Marvel Cinematic Universe - Timeline (Part 2)

I mean the black and white version is still going to be there too and it definitely will make it more appealing to some, I know a couple that don't want to watch it specifically cause of the B&W, I don't understand it but apparently it's a thing.
The problem is that by allowing an official coloured version to exist, that is now the definitive visual version of the film, thus making the original artistically intended version redundant. People will choose to watch the coloured version every time. Heck, I'd choose the coloured version despite preferring it stays in black and white.

I get the idea behind it, but in my opinion, it's just going to make the original version become forgotten over time.

If you're going to have a unique visual style like black and white, it's best to stick your foot down. No changes, one vision.

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