Millar to do 4 3-issue arcs on Ultimate Fantastic Four: Namor, Alicia Masters, more

Whatever Millar has planned for Namor, I pray that he uses some variation of the amnesiac homeless man. He could write that perfectly.
I would want something completely original... I don't see how a homeless man can turn into a prince of some sort in the sea.
Well, he wasn't a street hood, and he certainly didn't have a following. I see now what you mean, but I doubt Millar would do the same thing he did with one character, and do it to another.
Well, then your street homeless guy idea should be thrown out the window then... Also, I still want that look that I described earlier, though.
Break it up a little guys...
I didn't mean that you were being abrasive - I just meant to chill with the back-and-forth posting.

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