I re-bought this today and all marvel costume packs. I love the wolverine costume. Yes i play as venom (who's still awesome as are the rest of the costumes) but the Wolverine one is just genius. Happy face = no claws. Make him angry with the d-pad and his claws pop out, That is a nice touch.

Next packs I want : Marvel level pack. Judge Dredd costume and Ghostbusters pack as Sackboy stay puft = awesome!
I need pack 4. I got packs 1-3 and level pack. The levels are just awesome btw.
Punisher looks cute as hell. I must own him!
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I've bought a few packs last 2 days. :) I bought :

Metal gear : level kit
Pirates of the Caribbean : level kit
Monsters : Level kit
History : Level Kit
Ghostbusters : costume pack
Marvel : costume pack 4 (now have every marvel thing :D)

Out of all of them my favourite is Metal gear level kit. I love the Marvel levels but the metal gear one added the paint gun. Plus while the games of metal gear are not for me, the lbp levels are pretty damn fun.

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