Could be, but I have a hard time believing
Michael is capable of murder short of protecting his son, let alone just for financial/business reasons. I'm also not convinced Lucille 2 is dead, and if she is, I'm pretty sure Sally Sitwell did it--Jesus, that sounded like a line from a game of Clue. Remember there are some "secrets" about Sally that were touched on and implied but not fully revealed, one being that apparently she also suffers from alopecia, and two that she was likely directly involved in Lucille 2's death since she was already having the campaign car repainted and is apparently an emotionless, sociopathic *****.

Something tells me if they do make another season or movie, it'll turn out to be something we don't expect. AD was always good at insane twists.
I finished all 15 but after the last scene in episode 15 I want the movie or a new series to come fast! I want to see
george michael and michael make up. Plus the ending didn't left too much open. I know that was the intent but i want to see closure soon!
The movie better be coming out next week.
There Will Be 17 More Episodes Of ‘Arrested Development’ On Netflix

Though it’s not official official, as in there have been no press releases officially announcing the return of Arrested Development for another season on Netflix, series producer Brian Grazer — who runs the Imagine Entertainment along with Ron Howard — told Bill Simmons in a podcast interview today that more episodes are definitely coming.

Unlike previous teases, there was no hemming or hawing about timing, or the schedules of the participants. Grazer merely stated, “We’re going to do another 17 episodes. So, stay tuned for Arrested Development.”
Arrested Development EP Confirms Season 5 Will Debut in 2016

“Netflix is determined to do more episodes, so we’re going to do more episodes,” Grazer told Adam Carolla on his daily podcast, adding that production will begin “after the first of the year” for a Season 5 premiere “four months after that.”

I was really impressed and the writing in season 4. There was an amazing amount of intertwining and back and forth.
I was really impressed and the writing in season 4. There was an amazing amount of intertwining and back and forth.

Yup. The only downside, as the article points out, is that the scheduling conflicts preventing many of the actors from appearing together, but in a way that makes the writing in Season 4 even more impressive (having to likely write scenes/episodes around those schedules).

Can't wait for more, though. Looking forward to Season 5.
I hated the season 4 of this show.
It was like they ran out of stories, and then took one story and extended it by re imagining it with every charter from show.
The jokes were also unfunny.

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