Parker work on Carnage, Richard probably considering it's positive attributes, like being a cure( to DEATH maybe???). But Reilly has Parker's bloodsample. He gives it to Gyrich, who sees that he's got a sample of gene wonder Spider-Man. Since Fury has the real Spidey, the onlt thing to do is make your own. Except not have only one, but FOUR!!! Now, it could be anyone who does the cloning. Reilly, Richard(doubtful) or maybe some other scientist......maybe Miles Warren?!?!

Next point: Gyrich would probably want other scientists working on things to counter Fury. And he has a spider-clone, but it should be even more powerful than the original. I give you......Scropion!!!! All the powers of the original but with a little extras! Namely, an illegal bio-graft. And WHO do we know that has played around with bio-grafts?? That's right, Doctor Octopus. Now Otto is considered less of a danger since his arms have been melted. So Gyrich makes a deal with him. Work for him and he won't be stuck in high-security vaults with other psychopaths. He takes it and Fury can't do a thing, since the CIA has given the go ahead. So Ock is working on some little gadgets, such as Scorp's tail. But do we trust him? Nah, of course not. He is probably building himself some new arms, and just completed them when he says enough is enough and goes after Peter(hence no coverings).

Well, ther you have it. I thought up more, but this is huge, so......nuff said.
thanks. i'll never get the five minutes i wasted reading that back again. theres so many plot holes there and if bendis does that im canceling my subscription immediatly.
it should be a good one. i read some where there was a upcoming arc about kitty and mary? has anybody else heard this?
supposedly issue 100 was supposed to have to do a bit with them. and something about him turning 16. what a great happy birthday though. your dad and friend come back to the grave only to become a carnage and evil scientist(possibly).
yeah what was up with that? they didnt even mention that it was his b-day in that issue. this clone saga is getting more and more confusing

maybe peter is going through a "Molly Ringwald - Sixteen Candles" type situation
if peter's going to be 16, does that mean we get the ultimate spider-mobile? or howabout a spider-cycle. that could be kick ***. and it would allow openings for stories with ghost rider.

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