X-Men Cinematic Universe - Timeline (Revised & Original)

Huge speculation for Deadpool 3 incoming
My take from this:
1.) This is Post-Loki.
2.) First part of the movie is Wade adjusting to his new life after saving Vanessa from being killed. He's retired from being an assassin, as you see in the trailer where he's working as tech support at a small company, looking at his old costume in his work locker; longing for his old 'career' back. He has a heart to heart with Vanessa about this and ultimately is talked out of being an assassin again and finally Wade is at peace with himself. On his birthday, the TVA show up to apprehend him as his temporal aura is misplaced - but they also use the opportunity to hire him (his regenerative factor is useful?) as an assassin to do one simple task on the Sacred Timeline - with the promise that he'll be sent home.
3.) The Nexus Event that Deadpool is hired to prevent in the Sacred Timeline involves something in Europe or Asia - perhaps to do with Wolverine. He finds the fake Wolverine in the Casino (seen in the trailer) played by Daniel Radcliffe. His character (an escaped shape-shifting mutant prisoner of the TVA - I guess Kevin Sidney?) isn't supposed to be on the Sacred Timeline and working for an underground group of Mutants in The Void lead by Cassandra Nova Xavier. (More on that shortly.)
4.) Wade eventually kills the poor shape-shifter - but soon discovers that the TVA was never going to send him home and would have pruned him out of necessity after the job was done. By removing this time-displaced Wade from the universe his existence/aura was anchored to, where he undid Vanessa's death and finally lived a happy life, it is revealed that reality is now destroyed due to his removal from that timeline. Meaning, everyone and everything he loved is gone. Erased from existence. (This isn't Earth-17315 - the Logan future - as more is revealed.)
5.) Wade, grief-stricken by this loss, starts killing TVA agents in a fit of fury before he's eventually overpowered and pruned - taken to the Void. There, he discovers a Wolverine variant (Hugh Jackman in his comic suit and all) who is actually from the Sacred Timeline - and wasn't meant to get pruned (due to something that involved Cassandra Nova Xavier as well) but did anyways, creating a domino effect leading to no X-Men on Earth-199999. Wolverine became aware of this during his time in the Void.
6.) The duo team up to look for Cassandra. As it turns out, Wade Wilson was lured out of his timeline by Daniel Radcliffe's character who escaped thanks to Cassandra's extremely powerful interdimensional/telepathic abilities, and TVA wouldn't have apprehended Wade in the first place and would let him live his own happy life on his branch if not for her. Since only one of her existed in a multitude of timelines, Cassandra's goal is to rid all of Xavier's legacy through-out the multiverse as revenge for never having a chance to exist on her branch which was pruned before the events of Loki. (Maybe some implication that Mutants were doomed no matter the timeline - Earth-10005, Earth-17315, Deadpool's timeline post-DoFP, etc even the Sacred Timeline - thanks to her staging some event.)
7.) Eventually Wade and Wolverine kill her and all her Mutant variant lackeys, and...from there, I don't know how to theorize how it goes from here but Deadpool somehow ends up out of the Void and maybe Wolverine dies, I dunno. Anything's possible.
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This punk stole my theory ....

I'd love to see this, but I know the contrast between styles and the fact it's the darkest show Marvel has ever done by far is gonna be quite the whiplash for casual Marvel fans lol.
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English is not my main language, could you summarize for me what is the timeline correction that is mentioned in that video?
Basically they used the Dark Phoenix Jean grey 1975 flashback to use as proof for moving the OG trilogy into the mid to late 90s to justify the 15 years line in X-men and X2, tbh I'm still of the opinion that they happen in 2003/2004 and 2006 as a days of future past special feature flat out says that last stand happened in 2006 specifically sooo I'm happy with where we are at this point no need to fix what is as good as it at the moment

Also I'm still confused with how new mutants and Logan connect with deadpool 2 and X-men apocalypse as they all have the Mr sinister references which one would assume means they all have to happen in the same timeline surely but deadpool and wolverine looks like it's going to complicate that *sigh* one day this series will make sense of its timeline

That is interesting, what are your thoughts?

It is interesting, but the theory depends on X-Men Origins: Wolverine being set in 1979. This is the most probable setting for the film because of the Three Mile Island incident and the Vietnam War proximity. But we can't use real-world dates for a fictional timeline, maybe the incident happened later in this timeline. We don't know how long Wolverine stayed with Team X, maybe he spent a few years with them then we can stretch the timeline to the 80s and fix the 15 years ago line.
i just dont see how you can rationalize these 90s dates with "the near future" being at least 2000, and i personally still apply the directors "present day" comments to the 2020 release of the new mutants
The Last stand final battle was stated as being in 2006 on the 25moments.com website but the site now leads to Disney.com
do you recall if there was a specific mention of a year referencing the events of the first 2 x-men films?
do you recall if there was a specific mention of a year referencing the events of the first 2 x-men films?
I'm pretty sure it skipped over the events of X-Men and X2 because they were mostly just contained to mutants vs Mutants not mutants vs humanity in the last stand battle (statue of liberty battle you would think would be on there but as far as I remember it was just last stand's final battle and I think the 1962 First class final showdown between Shaw and Erik and Xavier)