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The rumor over at http://www.moviehole.net/gossipmonkey/20060415_gossip_monkey_15606.html is that virtual unknown Mikki Padilla is in the running for the role of Themiscira's Finest.


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Could Wonder Woman Come From India?
Hottie Priyanka Chopra is reportedly in talks to star in the film.

Wonder Woman writer/director Joss Whedon is reportedly in talks with Indian film star and beauty queen Priyanka Chopra to star in his film as the Amazon Princess.
Chopra is a big Bollywood star and is appearing in India's answer to Superman, a film called Krrish.
Chopra's name appears as "in negotiations" for the Wonder Woman lead on the Internet Movie Database.



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I don't know much about Wonder Woman, but if she's supposed to be an Amazon princess, shouldn't she look Greek?