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Dec 29, 2004
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Does anybody here watch LOST? And by watch, I mean, has seen every episode. :D It's so awesome. It's made Wednesdays the best for me, what with comics out and it on.

Now I know this will sound stupid (and Shannon-y :wink: ), but I seriously am terrible at giving plot summaries which is why I rarely start threads. (Thanks to UltimateE, I'm guessing, for expanding on my UXM #55 thread starter :D ) So if there is anyone else here that watches religiously, would it be too much to ask for a short summary (of the pilot of course) for others?
Basically it's like Lord of the Flies meets Jurassic Park meets Dr. (I can't spell this word, so i'll just pronounce) More-oh meets Cast Away meets Ultimate Nightmare!
ultimatedjf said:
Does anybody here watch LOST? And by watch, I mean, has seen every episode.

I haven't watched every episode but what I've seen I really liked...
ultimatedjf said:
What have you seen/liked?


Oh man, let's see...I missed the first episode which I really wanted to see. One of them I saw had an older guy getting attacked by some animal (at least it seemed to be an animal). One woman wasn't talking because she lost her husband or something. And one younger girl nobody trusted.

Man, it seems like it was ages ago....
Thank goodness someone started a thread for this! I was thinking about putting one up since it came on but I didn't know how many of you actually watched it... It doesn't look like too many of you do, but I know now that both Aeroth and DJ watch it, which is enough to carry a conversation about the show.

What are you thinking about the show right now, DJ? There's so much going on and so many unexplained things that it makes my head spin, you know? I'm wondering if the French woman had anything to do with Claire getting kidnapped or if it was the people the French woman said was after her... Also, there seems to be a looming mystery about the pilot in the first or second show... He was snatched upwards from the cockpit and mauled in a tree when we last saw him... The writer of the show admitted it wasn't a dinosaur, what else could it be? Also, there seems to be some spiritual things going on here, can you make heads or tails of any of it, DJ? I can't and I'm somewhat of a religious person, myself...

I have watched every episode, by the way! ;)
TheManWithoutFear said:
I want to see this show so f'n badly but it's on the same time as Smallville
I also watch smallville. But I also have seen every Lost episode....LOVE IT!!!!
With me, I've found that if I dwell on every unanswered question during/after each episode, it really gets to be too much and a bit confusing. Every moment of the show is in the back of my head, though, stored until the season 1 DVD comes out (assuming there is one).

I can tell (remind, in your case probably, GW, if you are an avid fan) you that Ethan Rom is an anagram for 'Other Man' among many others but The Writers have specified that that one is the reason they named him that. That leads me to believe that he may be one of the members of Danielle's team (even though "they all died"). I'm beginning to doubt that he is Alex, the Frenchwoman's son, because it's starting to seem like the obvious choice :D .

The other reason I put the questions away is that I have faith that The Writers will answer them over time, especially now that there will probably be a second season.

Anyway, I have a memory problem, so I've already forgotten a little of what I was going to say, but were you (GW) freaked out when Kate and Sawyer saw the bodies underwater?
Well, there seems to be a lot of hidden things, DJ, that the writers have hinted at... If you'll notice, the backgammon pieces have been played up a lot metaphorically during the show. Whenever I see black and white contrasting one another I think back to when Locke told the child how to play the game with two different sides to it. Also, Aeroth told me that the first season would elapse over a 40 day period which the writers say is no coincidence... Biblically, that could mean a lot of things. Also, playing around with the spiritual thing, it would seem Locke has some sort of control with it... If he gets what he wants out of someone (Like him asking Charlie to give up the drugs) he gives them what they want, indirectly, that is. Lastly, I heard that Claire's baby is someone connected to the island...

I really think that Ethan is the person that was hunting the French woman down... Alex, the French's son, I think, is going to turn out to be dead or a prisoner of the "Other Men", who I think Ethan belongs to.

I wasn't too freaked out, but, yes, I was a little. I was freaked when I saw Charlie hanging around, seemingly dead. He's my favorite character next to Sahid (Sp?) and it was a little wrenching to see the scene where Jack was pounding on his chest play out.

Do you know any other rumors that I haven't heard of? For instance, I've never heard about that Ethan Rom deal so, anything is really new to me!
I'm positive I've read more rumors, but as I mentioned above, It's really hard to remember, and, in the end, I'd rather just sit back and enjoy the story as it unfolds.

As for the scene with Charlie hanging from the tree, I must say, that was one of the most (if not most) emotional, heart-wrenching, edge-of-my-seat scene I've seen on TV, what with Jack punching his chest repeatedly.

I don't know what I would have done had Charlie died. I think, that back when Lost started, one of the many reasons I tuned in was because I needed some post- Lord of the Rings addictions and Dom Monaghan just happened to co-star.
Well, truthfully, I only watched it because of ol' Dom! Really, I sort of watched it in jest a few times just because I liked that guy's crooked smile and accent but I really got attached to it when they started doing the flashbacks and stuff... I thought that Lost was a really cool show after that!

Also, do you know where I could find all of these rumors? I'd love to hear what people are speculating...
Did anyone catch the last episode? It was a trip, I'm telling you!

John Locke never fails to shock... His train of thought rides different tracks as everyone elses and I can't help but think he knows more about what is going to happen than the island or the other people expect. For instance, he seems to be gathering his own group. Did anyone notice that, too? At the end of the episode he splits the bond between Boone and his sister and before that mentions that Saede (Sp?) would make a formidable member of their team, too. Thoughts?
I saw it. Don't you think that Boone's "dream" started when we saw him tied up? Yeah, me too, just making sure. I really liked this episode. Quote of the night: "I saw it on TV once, You gotta Pee on my foot!" But I sometimes have some trouble figuring out what's going on in the flashbacks. I don't think they establish the quick scenes too well. Can you explain to me what was going on with Shannon and Boone's story? I know what happened and all, I just didn't have enough time (scenes were over too quick) to figure it all out.
It really is questionable when Boone really started to dream... I mean, Locke administered the stuff on his head, what, right before Locke was really going to tie him up? I'm not so sure about that but it is certainly dismissable.

I thought the quote of the night was, "You're wife's hot", when Hurley was trying to get the Korean man to speak English... I thought that was classic.

Also, the story isn't as unclear as Sawyer's, but I can see what you're saying. Boone goes to Australia to see what's going on with his step-sister and her husband and he's led to believe that her husband is beating her. He tries to pay the husband off to leave her and the proposal is accepted after a compromise. Boone goes to the house to assure his step-sister with an amount of safety and to make sure that her husband was actually going to leave, only to find out that the money he had written up was going to both his step-sister and her husband. They had cheated him because her father died and his mother cheated him out of money, too. Eventually, Boone is confronted by his sister, while she is pleaing for forgivness; her husband ran off with the money and she has nowhere else to go. Then, we find out Boone has feelings for her and it is implied that they "go bowling". Now, remember, there is no real blood relation so technically it isn't incestuous to be doing that but it still seems all wrong.
OH! One thing that I failed to mention was that, when Boone was in the police office, talking to the police about his ste-sister's domestic problems, we see Sawyer being brought into custody! In Boone's flashback! That's insane, right? We'll have to see how they intertwine, huh?

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