Dreamcasting: Adaptations #6 - The Legend of Zelda


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Tiebreaker Activated!

Link – Jeremy Sumpter , This is based on His role as Peter Pan in the 2003 movie I thought he's young but not too young (I didn't want little kids in the lead)

Princess Zelda – Emma Roberts , Seen her in a few films e.g Aquamarine and thought she was a pretty good actress for her age. (Shes 2 years younger than Jeremy Sumpter but could pass for his age)

Ganondorf – Michael Clarke Duncan – I really don't know why this actor sprung to mind. I suppose the pictures of Ganondorf , Mainly his appearance in Ocarina of Time made think it needs to be a big guy , plus his voice for would be great for Ganondorf , Make up is a given.

Biggoron – Christopher Lee – Unless I'm mistaken Biggoron helps guide Link and helps out. I wanted a voice that was serious and cool sounding BUT also big enough of an actor to let people know the film was been taken seriously so Christopher Lee met all my requirements.

Impa – Lucy Lawless – Impa is older than others but can still kick ***. Who when they see her doesn't think "Xena" so I figured this could be cool part for her to play which could make the part of Impa better than most.

Dampé the Gravekeeper – Anthony Hopkins – This is based more on his name selling than the character but he is old and could play a mysterious person so this might be good choice.

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First Row - Chris Lowell, Kristen Stewart, Ron Pearlman, Tim Curry
Second Row - Kevin Richardson, Eliza Dushku, Sam Elliot​

First off…lemme premise this by stating that I haven't played a Zelda game since the original NES trilogy. So forgive me if the characterization is off…..

Link Chris Lowell – His role as Piz on Veronica Mars, is the perfect blend of wide-eyed naiveté and the kind of budding courage a young man develops as he grows into a man. To me, that is essentially what Link is. A young man charged with a great role that thru conventional eyes might seem ill-suited…destiny will reveal that he is the only one who could perform such a task. Lowell's boyish smile and deep blue eyes say all that. Was that a little too gay?

Zelda Kristen Stewart – Your standard princess-in-distress. But not quite. While saving Hyrule might be too big a task for one simple young woman, Zelda has always seemed like the kind who can mesmerize the bureaucrats at a formal dinner…and then break out the bow and arrow get down in trenches when she needs to. Stewart embodies this to a T. Her roles as a young woman forced to be strong have given her all the experience she needs to fill this role.

Ganon Ron Pearlman/Tim Curry – We're going old school with this one. With Ganon always taking on new forms, I thought we'd go with Ron Pearlman as the physical role (mixed in with some CGI and bad-*** make-up/costume) and have Tim Curry provide the voice. It's like "Legend"….only newer.

Biggoron Kevin Michael Richardson – this one would obviously have to be all CGI…but vet voice actor Richardson is tasked to bring the giant behemoth to life. And Richardson being a large fellow himself, will have no problem giving the voice the right size for the character.

Impa Eliza Dushku – Warrior.Elf.Chick. Do I really need to explain this one? Slap spme giant elf ears on her and call it a day.

Dampe Sam Elliott – Although I worry that his heavy country accent might take away from the character…Elliott has plenty of skill to portray this cryptic character.
The reopened poll should probably be public... if it's that close I don't want to take any chances.:wink:

I forgot how good bluebeast's was. VVD's is still the best, but bluebeast's is probably my second choice.


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