Millar to do 4 3-issue arcs on Ultimate Fantastic Four: Namor, Alicia Masters, more

The Captain said:
No matter what, i think Grimm is going to be depressed enough...maybe the writers wont show it....(who reads comics to read about depressed people?) comics are an escape from reality.....Grimms fate is kinda like having herpes all over your just cant get over that.

Captain Grimm's depression is a big part of his character and a big part of his relationship with Alicia... If they were going to show it at all they'd focus on it a little more... I only get the TPB so has there been any showcasing of his emotions lately?
I think Grimm is depressed. It's just not played out obviously. Stiff upper lip and all. He's just using humour and stoicism to hide his frustration at being the thing now. In the last issue Ben Grimm laughed for the first time since the accident, that certainly gives a show of his depression such as it is. and just because he laughs once, that doesn't mean he's not depressed at all. I think it's just nicely subtle.

But onto namor, I personally wouldn't like to see a great atlantian empire under the sea that no-one has found before, of course it's possible, even in our own world, but if that were the case, what do atlantians look like? They can have him as a mutant, but perhaps that's a little bit of a cop out as he would have had to have had humans in his family at some point in the past. and to have an undetected empire, it would need to be pretty far underwater. So, we can look at atlantians having a common ancestor with humans, but, we'd have to go a rather long way back down the evolutionary ladder to find something that could feasibly work, and this would take him far away from looking human. And I don't think he can be too far from human because of the sue and namor thing. But, if there is no empire, then it need not be so deep in the water, and then the common ancestor thing could be acceptable, however, how would a species survive if it was such a small community without developing genetic symmetry.
So maybe, a mutant he is. I suppose the only thing i can say with confidence is that he won't have little wings on his feet :) (damn i hope i can say that with confidence)

Additionally, I would like to see that he does look more fish like, and not just a tough blue dude.
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I want him to be a cross between Aquaman and Abe Sapien. Lose the wings and make him look fish like. He comes to the surface world to avenge all the Atlanteans that have been poisoned by humans dropping toxic waste. He is the heir to the throne of Atlantis and perhaps the FF want to help him but they end up fighting...
nostrils are a bit of a bitch from an evolutionary standpoint too, unless this is a land mammal that has done back to the water like a polar bear and has sealable nostrils.

But when I say fish like, I don't mean a guy with a trout head. Like I said, the sue and namor thing must remain an option. Namor has always been a concern of mine since he needs to be inhuman and human looking at the same time (and let's not get onto the inhumans, sheesh, that's gonna be a bitch to pull off)
We all have our own opinions. Millar's the kind of guy to make him look different from a human...
What if he was to be like Daryl Hannah in Splash. On land he looks like a human but once he is in saltwater he legs turn into a fishtail.
Yeah, longer hair and some facial hair would definitely add to his character, I think. It would pronounce the power that he has...
In 616, when he looked just how you want him to be, GW, it was when he had lost his memory, and was walking around as a homeless man.
And Johnny Storm helped him become Namor again and they fighted him...
Yes, it did. When he had lost his memory, he was with that look. It looked alright, but I prefer the shorter hair.

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