I just read kill Arkham Asylum #2, and maybe I undertand where the plot is going... anyway, Deathstroke is alive... for now.
Boles' ID Card issued 2005. His Asylum bio says he's been working for 8 years at the Asylum. Taking this information, Arkham Asylum takes place in 2013. If Frank is hired right as the Asylum reopens, Arkham Origins would take place in 2003 or 2004, City in 2014, Knight in 2015 and SS:KTJL in 2020.


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The DLC is literally the worst thing I've attempted to play but then got bored of immediately ever.
I wanted to write this, but i thought that I have already Destroyed the game too much here hahaha
You've seen the Joker... you've seen the Jonkler... now, prepare to meet the Twinkler!
Note: It's just a joke name, no homophobic intent in case anyone thinks that. Basically, Joker apparently seems to like Rick Flag in this game... which is a choice for sure.
Never expect u to put the jonkler meme ahahah
anyway, the arkhamverse is going through the same path as castlevania.

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