Dr. Strange: The Oath discussion [Vaughan/Martin]

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Oct 19, 2005
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Re: Dr. Strange: The Oath Series Discussion (Spoilers)

So I've never seen Dr.Strange written so well.

To be honest---I've never read anything of Dr.Strange aside from a few throwaway lines in Avengers. So I guess I don't have a good foundation to base the above statement. Meh...

But #5 ends the mini and I have to say that while it was fun seeing BKV inject some personality into the character....the mini itself was kinda ho-hum. I've enjoyed it a lot---but in retrospect I could've waited for TPB.

The whole issue basically devolves into this:

  • Wong is dead (...kinda)
  • Nicodemus tries to run away from Strange---but Strange just teleports everywhere Nico does
  • Night Nurse attends to Wong while Doc tries to get the elixir back
  • Nico casts a spell where neither he nor Doc can do magic for 3 minutes----they'll have to settle it with good ol' fashion fisticuffs
  • Nico talks ****...but Doc counters with some kick-butt kung-fu that Wong taught him
  • Nico accidentally falls off the rooftop nd takes the elixir with him
  • Doc finds that there is only one drop left that is useable---then Nicos spirit appears before Doc and poses the question "Do you save your friend....or do you let him die and manufacture more elixir to cure all sickness?"
  • Doc saves Wong
  • Doc offers Night Nurse to continue her practice in his Sanctorium----she accepts
  • Doc and Night Nurse kiss
  • The End.......

Like I said---a fun mini to read---but I could've waited.



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Sep 15, 2004
Re: Dr. Strange: The Oath Series Discussion (Spoilers)

Yeah, I agree. It was fun, but it certainly wasn't anything special.

What annoys me though is that at the BKV panel, Vaughan mentioned he had further plans for Dr. Strange, but now that Bendis is using him in New Avengers he's dropped them... why?!


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Nov 30, 2004
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Re: Dr. Strange: The Oath Series Discussion (Spoilers)

Because I would rather see Strange written by the other writers where he's a serious presence than see the more personal side that BKV writes every month. The entire reason this mini was so good was because it was a treat to see this side of Strange. I don't want it overdone and I'm not completely bored with how he's portrayed by other writers either.

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