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Aug 3, 2005
Even though the series is a few months a way and I couldn't find any other threds for this I decided to put this up for speculation on the new Justice League team by Brad Meltzer and Ed Benes.
The second cover athttp://www.newsarama.com/dcnew/Sept06/solicitations.htmlshows a silouet of all of the team members. My guess of the team members clockwise from Superman are as follows:
Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Red Tornado, Hawkman, Zatanna, Green Arrow, Captain Atom, Black Canary, and Hal Jordan. These characters were all ones that Meltzer said he would like to use in his JLA team in Wizard #172. What do you all think of the possible line-up. The only thing I would have changed was to put Flash in there as well, but no such luck.
Eh. I'm looking forward to it. Not really all that jazzed over it. Won't be at the top of my pile that week.
Newsarama Q&As with Meltzer HERE and HERE.

My he loves an awful lot. Not really any real info there, other than some heavy hints that Captain Atom will be on the roster.
Meltzer said the team would be around 11 people. So that image could be fairly close to the team. AND IF NIGHTWING IS ON IT, I WILL GET MORNING WOOD ... AT NIGHT! It'll be like the Superfriends!
MaxwellSmart said:
It's often said artist don't leave enough to the imagination, but Cambell's Wonder Woman literally looks as if her costume nothing but body paint.

You forgot "and it's the greatest thing ever." It's pretty, even if it doesn't make a lot of sense. His rendition of Batman and Superman makes them look like total meatheads, though.

Anyway, I picked up issue 0, and was surprised at how slick it is. It doesn't reveal anything about the makeup of the new team, instead focusing on the present, history, and possible futures of the Big Three. His rendition of Bruce Wayne runs the gamut from complete dickery to vulnerability, and he makes it all believable. It seemed to me that Bats got the most attention, but he's definitely competent to handle all three, and he made the history of the team and the friendship of the three work real well. If he can handle the full team like this, I'm pumped.

The only problem I really had was that some of the elements confused the hell out of me. Part of it may be that I was incredibly stoned and part of it may be that I don't know enough history. I couldn't make sense of the two worlds thing (Are there two earths after Infinite Crisis?) and what hole Clark was patching up.

Regardless, it was pretty sharp. I'm psyched.
I read the issue last night and it confused the hell out of me. What the hell was going on with the 'Yesterday' and 'Tomorrow' thing? Seriously if anyone understood this issue, I'd really appreciate it spelled out.
MaxwellSmart said:
I read the issue last night and it confused the hell out of me. What the hell was going on with the 'Yesterday' and 'Tomorrow' thing? Seriously if anyone understood this issue, I'd really appreciate it spelled out.

The events in yesterday detail events that are set in stone for the JLA's history. This is stuff that all happened at various points in the Justice League's past.

Tomorrow deals with (possible) futures. I don't think they're set in stone, and some are references to alternate continuities, particularly what ends up happening in Dark Knight Returns.
Meh.....seeing as how it's issue #0--I wasn't expecting anything outta this. All it did is cover key events that happened in the JLA's past. No biggie there...

I think the thing that detracted me from the "special" issue was the different artists. With something like the special Superman/Batman Loeb issue---I don't mind. But I detest "classic" and retro art.

I know.....shame on me.....but I can't help it.

Still looking forward to the upcoming issues....
I loved it.

I think the "Yesterday" and "Tomorrow" thing functioned as this: "Yesterday" shows us the bond that's grown between Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman and how it's been tested. "Tomorrow" shows us things that we may see in future stories once the series gets started. Sort of a teaser for upcoming storylines: The two Earths, Luthor's "son" (Superboy?...), Hal getting married, Diana giving up her immortality. I think these are all plotlines that we'll see in the series. Even the death of Batman may be a future plot (neither Superman nor Wonder Woman seemed to be showing any age, indicating that his may not be in the far-flung future). The characters were written perfectly though. Meltzer is great at that.

I can't wait for the series to get started.
I don't think the future threads are necessarily angles that will happen in the JLA's future but more nods towards events that reveal something about the characters. I think Batman's death, in particular, is a nod to Dark Knight Returns.

Although, either Dido or Wacker said that at least two of Meltzer's future threads are already being approached in upcoming plotlines (be it either in JLA, or in the characters' own books).
I think instead of Ollie we will have Roy or Connor, and since Hal Jordan is a wanted man in the planet (if not the universe) Maybe the green lantern will be John Stewart.
Wow Justice League of America 1 was awesome!

It really feels different from Morrison JLA, but it's good, I'm glad Batman is not the dick head he used to be. Red Tornado is human now.
Mr Impossible is the Bizarro version of Mr Miracle, uses the "Hush tube" and has a Father Box.

The League for now: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Power Girl, Hal Jordan Canary and Arsenal.

Lots of emotions there, If you don't pick this up, i sugest you try it, at least the first one, its great.

5/5 Meltzer and Benes. This names talk for themselves.
yeah, it was way good. its funny, because i hate the team!

yet i still think it's way good. i'll probably end up picking it up. it has that kind of feeling that it is going to involve the entire DC universe to it that i will enjoy.

in short:

-way psyched about Roy
-way not psyched about Vixen
-way confused about talk of Tanks. seriously. two of the people at that table were Wonder Woman and Super-freaking-man. what other tanks do you need?! the JLA could be Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, and 3 GLs and it'd be fine.
-i like the red tornado story-line, even if it is going to end up being a new version of amazo.
-idk if i'm into bizarro new gods quite yet... but i'll give it a chance.

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