Marvel Event - World War HULKS... yes: HULKS


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Red She-Hulk?!!



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Re: Red She-Hulk?!!

Please give me some good news. Please tell me this is just confined to Loeb and some writer has not decided to copy his terrible, terrible character.

I admit, I was intrigued by the Red Hulk at first, but that was when I had faith in Loeb.

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Re: Red She-Hulk?!!

This is the first thread I've viewed since coming back from Maine.


****ing comics.


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Re: Red She-Hulk?!!

Huh, I thought that those guns with rockets on the side had been discontinued due to complaints of third degree burns.
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Re: Red She-Hulk?!!


Seriousy? It's not even six.

Also: This is one of the most ridiculous terrible ideas i've heard in ages.

Who is even reading Loeb's Hulk? Seriously.