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Aug 16, 2005
We're not quite sure what Sony is gonna have left to debut during E3 2010, but you can scratch the highly-anticipated announcement of inFAMOUS 2 off the list as delivers word of the game's official existence as part of a news piece profiling the mag's July cover story on the game. According to the post, inFAMOUS 2 will feature a new city, new powers, and a powerful new foe to accompany a new look Cole MacGrath. Unfortunately, that's all we know at this time, but you can bet your best lighting bolt that more deets on this one will come our way at E3.


can you say "Oh hell yeah!" The first one was awesome.
Definitely awesome. Loved the first game. I hope that there are some big improvements, too. I want to see the game get more in depth with the morality of the character -- more games need to be like Fable 2. This game's got the potential.

The new look is also pretty slick, too.
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Reading that link, a lot of people are hating on the new look for Cole but I don't see the change as a bad thing. In fact, I think it makes the game look much better and more mainstream than the last one.
So let's get the obvious out of the way. Yes, Cole has been completely redesigned. He looks (and will sound) nothing like the Cole many of us knew and loved from the original Infamous. Cole's sidekick Zeke has returned, too, and although the magazine confirms that he will be voiced by the same person, his design has also changed. His purpose is also intended to be more active in the game, though how that's going to be executed remains to be seen. The overarching theme in the redesigns, especially in terms of Cole, appears to be that Sucker Punch wants players to care more about Cole and to be able to relate to him more.

Game Informer also lets loose details about Infamous 2's storyline as well as its setting. The game actually begins in Empire City, the locale made famous in the original Infamous. Kessler has bent time and done all he could do to prepare Cole for his showdown with the demonic creature known as The Beast, but Infamous 2 starts out with Cole getting beaten badly by his foe and nearly dying as a result. Cole needs to become stronger, but revving up in Empire City isn't going to do the trick. This is where a new city, New Marais, comes into play.

New Marais is clearly inspired by New Orleans, Louisiana. You could tell that just by looking at the cover of the magazine – and we did -- but Game Informer confirms that New Orleans was definitely Sucker Punch's inspiration. New Marais plays an important role in Infamous lore, as the magazine reveals, because it's the location where the First Sons created the Ray Sphere, the bomb-like device at the focal point of the original story. The powerful First Sons organization has plenty of other strange technology hidden around New Marais, and Cole wants to find it because it will make him stronger and stronger. Of course, he'll have plenty of other villains to dodge all the while, most notably, an organization known as The Militia. Led by a man named Bertrand, The Militia is attempting to keep the city pure of any and all superpower-wielding persons. It appears that Cole's power-gaining experience in Empire City wasn't as unique as we once thought, after all.

Read more of this here :
New info seems cool. I like that they are trying to improve upon everything. Skeptical of Cole being able to use ice powers but I'm sure they'll utilize that well enough where I won't have an issue with it. I like most of all that they changed the city from Empire to this new place.
I'm not too keen on the new look for him BUT I like the rest.
He's wearing a different shirt, and doesn't have the backpack. So what if he looks different. HE's going to end up looking similar to Kesslar anyways.

I'm excited for this game.
He does have the back pack again, I'm pretty sure. The link I posted showing when Game Informer is releasing more info shows a better picture of him.

And I'm not sure they're going to include him becoming Kessler in this game. Maybe in the next? Who knows.
He won't become Kessler though will he? As he was from an alternate timeline. One that required both him and Trish to get married and have kids. The Cole that exists in this timeline is different when if/when the beast awakes he'll be a different person with different powers e.g Like you mentioned ice powers but Kessler never had Ice powers.

In fact wasn't the whole point of Kessler killing Trish and challenging Cole, to get him prepared for "the beast" Thus again making him different. When Kessler was killed didn't Cole say hoe much he hated Kessler meaning is less likely to to become Kessler as he hates everything about him.
At the Sony presentation, they showed a trailor this. Game looks pretty cool. Ice powers have essentially been confirmed and shown in it. Cole also has a new melee weapon, too. New city, new Cole is all good as far as I've seen. I would've liked to see game play though.
new Cole is all good as far as I've seen.

I still don't like it even in trailer. He looks like a brand new character. The rest of it looked good through.
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Blamed for the destruction of Empire City and haunted by the ghosts of his past, reluctant hero Cole MacGrath makes a dramatic journey to the historic Southern city of New Marais in an effort to discover his full super-powered potential, and face a civilization-ending confrontation with a dark and terrifying enemy from his own future. Gifted with extraordinary god-like abilities, Cole alone has the power to save humanity, but the question is: will he choose to do so?

Check out the below exclusive game play run-through of inFamous 2 which was premiered behind closed doors at E3 this year. For such an early first run through, I'm sure you'll agree this is shaping up to be something very special…

See the gameplay here :

SDCC 10: Infamous 2 – They're Changing Cole Back
Remember when we freaked out about the new character design...

A panel for Infamous just let out at San Diego Comic-Con, but the real news came before the show even started. Sucker Punch is changing Cole's look in Infamous 2 so that the protagonist looks more like he did in the original game.

A few weeks ago, the developer released the first screens and videos for Infamous 2, and all of that featured a drastically different Cole. This version of the hero had more hair, tattoos and a bunch of other stuff that made him look far different from the bike messenger we knew in the original game.

While the game is still in development and will continue to change, I was handed a manila envelope this afternoon that contained two images of Cole's new-new look. Due to the stage in development, I can't tell you exactly what he looks like, but I can tell you he looks more like the person we played as in the original Infamous and less like the man who was in all of those E3 screens and videos
Are people that pissed at change? What's next, overhauling the game cause people didn't like the premise or the city setting?

The new look was fine, people are allowed to wear different clothes.

****ing fanboys.
It was also said somewhere that they were going to leave out the comic book panel cut scenes and now they are including them again because fans complained. If they just want to re-release the first game then I guess that's cool...

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