Marvel Cinematic Universe - Timeline (Part 2)

I noticed they don't bring up the fact Coulson provided Fury with the Helicarrier (Agents of Shield season two finale) that he used in Age of Ultron. :(
They still might. The Hulk page in there is a character history rather than a movie history, which implies the book will cover both concepts.
I'll bet the research this collective group has done is far more thorough than the time put into this book. I hope I'm wrong though.
I mean, they use words like 'early' and 'spring' for how narrowed in their timeline placements are, so we are already far more intricate and detailed then the book will ever be. I'm really looking forward to it to pin down some of the more vague entries post Endgame if I'm being honest. The one thing that they won't do though, is established reasons why something is here or there in a certain year. It'll just be the next film/show without any explanation.

Wouldn't it be funny though if in the references page at the back of the book, it says ''. I'd laugh really really hard.

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