Civil War: The Return Discussion (MAJOR SPOILERS!!!)

Yeah considering his symbol was on the cover. Is this the one that died of cancer or something and was one of the best deaths in Marvel history? Damn it Marvel keep people dead
I don't get it? This guy had a miraculous great death and Marvel brings him back where he's just sitting in 42 as acting chief.

Little sense this does make to me...

Captain Marvel having anything to do with Civil War makes as much sense as having Namor have anything to do with it.

Of course, he might be a cyborg cloned from a stray butt hair.

Of course, he might be a cyborg cloned from a stray butt hair.


That's definitely the situation. My god it's so stupid to bring him back. I wish that after world war Hulk they would have only one big crossover centering around the Marvel Universe's defying of death, at the end no writer will be allowed to bring a character back after death
It has to be a red herring, if its not the case alot of people are going to be pissed off.
I don't know him, or even read the book, but from what i have heard its a great story, and it fully cheapens his death from cancer him returning in this book.

Arrrrrggh, do we need captain marvel running around, why can't there be a new one if anything.
Actualy...this linda cool...think about it now we can have an Akward moment with Marr-vell meeting his son Teddy and Teddy's boyfriend...Its comic Gold.

Other than that...its crap.

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