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Dec 23, 2004
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Read the first issue today, and what more can I say, other than this was one of the best first issues I've read in a while. It follows the tone of the Madrox mini series: sleazy, gritty, noirish, and manages to make me actually care about Rictor. Good as ever to see Siryn and Strong Guy, and Madrox is becoming one of my favourite characters, I love this whole 'different aspects of one personality represented by the duplicates' take on his power. All in all, a clever, thoughtful, hilarious (wait 'til you see how Jamie got his hands on the money needed to revamp X Factor Investigations), and thouroughly surprising issue (that ending...).

I can only see this getting better and better, highly recommended.
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i think the think i love about this series so much is that it is so damn whimsical. rahne's dialogue, jamie's numerous thought boxes, and especially the million dollars page are all ridiculously hilarious.

yeah, great first issue.

i think i can say this, as i never read x-factor, had no real interest in any of the characters, yet still loved it and yearn for more.

i tested it out, and it has become only the 4th book that will be on my consistent pull list.
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I love Mardox and I loved this. I was worried that it'd move away from some of the elments of Mardox, especialy when I heard he won money on a game show ,but so far its just expanded.

And I love Ryan Sook's art with more frevor than healthy.
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Issue 2 was good, but not as exciting as the first. Sook was joined by another artist, who was a bit of a let down. Layla is irritating, but in a cute way, Rictor becomes a hero, Monet is a huge b*tch and the villain is revealed.
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I'm loving it, one of the best X-Books in a LONG time. Sook's art is like a dark version of Adam Hughes.

One question tho, when did Syrin become a lesbian? And why did she come across as uncomfortable with her girl?
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skotti-chan said:
One question tho, when did Syrin become a lesbian? And why did she come across as uncomfortable with her girl?
Siryn's not a lesbian. Apparently they've upgraded her mutant ability so that when she's calm her voice is so soothing that those without an X-Gene become attracted to her (men and women alike). The reason she was uncomftorable was because she was being hit on by a woman.
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Gooootcha, I was like, "Butbut...James and Tess were my favorite couple"
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I would agree with that, but I think Wade is almost more overrated character than Wolverine.
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Damn, that's pretty.
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I want to start picking this up in trades, along with Peter David's X-Factor Visionaries and the Madrox mini.

I had a few issues of his last X-Factor series, including the awesome psychiatrist issue. I really enjoyed his work.
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Murgh said:
The Madrox mini was pretty good, and I recommend the old X-Factor stuff, but not before David wrote it.

Yeah, a lot of it looked like rehashed from the original X-Men series. Thanks for the head's up on the Madrox mini.
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Madrox wakes Siryn up. They heard that Gloria's sister was found dead and Gloria is being charged with the murder. They head off to the hotel (crime scene). They talk about Jamie's memories and how they could be mixed with his dupes. At the scene, Siryn uses her abilities to infiltrate the area but they're stopped by a Mr. Tryp one of the investigators for Singularity Investigations.

Monet is complaining about the sink falling apart and is frustrated because she doesn't know why Layla is still there. Layla offers to fix the sink.

Rictor hears something going down outside the bar. He goes to take care of it and finds that a group is beating up a guy that used to be a mutant. Rictor then gets some back up from Strong-Guy and Wolfsbane. Rictor takes the injured back to X-Factor. Strong Guy and Rahne follow the gang as they run away.

Jamie and Siryn are talking to Gloria who doesn't remember anything. They think she's been mindwiped. And they believe Singularity is behind it.

Strong-Guy and Rahne find themselves face to face with the first major riot in Mutant town since M-Day.

Rictor walks in on Monet naked. Funny scene. He tells M that Guido and Rahne need help and she blows him off. He walks downstairs and is knocked out by the same guy he helped. The guy uses his cell phone and calls Mr. Tryp. He says he's gonna make Rictor's death look like Suicide. Layla appears and says he won't.

Rahne and Guido brutally take out the "Norms" and we're given a small backstory about how Mutant Town is divided by three ways; Humans, Humans that used to be mutants, and mutants. They said that even when Rahne reverts back to human form there's still blood in her fingernails and won't talk about it the fight.

Layla is sitting in the kitchen and the guy comes in. She tells him she doesn't like doing what she's doing keeping all this a secret from X-Factor but it's for the best they don't know what happened the day of the decimation. The guy says he's gonna end her miserable life and pulls out a knife. Layla says no you won't and holds out some screws. "Because your screwed" the ceiling falls in on the guy, flooding the floor with water, but misses him. He says "You missed" and Layla says "No, I didn't." Then an eletrical cord falls and the guy is shocked. Layla stands over the the burnt guy. She tells him his heart is going to give out in ten seconds, "his [something trivial, I forget] will miss him but his wife won't". "who are you..." are his last words. The last panel shows Layla's face in shadow. "I'm Layla Miller. I know things"


First big riot was kinda cool but underwelming. I hate how Wolfsbane is drawn. Layla's Omniscient powers are cool. Jamie's intrguing.
So, Ryan Sook is officially off the book. Doesn't sound like it was particularly amiable, either:

via Newsarama


According to a post on writer Peter David's log on Saturday, February 4th, artist Ryan Sook has voluntarily left his position as regular penciler of Marvel's X-Factor ongoing series, written by David.

"Issue #4 of X-FACTOR will be Ryan's last," writes David. "This is entirely his decision. Andy [editor Andy Schimdt] and I would love for him to stay on, and Ryan reportedly loves the book, but he has taken himself off it because--I presume, since I haven't spoken to him--the monthly schedule is just too problematic for him. He is, however, going to be continuing doing the covers.

"Dennis Calero, who I think is doing an excellent job, will be doing issues 5 and 6, and Ariel Olivetti is doing issue 7 (the one that addresses the death of Banshee.) An announcement of an artist beyond that point would be premature, although Andy is considering several possibilities, all of whom I believe would be great for the series.

"As for Ryan, it was far too short an association for my taste, and I'm certainly hoping to work with him again."

Look for more on details on the creative future of X-Factor when they are available.
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Ultxon recommended the book and I said I would take a look because I like the art... :?

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