G.I. Joe: Resolute


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This is the one written by Warren Ellis, right? I'm interested.


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Yeah, Adult Swim is going to show it this Saturday at midnight, so I'll catch it there. Don't know if it'll be the whole thing or if they're just going to show it piece by piece, though; they never mentioned that.


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I've seen the first four episodes. I had no idea this was written by Ellis. Well done, Mr Ellis! While I disliked the unceremonious deaths Bazooka and Bludd, the mood of the piece, GI Joe as a dark espionage thriller, really holds it together and makes it work. I'm impressed so far. Doubly so since Ellis seems to have hidden his trademark Ellis-isms.


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If they made a new series with this quality of animation (and maybe some storylines plotted off of ellis ideas), I would absolutely watch it.


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Totally loving it, kinda baffled how Destro went from Scottish to eastern European, but that's a minor complaint. LOVING the revised Cobra Commander.


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I think Warren Ellis should consider getting into the techno-thriller genre Tom Clancy style. His love for cutting edge tech would be a great asset!

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There were a few parts that were unintentionally funny ("I'll kill you with my HANDS!") but overall a very enjoyable series. I say this as someone who knows only the bare basics of GI Joe.

And Grey Delisle as Dialtone made me laugh. "I know at least five ways to blow up Moscow without using a nuke." Oh Azula, you scamp.

I think Warren Ellis should consider getting into the techno-thriller genre Tom Clancy style. His love for cutting edge tech would be a great asset!


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He was.

He was with Heavy Arms? I forget that guys name. But the two of them where raiding the place Destro and Baroness were.


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Scarlett and Duke just killed three guys really quite ruthlessly indeed. I immediately noticed the difference in tone. It wasn't kiddy anymore. Fine.

Then, three Cobra people shoot at them in an OPEN CORRIDOR with automatic weapons and miss them. Bull****.

And then Zartan shows up and gives them plenty of time to avoid his gunishment. Bull****.

This is why it's not always a good idea to 'mature' children properties. You can look ridiculous. How did Gung Ho and Roadblock not hit either Destro or Baroness? Or vice-versa?

And I didn't enjoy the Snakeeyes-Stormshadow thing. I liked not knowing. I know too much about them. They're uninteresting. And I can't stand the "villain's motivation" speech Ellis always has to give his villains.

AND... Zartan's death was ****.

AND! Destro's accent was crap.

That said, the "Him! Not you! You're a big jerk" was a good line. I liked Tunnel Rat a great deal. The plot and the pacing was good, as was the animation, and the tone of the entire thing.

I'm assuming that the G in GI JOE stands for... GLOBAL FREQUENCY. This makes me very happy.

Also, I can't look at Beachhead without thinking of Ask a Ninja.

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