Bosses that had you shook!

Bowser (3rd time) in Paper Mario for the N64.

I still haven't beaten him.

Bowser (3rd time) in Paper Mario for the N64.

I still haven't beaten him.

I had trouble with that, too.

But the final boss for the 1,000 year Door (or whatever its called, I forget), is harder. I still haven't beaten that witch.

No really, she's a witch.
Forgot to mention the Master Hands in Super Smash Bros. Melee. I still haven't beaten Master Hand on Hard or Very Hard, and don't ever bother asking about the round where you have to fight the left Hand too!

Gigabowser, Gannondorf, Mewtwo. Together.

To this day, I can only beat that fight with Jigglypuff.
I found the berserker at the end of the first level of Gears of War quite scary.

But then I hammer of dawned his ***.
Does the fact that Bella Goth is the most difficult game-generated NPC in The Sims 2 to date make her a boss?
Never got that chance. Never could beat adventure on hard in less than 18 minutes.

How do you beat them with Jigglypuff, of all Melee'ers?:shock:

His down B special is the same as a baseball bat swing, if you can get the timing down then you can **** up anyone.
His down B special is the same as a baseball bat swing, if you can get the timing down then you can **** up anyone.

Mmhmm. Gigabowser's huge, and Jiggly's sleep move kicks the crap outta him. Without it, Gigabowser is ridiculously difficult. And that's ON TOP of fighting Ganondorf and Mewtwo at the same time.
Favorite video game bosses

I could have sworn there was a "hardest boss" thread, but anyway...

This is a thread for all your favorite boss fights, for whatever reason.

Ganondorf in any Zelda game.

Also, I really enjoy fighting Queen Gohma in OoT. I think it's because when I first got the game at age 7, she scared me so bad I refused to play the game for years. Now I make her fear me.
Re: Favorite video game bosses

GLaDOS from Portal

Dog from Rule of Rose

and of course, Kefka

Oh and the first time I faced Pyramid Head...
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Re: Favorite video game bosses

Decided to make a top 10, I may update later but :

1 - Dr. Robotnik / Eggman [Sonic series] : I really like him as he is in many ways Lex to Sonic's superman. He has no powers yet sonic has super-speed and more yet bless him he keeps trying lol I love seeing what the hell he's going to invent to try and stop sonic next from a giant robot suit (sonic 2) to unleashing something he just can't control (chaos in sonic adventure)
2 - Bowser/ King Koopa [Mario series]: Not as inventive or creative as Robotnik so he didn't make 1# but he is damn entertaining. He has evolved really well from been just a big fire breathing lizard to actually having some humours moments. The second you know Bowser is involved you just know things are going to get crazy.
3 - Wario [Mario series] : I just love Wario. Yeah he's not really a villain any more but he was a pretty cool one while was. Then now he's like an Anti-hero version of mario. I always pick him in mario games like mario party.
4 - Shin Akuma [Street Fighter series] : He was awesome to fight against. He was both a challenge and did a lot of damage I loved that. One of the best fights in a fighting game IMO was him.
5 - Reptile [Mortal Kombat] - Hard to say if he's a boss or not I count him as you have to earn the right to fight him. He is the first hidden character to be featured in any vs fighting game. And also my favourite Mortal Kombat character I have to add him to the list.
6 - Mysterio [Spider-man 2] : I'm sorry it's not really a boss fight but it had to go on my list. He tries to take over the city and then you finally go to fight him and your expecting a great long drawn out fight but one hit and he's done. How is that not funny and kinda awesome?
7 - Nemesis [Resident evil 3] : He really wants to kill you. It's not a grand plan, He doesn't want a great fight. he just wants to kill you. And no matter what you do during the game he just keeps coming back till the end. I loved him in Resident evil and thought he was a great boss for the franchise
8- Chaos [Sonic Adventure] - He wasn't really that smart , He wasn't really that evil looking but he was like Nemesis in that he keeps coming back stronger than before. In the end battle with Super Sonic I just loved the music and actually playing it. It wasn't a "ok guess I have to beat him now" it was "wow this is really cool" I've replayed the game so many times it's not funny I just love fighting him that last time and the previous times help to build up the anticipation
9 - Monster Ock [Spider-man] : Not a fight but a boss that made just think "oh crap!" It was a really cool concept video game wise how it was done. Sure other villains have done similar in web of shadows but it wasn't the same.
10 - Metal Sonic [Sonic 2] : It wasn't exactly a hard boss but the first time I saw him I was like "wait .... what the hell? He looks like me" It was pretty cool. All other versions like the one in sonic CD have been cool but I still prefer the silver sonic from sonic 2.

Edit : Great, I finish my list and the threads been merged it's no longer "favourite" :(
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Re: Favorite video game bosses

and of course, Kafka
I know, that one sucked. Especially the part where he turns you into a giant bug. And they never even tell you why you're fighting him.
I remember having the hardest time beating Doc Ock in Spidey 2. He was just ridicoulosly mean to me.


Probably the most stressful moment I ever had while playing a videogame was way back on the PSX when I was trying to beat Gabor on '007'-mode in 'The World is Not Enough'. I got so stressed out that at one point, I shook my head and hairs fell out.

Other classics include Kingpin and Kraven in Spider-Man 3 (because I hadn't learned how to use rage, yet).
Doc Ock took so much effort because I kept falling into the water, especially having to run upside-down under the floor to turn off the consoles for the fusion machine. I also think it would've been really cool if he'd had the ability to throw you through the windows of the warehouse and you'd have to get back in, a la the movie.

I agree about the epicness of Ganon, although my only Zelda game so far is Ocarina of Time and I'm still in the process of beating it(it's still three-way tied for favourite game of all time, though). Every boss in that game has been a great, satisfying challenge though.

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