Guess who's having Brain Surgery!

TGO should be my nurse

When I was 6 I fell off the roof of our apartment building and landed headfirst onto concrete. I had a rock puncture the top and all I did is go home and clean the wound and watched cartoons.
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Doom does not require brain surgery. Doom is perfection
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Good luck Baxter man.
Random, those two images should earn you POTD.
Whoa. Brain surgery. I'm glad it sounds pretty straightforward.

Any idea how long you'll be out?

They said four to six weeks to recovery.

Good luck Baxter, I hope you have a good surgeon


Where did you get a picture of my doctor? :panic:

All this talk about big brains and giant heads makes me think about that MTV cartoon called "Oddities" featuring that story about The Head.

I put The Head to shame. But it was ****ing awesome.

I rarely cave to pressure, but I cannot deny you Post of the Day for that.


My second post of the day!!! I'd like to thank Baxter for having a huge brain and Houde for suggesting TOG as a nurse, WE DID IT!
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After the surgery, if you have some strange hatred for comics, can I have them?

good luck with the op, are they doing it at the main hospital or one of those private ones?
Pokey! Good luck with the cutting of your exoskeleton, and see if you can get the surgery taped.

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