Fell (Ellis/Templesmith) - series discussion [spoilers]

Fell blew my mind

The character was so over analytical on everything, it's great. He sees faults in everyone, assumes everyone has a secret for the sole purpose that he has one (which I'm assuming is hurting his partner somehow) and is stuck in a strange section of town that no one else thinks is safe.

I love how he screwed up with the kid. Shows he has faults and vaults to early, causing the kid to get out free though he knew the kid was up to something.

The branding of a mark on people. Good stuff. The crimes are pretty sick (The guy injecting his own daughter with his feces so she stays sick), and that is great.

I love the fact that for the most part, Ellis here uses the nine panel scheme of comics instead of splashing pages and whatnot. It adds to the comic I feel. The story is excellent, and I'm usually not a fan of this type of art, but it fit the story here.

I extremely liked this issue.

Most of the stories are based off actual events - the poop-injecting one was. He talks about it in the backmatter of each issue...too bad it's not included in the TPB.
It was awesome. Although.....not as awesome as the previous issues.

The other issues had an eerie sense about them....this one was kinda straightforward. No "real" mystery.

I loved how Fell could deduce everything he needed to know about the suspect thru the door just by the sound of his voice. And I love how what he knew was displayed.

Like I said....this wasn't as good as some of the other issues....but it still is better than a ****load of other stuff released this week.
A tidbit from Ellis from Badsignal:

Why do black and white comics have colour covers? I was thinking about this last year. If I had the time, I'd do another FELL-format book that was black and white with black and white covers. Probably with 18 pages rather than 16 pages of comics. Of course, as noted the other day, I have to finish FELL first. But still.

The idea's about as primitive as you can get for a mass-produced work. Back in my self-pub childhood, we'd all dream of colour covers. Fifteen-odd years of working almost exclusively in the world of full-colour, with some of the best colour artists in the world, has obviously sent me round the twist.
So, is Ellis still following up on this? I thought he claimed to have material past a twelfth issue.

He's punishing you for not buying the floppies.
As ******* a move that might ring, I think it makes sense in the context of what Ellis insists he is trying to do: Provide an affordable "slab of culture" for pocket change.

Nowadays, so many people are trade waiting for comics that it is counter intuitive to publishing some comics monthly. If trades are to act as an "anti-incentive" to picking up comics monthly, then a project that is about cheap affordable self-contained stories succeeds best if there is less of an incentive to pick up the trade.

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