I got little big planet 2 last week. The last few days I've been experimenting with various things to create a new ghostbusters level.

First experiment = I successfully shrank down a sackbot and turned him in to the character you play as. He is in ghostbusters uniform (so even if you don't own them you will use it). BUT has a camera hooked up too to make him look normal size.

I also made a working checkpoint for the sackbot. And made it so sackbot dies you die and come back in new sackbot at checkpoint.

Here is why I shrank him :

I plan an enlarged bot of Staypuft as final boss. So was messing around with sizes. that's the best i could get a bot to be. But still kinda cool.

Next thing I need is Ecto-1. This caused problems at first. As making a tiny one ect... I already had one made from lbp 1 I could shrink but no. It just doesn't feel like you are going far in cars that are in the level.

So I made a top down driving game. I will link it up in between levels to cover the driving. I'm actually oddly proud of this. It has a working siren. real reverse and steering and acceleration controls.

So with that done I have made a basic mini-new york/tiny-city for it to drive around (though on a path marked out it adds to the distance) so my mini sub level is complete but can't upload till every part is done.

Here is a screen shot of that

I know that car and city don't look the best but I love them. Took me a day or 2 of messing till i had a good car engine built and a city that looked like a city.

Now if you read all that and saw the pictures, thank you. I know not everyone will be interested in that but I thought I'd share for those who may want to try it when it's done. I'll post here when it's completed.

Edit : Damn pictures lost quality transferring from game to ps3 to pc.
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