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  1. E

    Multiversity is finally coming in August

    It's been so long that I completely forgot about this and only vaguely remember hearing about it... EXCLUSIVE: MORRISON, DC UNLEASH "THE MULTIVERSITY" IN AUGUST
  2. E

    Flex Mentallo (spoilers)

    A few weeks ago I read Flex Mentallo for the first time. It was pretty good. I should've known that I needed to dig a little deeper into this in order to appreciate it for what it is. I've said this before, but with every Grant Morrison comic I've read with the exception of All-Star Superman...
  3. E

    Grant Morrison Leaving Action Comics After #16, Batman Inc after #12 Also, Chris Burnham said today that Batman Inc. #3 is delayed until next month because of a scene that was deemed to controversial after the Aurora, CO shootings.
  4. ProjectX2

    The New 52 general discussion

    I thought we should have a general discussion thread for the new 52 titles which we can then split off into separate threads for each title depending on how much discussion there actually is. Quick thoughts: Action Comics #1 is a completely different Superman written by a completely different...
  5. Ultimate Houde

    Justice League - The New 52 (Geoff Johns) (spoilers)

    Justice League (The New 52 Version) Spoilers I found an advanced copy of this online. I found it boring. It's like I'm rewitnessing (Is that a word) origins of these characters all over again. It's so annoying that we have to go over this once again. Green Lantern not knowing Batman was...
  6. bluebeast

    We3- Spoilers

    So we don't have a thread for this. I just got my delux edition in the mail earlier today and I must say that this is one of the most horrifically beautiful pieces I have ever read. I'll give a full review tomorrow after I'm less sleep deprived but what do others who have read this think about it?
  7. Zombipanda

    Batman, Inc. (spoilers)

    Batman travels around the world training international heroes to become franchise Batmen. Awesome, right? Interview here.
  8. DIrishB

    All Star Superman to be adapted for DC Animated Movie

    HERE. If its faithful to the books I'll love this movie forever.
  9. ProjectX2

    The Return of Bruce Wayne discussion (Spoilers!)

    This probably deserves its own thread. Interview with Grant Morrison here. I'm excited. Morrison writes a fantastic Batman. And Chris Sprouse and a bunch of top artists are drawing the mini? Even better. Apparently Frazer Irving is doing the second one (which makes sense considering he did...
  10. moonmaster

    Grant Morrison: Talking With Gods

    The trailer for the Grant Morrison biopic. Keeeewwwwl
  11. ProjectX2

    Grant Morrison's 18 Days

    A psychedelic The Lord of the Rings with Star Wars technology. I remember hearing about the original announcement with Virgin Comics and was excited then. This looks awesome.
  12. ProjectX2

    Joe the Barbarian

    A three issue mini-series by Grant Morrison and Sean Murphy coming out in January 2010... That looks awesome. I can spot Transformers, Batman and Robin, G.I. Joe characters, Dick Tracy... I can't wait for this. Morrison has got a lot of interesting and different stuff coming up. More info:
  13. ProjectX2

    Batman and Robin (Morrison/various) discussion

    Batman and Robin #1 - hell yes. Great start. I especially loved the sound effects and the trailer at the end. Hopefully all the Batman books will be off to a good start.
  14. T

    Grant Morrison and the X-Men

    I've been thinking. After re-reading Mark Millar's UXM and Grant Morrison's run on New X-Men, I have not seen another writer come even close to making me enjoy X-Men as much as I did back then. I really wish they hadn't retconned Morrison's run, and I really wish that he would get another shot...
  15. Ultimate Houde

    Why I think J'onn J'onnz is Where Morrison Wants Him To Be

    Just so people know, this contains spoilers to both Final Crisis and DC One Million. Though the later one has been out for ages now. In the first Final Crisis, and later, in the One Shot focusing one what the heroes did with him, we see Martain Manhunter, J'onn J'onnz bite the dust. He gets...
  16. thee great one

    Morrison's New X-Men or Whedon's Astonishing X-Men?

    Which did you think was better?
  17. Bass

    Final Crisis series discussion [spoilers]

    So I read #1. It's pretty ****ty. I liked the caveman stuff. And that was it. Main because it's not "Final Crisis #1" but rather "The DC Universe #567" and I've not read the last 100 issues of that particular title. Oh - and Rubbish.
  18. thee great one

    Batman R.I.P. Discussion (Spoilers!)

    Batman R.I.P. has started. It was not a bad beginning, the last few pages with The Joker made the entire issue. The Black Glove invited him to there party. Scary.
  19. ProjectX2

    Authority #3 never coming out

    From Gene Ha himself: "First off, I don't think The Authority #3 by Grant Morrison and Gene Ha is ever coming out. Grant is busy redesigning the DC Universe and I've moved onto new projects. Most importantly, it seems that editor Scott Dunbier has been forced out of Wildstorm. There is no #3...
  20. ProjectX2

    Grant Morrison Wrote Watchmen You learn something new every day. :lol: