X Factor series discussion (Spoilers)

Some tidbits from NYCC about X-Factor:

  • According to Schmidt, Dennis Callero will be the artist on X-Factor through issue #12. This will keep the series on schedule.

  • Asked if the effects of Civil War will see schisms within the X-Men. Marts said the mutants will be affected by it, but have had their own problems recently. The editor also added that a four issue X-Men: Civil War will run during the main event, and will explore how the Civil War affects the team and the mutant population. Additionally, Schmidt added that X-Factor #8-#9 will be the series Civil War issues, and will deal with the return of Quicksilver.

Quicksilver joining the ranks?

  • Speaking about the role of Layla Miller in X-Factor , Schmidt said that there are huge plans for the character coming, which will have relevance throughout the entire Marvel Universe.

  • Asked if people would be interested in seeing Peter David write Deadpool into X-Factor, the room voted overwhelmingly "yes" on the idea.
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X-Factor #4

So I'm reading this issue when some guy starts getting loud about the art in one of the issues he's holding. I pause, look up, and see that he's compaining about X-Factor as I'm reading it... just a little tidbit. Good story right?

On to the issue.

It was mediocre with a hell of a punch at the end.

We start off with Monet getting a call from Jaime calling her out to help. She leaves Layla to take care of the corpse on the floor.

Monet and Jaime are in the interrogation room with the accused sister and Monet is concentrating with Jaime somewhat distracting her. Monet hits Jaime and triggers his power. Jaime's duplicate gives him a hard time about being weak minded before he is absorbed.

Wolfsbane and Strong Guy are faceing off against a riot squad, who don't seem mutant friendly. There's a lot of tension. Syrin shows up and tells the police to leave or they'll deal with Mutant towns first and best line of defense, X-Factor.

Officer: "or what"
Syrin: "I'll scream"

We then see a great splash of Syrin screaming and clearing the entire area.

Monet finds Mr. Tryp and gets inside his head by making him see the ghost of his victim. Mr. Tryp freaks out and has a breakdown.

Monet meets back up with Jaime and has her own breakdown crying on Jaime's shoulder. She then tells him that she'll kill him if he tells anyone she cried.

At Singularity, the older Mr. Tryp recieves a package. He opens it and it's the body of the attempt assasin that Layla kid with a note attached that says, "Stay out of Mutant Town xoxoxoxo X-Factor". The letter is clearly written by Layla.

Ricochet and Syrin are going over the days events. Ricochet offers to walk Syrin home. She declines and walks by herself. She is attacked from behind and beaten as she lays. The attacker gets up and walks away whistling...


Some pretty cool scenes here and despite the poor character drawings the scene with Syrin clearing the street was pretty impressive.

Layla is shapeing up to be the coolest kid in the marvel universe. She clearly belongs on the Runaways.

I repeat, the art is much better now.

Ok, so what's with this issue. Nothing to do with Singularity or Madrox or anyone other than Rictor and Syrin. And I was pretty damn pleased with it.

Syrin is kidnapped and taken to an old stage theater either by the person who beat her or some pyschotic passerby. Rictor is looking for her.

The guy holding Syrin captive is an ex-mutant who used to be a doctor until his powers got him fired. His power used to be something like Hulk, where he'd get agitated. It sounds more like Kaufman from DX but he insists it's like Hulk. His fallback plan was to use his mutant powers to get him by in life someway. Now they're gone and he wants to know why. The man is eerily pyschotic. Pad did a damn good job with this guy. There's not much that went on just him torturing Syrin and making her promise she'll fix what happened the day all of the mutants lost their powers.

Rictor eventually finds her in the old theater and right before he's attacked from behind Syrin is able to get one shout out which knocks Leery back. Rictor and Leery struggle until he is accidently hung by the set ropes. Rictor takes Syrin home.


Not much happened but it was a really intense issue for Syrin and Rictor. The bad guy was menacing. Too bad he's dead.

Next issue deals with the origin of Layla Miller so anyone who read House of M should get it. Also the cover to #6 is sweet by Del'Otto
Yea, I'm really digging this book. And I agree Wolfsbane is drawn horribly in this series. Still a good book. The little girl continues to be more creepy and mysterious as events unfold from house of M.
Great plug from a member at jinxworld. If you're not reading this book, you're missing out.

No Spoilers

Shwicaz said:
Here I am again, telling you about books that excite me.

