Alvin and the Chipmunks!

OH **** ME!?!?!?! How did I miss this?

Worst.Idea.In The History of the Nexus.


This should not be happening. TOG's got the right idea. If they wanna put out a Chipmunk movie.....just digitally remaster "The Chipmunk Adventure" and rerelease it like they did Star Wars and call it a day.

"Wurrrry Burrrry!" :lol:

YES! I need to find this movie. And Rockadoodle.
If I recall, a large chunk of each episode was the "Chipmunks" singing a well known song lie La Bamba.

What they did is just sped up the track. That made it "Chipmunky".

I'm sorry. I tried to have an opinion on this subject, good or bad, and I just can't.
since the other thread by Skotti was deleted not merged here is the poster she found

Why have they "hip-hop"ed the chipmunks ?
could a mod move this to General movies?

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