No, I first read this in 2005. Since then, I've become less enthused with it as I've read other Batman stories. It's still good, just not as good as I thought it was.


no one has answered yet but is this issues 608-619? I don't want to start reading only to find i'm missing the end or something
Damn, Just finished reading the first half (6 issues) I thought I was clever in figuring out who the guy on the rooftops watching was (I assume he is hush).
i thought it was that Thomas guy as When he showed up at Bruce's he hinted at knowing who was (I thought) , The staying one step ahead of your opponent flash backs , the flash back where he punched bruce for saying his father was ok and in the Opera when he said "Hush" in a speech bubble it was bolded.

But then Joker shot him dead and I'm like "WHAT THE ****?!? They introduced him just to kill him?"
I'm confused but gad damn it now I want to know how it ends so I'll go read the last 6 in a minute, I'm hooked on this. Also
Poison Ivy violated catwoman as it was said with that implied rape vibe. Why couldn't they show that? If that scene made the comic of Ivy and Catwoman sex it would be best comic EVER!
read the last 6 issues just now.

I was kind of right.
It sort of was Thomas. Damn fake deaths and fake Jason Todd was confusing as hell. Now I get what Project meant in the Joker Asylum thread with "oh he's in hush" Never thought Riddler had it in him

All in all I really loved this story. It was cool seeing how all pieces fit. I love Batman stories that work like a mystery as it helps show the "world's greatest detective" side to him which I prefer.

One question.
Does Harvey Dent's face get re-burnt later on?

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