X-Men Ages?


Jul 20, 2004
I don't know if anyone's tried to figure this out, but is there any way we can try and pin down the ages of the X-Men? I mean, we hear that Jean is 19 in the first arc of UXM, and Rogue is 15 in Ultimate War, but other than that, whose ages are explicitly stated? And for those who aren't, do we know enough from 616 to try and figure everyone out?
This is just a guess:

Druing the first issue of 'The Tempest', when the individual team members are dealing with their grief about Hank's death, Bobby has a conversation with Rogue about rock stars who died at 27 (Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, etc.)

Then Rogue answers with something like "27 isn't that young. Now 17, that's young", to which Bobby agrees.

Based on that exchange, I would assume that Beast was either 27 (more likely, since he was drinking in a bar during his first appearance, I believe), or 17, when he passed away.
I know Scott has to be under 18, because he's stuck at the school during the events of UXM #50 because his parents didn't sign a permission slip. Which sounds kinda off to me, but knowing that Jean was the older woman in 616, and she'd be either 20 or 21 by that issue, it still sorta makes sense that he'd be a minor. Do we know the age difference of 616 Scott and Jean?
Storm is probably 19 right now. In Cry Wolf, she told Logan she's the same age as Jean when she fooled around with Wolverine (thus 19).

Beast can't be 27. That's way too old (especially since his age difference among the others was never an issue). But 17 seems too young for when he died. I would say 20 or 21 for him with the bar scene in the first issue as the icing.

Ali is underaged. Don't let her drunkenness in "The Tempest" fool ya.

Nightcrawler was probably 15 or 16 in "Weapon X", so I'd assume he's 17 or 18 now. He has to be older than Rogue and rest of them since he's in the senior class. That's all for now.
I'm not totally convinced that Rogue was talking about Hank when she made the "17 is too young" line. Besides, he was ready to join the Ultimates, at least we were led to believe - I'd say that puts him at at least 18, probably not much more.
Well, I know that Colossus and Beast are older than Cyclops, as they were griping about taking orders from someone a year younger than they were back in The Tomorrow People. Jean was 19 at the time, as the "Skinney, 19year old redhead" comment was made a few times, if memory serves correctly.
Baxter is correct. If I foind anything else I'll say.
Does anyone know just how much time has passed between issue 1 and the current issue?
I believe is Beast is 17, because I don't know who else Rogue and Bobby would be talking about who died young. So what if Beast was in a bar? He's so freakin' hairy, who'd know?

He's also a pretty rebellious guy and ridden with angst, and even left the X-Men just because he got a little jealous with Angel. He's also naive enough to actually believe that the "girl" he was chatting with on the 'net during the Fire and Brimstone arc was actually one without thinking twice. Beast is very, very immature so I find no doubt that he's still a minor. He only doesn't look like it because of his physical appearance.

I'm going with Storm being 19. She's not that mature enough, but we know she's no longer a minor because during the party scene in the Return of the King arc, when Stark is talking with her and Jean and asked if they were minors, and both X-girls said no.
I suppose this a question to hang on to for if Millar ever offers a Net chat interview or something similar. I can't see Nightcrawler being 14. He moves around too freely. Even if he is a German citizen illegally in the US after his Weapon X capture, I would have to think that once he came to SHIELD's attention, they'd help him get home to his family. Either at the end of the Weapon X arc, or after the Return of the King arc. Also, even though I have no doubts that the German educational system is superior to the American one, he just seems too intelligent for a 14-year old. Same with Beast being 17. His brain isn't part of his mutation... well, until that time in 616 where he could trade brain power in for brawn to become a stronger, fiercer, but stupider Beast. He tinkers with the Blackbird like it's a remote control car, constructs the Danger Room (both the holo version and the real one), the list goes on. Unlike Jean and Xavier, he doesn't have the option of using other peoples' minds to supplement his own knowledge, and so I would really have to put him at mid 20s. He is a very introverted person, definitely socially stunted, and that's why he dated someone who was probably a half decade his junior... they were on the same level... well, not mentally, but perhaps socially is the word I'm looking for?
Well, keep in mind that, in ROTK, Nightcrawler was found both driving a car and serving alcohol to the guests at Parents Weekend at the mansion... I'm not sure if this is Millar not knowing his own character, but I remember Wraith saying something about him being 15 in Weapon X somewhere... Who knows.

Also, I remember Jean being made 17 or so in the beginning but was made 19 so that she could mingle with Wolverine... Again, I don't really know if that holds any water, but all of the characters' ages are questionable.
i just read the 1st two arcs and they say:

Iceman is 15
Jean is 19
Nightcrawler is 14

Colossus does say to Beast "did you know he's a year younger that us?" the he is Cyclops.

and at one point Wraith calls Beast "collegeboy" so I assume that means he is at least 18 or 19. but earlier in the arc he calls Dr. Cornelius collegeboy also. so all it might mean is a book smart person.
I'm not quite sure that driving on the run from the intelligence service counts. Plus he's European and most European countries have 16 as the age for consumption of alcohol.
icemastertron said:
Well, I've known people who were under 21 and served alcohol.

I'd bet that MwoF has done it once or twice.
Ice, he was doing it in the presence of many government officials and whatnot and, Cad, this isn't Europe we're talking about... I'm saying he's just as old as Cyclops and all of the seniors.

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