Are people that pissed at change? What's next, overhauling the game cause people didn't like the premise or the city setting?

The new look was fine, people are allowed to wear different clothes.

****ing fanboys.

Agreed, i actually like the new clothes.
The new look was fine, people are allowed to wear different clothes.

****ing fanboys.

The problem wasn't the clothes though.. The problem was it looked TOO different to be the same person. In fact it looked like a completely different character. That doesn't work for a sequel it's like take a film like sat batman.

First time we see him he looks like this :

Then in the sequel he looks like this :

Is that okay because "people are allowed to wear different clothes" ? No it wouldn't as they look too different. And obviously they realised this and changed back.
I think the new costume was just a little too plain, just needed something more identifiable.
The new costume made sense. He's in warmer environment. I hope they don't change things too much... Just give the guy a bald head again and be done with it.
I prefer it to what was first shown but it still looks a little off
The Hero Edition comes more than just the back pack from the game for $100. Lots of goodies come along with it.

Everything included:

  • Cole's back pack
  • Cole 8.5" Statue
  • Comic book
  • Two new powerups
  • Two new skins
  • Four Amp variants
  • Soundtrack not available anywhere else
Really, really wish I could afford a PS3 just so I could play these.

You're an electric superhero fighting swamp monsters in Louisiana! What's not to love?
The Infamous 2: Festival of Blood DLC comes out today

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