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I've tried several times to get into Dr. Who and it just doesn't work for me. I do like the current Dr more than the last one, so maybe I should try again.

Torchwoods pretty good though.
I told this to my friend Will who said, "Watch BLINK. It's one of the best TV episodes of anything ever." He was not wrong. It was outstanding. MY other friends who watched DOCTOR WHO, suddenly, I could talk to them for ages about BLINK.

And I got to find another couple of really good episodes: LOVE & MONSTERS is really sweet and as I said, HUMAN NATURE/FAMILY OF BLOOD is really good. I didn't think I'd like it, but I was surprised. UTOPIA and THE SOUND OF DRUMS are also great - John Simm is really entertaining. However, the second part, THE LAST OF THE TIME LORDS is crap. There's a bunch of episodes I found too crappy to watch like 42 or DALEKS IN MANHATTAN.

The Daleks in Manhattan two-parter were the only episodes i didn't like, pretty much out of the whole series. And yes, Blink was frickin' awesome. Which one was 42?
The strip-mining-the-sun-and-pissing-off-the-sun-parasites episode.

Ah, yes. That one was only okay, but i still enjoyed it. I remember thinking that it was kind of a transparent way to save cash on makeup and fx by having all the infected crew members just walk around in their space helmets.
John Simm would make a great Doctor.

I'm going to watch Blink online, but if it's not good, I'll kill thousands of children. English children.
I just finished watching the first season and Blink.

Sweet Christmas, this show is awesome.
This would have been the best series of Doctor Who evar if they'd started with Human Nature and ended with the Sound of Drums.

The scarecrows, Blink, Captain Jack, the Yana reveal, the watch, Saxon's companion... beautiful.
Spoiler regards the 3rd season finale

I thought, with Martha no longer being the Doctor's companion, it would've been super-mega-amazing-awesome if The Master was the Doctor's companion. The BBC version of Spike and Angel, I suppose. Instead, they killed him (though John Simm wants to come back) and that Am I Bovvered woman is to be the new companion. **** that. I want Sally Sparrow, or Madame Pompadour to be the Doctor's companion. ****ing kickass.
why are these dvd's so friggin' expensive!!!??? i want them all.

what's the Yana reveal again?

You are not alone. I was really talking about the subtleties of the foreshadowing and the way the reveal scene moved so quickly from revelation to revelation, leaving you enough time to have your mind blown but not long enough to think about the implications until the final, devastating reveal of the Master.
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Well, the Christmas Special is called the Voyage of the Damned, and features the Doctor trying to stop a conspiracy on the Titanic, and having Kylie Minogue as his companion throughout the adventure.
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