There will be no spoilers for issue 6 in my proclamation, although I will be discussing spoilers of the series thus far.

With that, admonition out there, if you care to see why I am here to salute, praise, and otherwise 'crow about' X-Factor #6, then press on with all possible dispatch below.....

Background of the Series:

Peter David relaunched/rebooted/reinvented (whatever the hell you want to call it) X-Factor from the mutant-centric hero book we all knew, to the mutant-centric noir mini that we all loved.

Madrox, a character I was convinced I didn't care for, truly came to life in the mini that was written before the current ongoing. Giving Madrox's duplicates a distinct personality/character traits was bloody genius to me. Not sure if it was ever explored before, but it blew my mind.

Having Madrox being a PI filled the void for noir-ish antics and darker storylines that was created in me when Bendis' Alias title ended. Even the art matched. It was genius. I was captivated, and found a character (Jamie Madrox) that I really enjoyed, and felt I understood.

The first person narration in the though balloons gave me a 'voice' of the character, in my own head, and he was dashing, witty, sarcastic, and fun.

With the launch of the on-going series, I was concerned that the fun and mystery of the mini-series might not be able to be maintained as an ongoing. I also wasn't sure about the inclusion of others in the plot (Siryn, Rictor, etc) but I was impressed with the way that Peter weaved them into the tapestry of the first story.

A guilty pleasure for me was seeing Monet St. Croix, who I loved as the bad-*** ***** of Generation X. (Thanks, Peter)

I was surprised at the inclusion of Layla Miller. I saw her in House of M, but was wondering, exactly what possible role she could play in this particular book.

An Enigma. A puzzle. Something to be solved, debated about, theories offered up. She 'knows things', and has seemed to have seemlessly entered the world of X-Factor Investigations, no questions asked. Some of her actions have been downright shocking.

X-Factor #6:

Got the sneak peek of this issue just yesterday. The issue's solicit uggests that we may finally get some backstory on Layla Miller.

Peter doesn't disappoint with this story. A story that answers questions, but poses more. He is the master of the sub-plot, and I think the majority of readers have been asking 'what's up with Layla?'.

Her mystery (for me) was so deep that her absence in last issue affected me, because I wanted to know more. Kudo's to Peter for making us wait...for making us want to know so bad, and then witholding the answer for another month....the sense of anticipation was beautiful.

As I read through the issue I found myself amazed. Not only at the writing, the revelations, the new mysteries brought up....but also by the artwork. Dennis Calero really impressed me here..and Jose Villarrubia, who is credited with 'color art' really gave us a tale both vibrant and dark at the same time.

Sound impossible...? Wait till you see it, you will know what I mean.

The issue begins with a feeling of mistrust in the ranks of X-Factor, and it ends on the same note. Perfect Bookends of emotion with an amazing tale in-between.

Bravo, Peter David. You and everyone associated with this book (and this issue, in particular) should be damn proud to be putting out such quality work.

I will be sure to make this issue my 'book of the week' at the shop next Wednesday
Spoiled Summary from psylindz at Comixfan.com. Reveals what it is Layla Miller actually does...

I thought #6 was really good...Layla Miller's origin is kind of a stretch but it makes enough sense to work for me...

here's the plot points...

1)The team and Layla are standing around Syrin's bed (she ain't looking good, she's basically not in the story)...they are having a heated argument about the beating and Rictor blames Layla saying its her fault because she's supposed to know stuff...(it's much better then how it sounds)

2)Layla talks to ran outside the building Layla is feeling bad...and the butterfly she was playing with in the first scene is dead now (that matters)

A women from Layla's orphanage comes to pick her up...layla tells rahne she was a mutant but now she isn't anymore...

Then we kind of get a peak into Lyala's head and how she sees the life she had in HoM where she had perfect parents...to the orphanage where the kids all hate her because she's a mutant...or was a mutant...

3)Doctor to the supers, Dr. Castillo checks out Sy and tells Jaimie she's basically okay then she has some snarky remarks with M but thats basically it...

4)Guido finds Damien Tryp Jr. on his favorite jogging path. Strong Guy and about 40 dupes kind of lay down the law to him...

Jaimie explains how even with his dupes all out of whack right now for something like a friend in trouble they unite...

5) Rahne and Jaimie go to Layla's orphonage...the women who runs it doesn't let them in but Rahne (who is drawn so ugly through the whole book, well there's one nice panel but thats all)...so Rahne goes wolf on her, scares the women and track slayla's scent...rahne on all fours in heeled boots is the highlight of the scene LOL...

