Marvel Event - World War HULKS... yes: HULKS

What do you mean?

All of this crap Loeb has been putting out there...I almost think we're blaming the wrong guy here. Lots of people have really bad ideas. But these people are actively giving him work and - even worse - approving those bad ideas! So yeah, Loeb sucks really bad, but Quesada, Buckley, and whoever is serving as editor for the books Loeb is working on suck much, much more.

Nevertheless, Loeb clearly believes that everyone loves these ideas of his based on the interview. So either someone at Marvel is aware of the response but simply isn't telling him, or Loeb does know, but he does not consider comic book fans to be "anybody."
I doubt She-Hulk will be Domino.

I mean, isn't her mutant power supposed to be a luck matrix?

If she really is lucky, then she'll never cross paths with Loeb.
...beyond the poor, one-dimensional, almost non-existent writing

...beyond the cartoony art

...beyond the disrespect for characters and fans.

World War HulkS?? Really? Can't you just name it something else and let it stand on its own? Making the name the laziest POSSIBLE parody/caricature of another piece of work's name is just SO LAME.

I don't want 'UNCivil War'

Its not funny or clever. Its just lame. It cheapens the original piece of work. I didn't think WWH was great, but this concept seems silly... BUT what Jeph Loeb DOESN'T GET is that its not cool or awesome or respectful to be SO professionally lazy - and his entire approach to comics is typified and embodied by the words in this simple-minded title.

I'm disappointed Pak let this happen. (or even WANTED it to happen)

You have to be professionally respected before you can get away with these wry, witty 'in-jokes'. You have to earn it. He hasn't. Ed Brubaker or Matt Fraction or Mark Millar write the same title on a napkin in crayon? I'll call it high humour. Not fair? Fair is getting treated the way you have earned. Once you've shown you are CAPABLE of writing something good (above: Death of Captain America, Casanova and Ultimates), THEN I believe you made this title because you CHOSE to. Until then (see Ultimates 3, Ultimatum, Ultimate power, Red Hulk), I assume it was the best you had.

(and no matter how many times during an interview, months from now, in which he says 'the kids are really digging this' or 'I love playing in this sandbox' or some other lazy uninspired quote, I fail to believe that he is doing anything good for Marvel. Ultimatum is due out this week, along with its FIVE VARIANTS!!!! If each sells a crappy 20 000, (I guarantee there are 10 000 completists out there who want every cover, and 5 000 kids who fall for the different cover schtick) then Ultimatum is an amazing 100 000 seller again. If only Loeb had half the creativity of Marvel's PR/publicists!!)

Please just write something good - I am a comic buyer who would LOVE to buy something good, even with your name on it - but that currently is not an option.
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teaser image is up and it seems monkeys will team up wit evil geniuses to fight the Hulks.
I like the Finch cover, which shows Red Hulk and Green Hulk working alongside eachother against MODOK.

But I suppose that alliance is as nonsensical as anything else in Hulk.

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