X-Men Legends 2: Rise of Apocalypse (Discussion/Spoilers)


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Jul 24, 2004
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I played more than 5 and half plus hours the first night, and I was STILL in Genosha. I love it.

I already have Iron Man's Gaunlets. When you get them, you fight two little minions (no not Zealots) of three different types. Then you fight this big guy. Hes very annoying.

I love it how Blob runs. Its awesome. The Grizzly boss battle was easy. Zealots minions were no trouble, but Zealot put up a good fight, which was cool. Lady D wasn't hard, but she had very cool moves. I like Wolverine's new move, the spinning like a twirl with the claws. Its great. Im really loving this game. The opening was so f-in' SWEEET!

And now, I'm around the middle of the second act or so. I have gotten last night Iron Man's chest plate. When getting the Iron Man parts, it's not that easy, as who you fight, give you a tough time. I had to use a lot of healing.

The game is just pure fun so far, and its getting better with every mission. Destiny, Ka-Zar, Shanna also show up in the game. Shanna though (Shanna the She-Devil, original one) is only heard with voice in dialogue, not seen. I am currently getting ready to enter another part of the temple in the Savage Land, after going all over the place getting keys and skulls. Games great with the dialogue between the teams. It just fits perfectly.
This game is so good. I'm going to play right after I'm done here. I'm just starting the 2nd act.

How do you guys choose your teams and which costumes do you use?

I choose mine by who evers in the mission briefing. And I started using classic costumes but then decided to use Ultimate ones. I love Scarlet Witch's classic costume.
I got everything threough the 2nd act (including iron man peices 1 and 2), and am currently starting the third, which happens to take place in Canada.
Juggernaut is the best. :D

Anybody know how many cut scenes they are? The one in the beginnig was sweet.
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slimjim said:
Anybody know how many cut scenes they are? The one in the beginnig was sweet.
Not many, I think. If you look in the Reviews, in the movies (or whatever its called) tab, you can see there. The cut-scenes are the last ones.
The Mikhail fight-

THAT was a freaking boss fight. Everything else is nothing compared to his. Omega Red was easy, but Mikhail? He put up a worthy fight that wasn't just 1, 2, 3- DONE! Loved the fight. Favorite one yet.
When is this realesed in the UK, im really looking forward to playing it!!
the 14th of oct. and yeah, ice, that was a sweet battle. Cant wait to see the Gaurdian (Big Alpha Flight fan) in act 3.
wait a second... the website has deadpool as a playable character.

And if this is so, what happened to Cable?!

No deadpool yet, but according to the strategy guide, his fight is the easiest. but im at the start of act 4. Where is qualifying exam 200?!?! i discovered i am missing numerous danger room discs, can you guys ( i will help if needed) make a danger room disc faq or sumthin?
I'm loving this game. My friend and I are almost done with act 3. Our team has been Nightcrawler, Juggernaut, Sunfire, and Cyclops. It's weird fighting a bunch of characters that I'm not familiar with, like Zealot. And I agree with ice: Mikhail was a fight. We were left with two characters who were barely living and no more health packs. I almost regretted never saving.

Wish there were more cut-scenes though. They look so good.
I just beat bastion on the perimeter platforms, Holocaust was fairly simple, minus the stepford cuckoos part.
I have the strategy guide, so here is the boss order (for those of you who arent as fortunate and havent got the game yet)
Lady Deathstrike
Omega Red
Sugar Man
Shadow X-men (holographs, like the danger room)
Stepford Cuckoos
Stepford Cuckoos/Holocaust
Mister Sinister/ Beast
Living Monolith
Apocalypse/Horsemen/Stepford Cuckoos
Can Anybody tell me how the Age of Apocalypse costumes look?

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