They find Layla really beat up ...Rahne then teriffies the kids who beat layla up (also funny)

This is the best I can do for explaining Layla's situation...

she knows things before they happen and she knews what should happen...that we knew...but basically it's like the chaos factor...which is the idea that a butterfly flapping its wings can shift airsurrents and create a tornado(I'm paraphraising here)
so she knows what should be and she makes it happen...she knew Sy would be hurt but she knew it had to happen...

Even though she's not a mutant she pretty much remembers it from HoM...because Rahne asks how she knows these things and she can't tell them because She'll die (probably some time paradoz thing those are fun )

6) Jaimie and Rahne try to take her legally but the women wouldn't allow it...but she tells them that Layla escaped once she'll do it gain and she wouldn't know where to even start looking for her...

So thats how they get Layla (I dunno if any orphanage worker would do that but w/e I bought it)

7) Rictor and Layla are outside the X-factor building...he asks if she's playing with the dead butterfly rahne gave her...

he doesn't really trust her but he's nice to her...he accuses her of giving herself the blackeyes...he tells her he'll be watching her

he walks inside...and she opens her hands and the Butterfly fly's away

My theory is she's a figment of Wacky Wandas imganition thats running around fixing all the stuff that Wanda messed up...maybe that Butterfly wouldn't have died if not for M-day and Layla fixed that and if she talks about HoM whatever part of Wanda is controlling her will set something off and then we'll have a big summer crossover... or just some cataclysmic emergency...
I don't have time for another summary. Psylindz did a good enough job with the bottom post here. (Or top however you have your settings set). Anyway, some things about the issue.

Good Jurassic Park reference.

Awesome united Multiple Mans.

Layla was a mutant with "Horns and fire breath". Now she's an ex-mutant with a different power. She's still an awesome little enigma.

Wolfsbane is drawn terribly when she's beasted out.

Rictor is a complete *******.

4/5 issue from me.
Ultimate Houde said:
What's the deal with Multiple Man? His dupes aren't all working together anymore?

They often have different agendas pending on their different personalites. Many people think this is something original and praise PAD for it. I just starting reading Jaime Madrox character and basically expected it to be this way because let's face it, it's not original and should've been the case when the character was first introduced.

His clones aren't just clones they're different aspects of his personality isolated and elaborated on when they're allowed to manifest as a duplicate.

Usually they don't get along with each other or Jaime himself. The interesting thing about this issue was that because they all cared for Syrin, they put aside their differences and were willing to fight alongside each other.


Is teh awesome.

Singualrity wants to meet with Jamie. Rahne says to send a duplicate.

Cyclops pays Syrin a visit and informs her of her father's death. Syrin says he's still alive.

Singualrity (Tryp's son/father) and Maddrox play games with each other. Tryp offers for X-Factor to join them and Jamie laughs them off. Jamie accuses them of the decimation and they tell him to look within their own ranks (mutants). It's then revealed that Tryp has his own powers and lifts Jamie off the group with some form of telekinesis and throws Jamie out of the window (also the opening page before the flashback). Jamie is standing on the roof above and absorbs the dupes before they fall. The older Tryp makes a comment about how he wn't be happy when he finds out they killed his parents.

Throughout this the storyline toggles between Jamie and Syrin's situation.

Syrin acts all normal around the rest of X-Factor and everyone wants to know why she's not mourning. Syrin' says that every other X-Guy/Girl looses someone they love only to find out they come back. (Brilliant!) She's in complete denial.

She sits in her room alone and watches a video Banshee told Cyclops to give to her if he ever dies. He says the old "if you're watching this you must be dead" and gives her Cassedy Keep and something else enclosed in the package (either not shown or I forget). The issue ends with Theresa sitting there still in denial thinking that her father is playing a trick on her. :(

Hadn't read X-Factor before, just read this issue cuz I was bored and wanted something to read, so got this from TGO.

This issue alone was very good. I think I'll be picking it up in TPB. Is the first one out yet?
TheManWithoutFear said:
and gives her Cassedy Keep and something else enclosed in the package (either not shown or I forget).

i took it to be that it was the pipe she was smoking in that last few panels

Ice said:
This issue alone was very good. I think I'll be picking it up in TPB. Is the first one out yet?

good to hear you getting on the x-factor band wagon and i don't think the trade is out yet but i could be wrong

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