Would Grant Morrison and a Kubert Bros get you to buy DC?

Baxter said:
Please. He's as insane as The Punisher. If we want any kind of realism injected into comicdom then we need to acept that the darker styled characters are going to be portrayed as... well, buck freaking loco whenever the oppertunity presents itself.

First, it's not realistic just because it's "dark". Suffering isn't drama. And, for Christ's sake, he dresses up as a bat, has a batmobile, and batarangs. How realistic do we really want him to be? I like the fantasy. Secondly, Batman was not always a dark character. He was quite a charming and pure character for a long time. The best example of a dark Batman that is also pure, is the Batman from the cartoons. It had a perfect balance, and he'd never do something so paranoid as spy on people and remove their liberties. He's not Rorschach, and he's not Punisher. He's Batman.

Baxter said:
And truth be told, I think that this interpretation works for Batman. He's seperated from the rest of the chaff by his codes of ethics. If those were removed we'd get a character not unlike Dr. Doom without the overwhelming ego to hold him down.

Well, dark Batman works when it's written well. The problem is, a lot of people think Batman=Dark without questioning it, write him as a psychotic, and in my opinion, that's worse than anything Adam West ever did.
I don't like it when they make Batman totally freakin' bat **** insane. Batman can be a little screwed up, but if he was really that crazy than why would he ever take in Robin? Or Batgirl? Or why would he befriend a guy like Superman?

The truth is that Batman is a little bit psychotic, but its only because he has to be. The reason why Batman is seen as this guy who can beat anyone is because he thinks differently. He's not neccesarily a villain, but he sure thinks like one. He's not neccesarily a lunatic, he knows how they think. He has to be like this to be as effective as he is.

One thing I would like to see more of is Batman's softer side. Now, I don't mean that Batman has to go into counseling so he can "explore his feelings", I just think that they should point out the more nurturing, good side of Batman. If he didn't have that side, then he would be a terrible father figure for all those Robins. Batman does love all those little Bat-tikes like their his own children and would probably do anything for them, but being Batman and all, he doesn't say it much. One great moment that show this side is when Tim Drake found his dad dead in Identity Crisis. Batman cradled a sobbing Tim in his arms and looked like he himself could cry. That's the side of Batman that we never see and should maybe see more of, instead of the dark, soulless monster that we usually have to read about.

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