24- The Bauer Power Hour series discussion (spoilers)

So tonight was the season finale. Quite disappointing. The ending was like, "Uh...ins't there more?" because they cut it off as if there was still more to go, but stopped because they ran out of time.

And Tony, WTF? Quadruple agent? All this for Michelle? Over 4 years for it? I was actually let down by that, to be honest. I really wanted Jack to kill him, though. I was looking forward to that...

The season overall is quite meh/decent, but still better than the last two.

9pm. FOX.

Hour later this year since Human Target premieres at 8pm.

You know I started watching the last six episode I missed and I felt so stupid that the next episode was so freaking awesome. I loved it, until I got to the third to last episode and Jack's Daughter was held hostage ... again. My eyes rolled back so far I went blind for a few minutes. I have just lost any enthusiasm to finish the last two episodes. Are they worth it?


EDIT: Nevermind, I just watched it and they were great, Tony was perfect. But gotta say, worst last seconds throughout the show.
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So who saw the premiere two-night event?

It sure didn't take Jack a long time to start screaming for answers. What was it, like 20-30 minutes into the first hour? :lol:
Much like 24's perpetually lovelorn Jack Bauer, Kiefer Sutherland will have to leave the Valentine's romance for another day. 20th Century Fox Studios has halted production on the hit series after the actor suffered a ruptured cyst earlier in the week, a 24 rep confirms to E! News.

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As usual, it started out good and turned to the same old predictable mess we've seen every season. Though this time, Jack is going all out in the end. Not like before.