Super Mario Galaxy (Spoilers)


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It comes out next week,early reviews state that its possibly the greates mario game to date.(plus luigi is unlockable).

Cant wait to get this.


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Adding spoilers to the title since it'll happen next week anyways.

I won't be able to pick it up until Wednesday morning, unless I go to the mall Tuesday night after work (don't get out until 5:30). We'll see what happens. I'll also be picking up some other stuff with the game that day, so it'll be a good long trip.

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Fun fact about Super Mario Galaxy #1: The game have a new kind copy-protection.

Fun fact about Super Mario Galaxy #2: The protection got cracked in less than 24 hours :lol:

Fun fact about Super Mario Galaxy #3:The game has been out on Internet for more than a week. :wink:


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I think this is going on my Christmas list.

I hope it's a cool game.

Do we know if Yoshi is in it?


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I'll be getting a Wii for Christmas for my girlfriend (and for myself, admittedly...I can't wait to play Metroid Prime 3 on that thing). She loves Mario games, so I'll probably pick this up.

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I realize what the critics say, but I rarely agree with critics and need to play the game myself to find out whether or not I like it.


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look at the twinkles under the words they say