Morbius, Blade, & Ultimate vampires


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Jun 16, 2004
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I saw a cartoon about Morbius today... He was changing his appearance like crazy! What do you think he'll look like in Ultimate? I hope that he is all out bat like was in today's show for a brief time... He would truly rock NYC to the core!
I've been trying to write an Ultimate Blade piece, and am having many of the problems you mention Goodwill. How the heck do youn ultimitize vampires, creatures "made up" already.

I've tried many differant approachs in my notes
1. Vampires were in fact created along with adam and eve [Lilith] and they have been underground
2. Man created vampires [Morbius]
3. man became vampires through evolution [from Vlad to today]
4. etc. etc. etc.

...and I'm finding it difficult to place Dracula even w/o Doom's connection to Vlad Tempes Dracula. UGHHH!

Have fun, Mr. Bendis
LoL... He'll have his work cut out for him IF he tries that path.

I noticed today that Michael Morbius was bitten by a radio-active bat... Something like that could happen to Michael Morbius and Blade simply mistakes him for a real vampire because of the similarities... Once Blade sees that he can't chase this one off with garlic, Spidey comes in and helps out.
if Morbius get's bitten by a radioactive bat, I'm leaving Ultimate Spidey for good.
I'm not saying that happens, so much, but something along the lines that turns him into a genetic vampire rather than a magic one like you are trying to convey to me. It's simple, really. :), lol, don't have a fit!
O, you have to have a fit sometimes, I'm sure it's healthy

Anyway, just like with Connors, Osborn, and Octavius, I think his genius should be the reason he turns into a monster
Nah, I'd like a different reason, please... He could possibly do it on purpose? Like Osborne alittle, however, he wants to do it so that he can do something easier that doesn't have to do with Spidey... You know what I mean? I'm very vague, but along the lines of what Ock did in Spider-Man 2. He was only interested in getting his fusion thingy created rather than Spidey, which made his villain so more versital.
Either way... I'm sure Bendis will handle it wonderfully, that's why he's the one writing it and we're the ones reading it.
if Morbius get's bitten by a radioactive bat, I'm leaving Ultimate Spidey for good.

:lol: And I'll be joining you.

Morbius is one of those characters that I hoped we'd never see Ultimized. I use this phrase a lot, but he's just too "out there." I'm sure Bendis will do a good job with him but I've very leery of him appearing in the first place...
I don't have the actual issue, can someone tell me what Blade's occupation is in the Ultimate universe? Is it still the same? That may tie into his(Morbius) origin.
Right... All we know is that Blade is a vampire hunter. He appears to have been bitten because he had fangs in his first appearance in the Special Ultimate Spider-Man issue. Hey, maybe Morbius was the vampire that bit Blade?
Yeah, but let's hope there is a little more explanation than that... I'd hate for Bendis to say something like that and not explain it to it's max. You can't introduce something and expect a reader to understand, especially when vampire's haven't really been done in the Ultimate-verse yet.
Yeah, I'd rather vampires stay out of Ultimate as well, or at least away from Spidey. Spider-Man needs to stay where he is, a street cop. As soon as Peter starts getting involved with large scale affairs, cosmic powers and magic it just doesn't work, especially at this point in Peter's life. I could see him maybe as an Ultimate or a member of SHEILD in this universe when he's a good deal older but for now he needs to keep local. The basic idea of Spider-Man is that he's not some big shot hero, he's a scared messed up kid who puts on a costume out of an over developed sense of responsibility. Spider-Man is Peter Parker, and as such is supposed to be the acerge person. Anything too weird and you lose the basic concept that makes Spidey work. The odd time Spidey does step off the streets of New York it should (as it did in Ultimate Six) make it abundantly clear that Peter is out of his league. There's a sense of wonder and fear over what's going on in his life (as it would to any normal person) and if you put him too out there it's lost. No vampires no demons, no magic or aliens for Mr. Parker. Period.
I'm cool with having straight-up vampires... If we're having aliens, Atlanteans,and mutants, why not vampires?
The vampire angle has to be worked REALLY well for it to work on the Ultimate line. That's how mutants and aliens work. And I can handle Morbius being a mutant, as long as he's the last mutant villain Spidey has to deal with as far as origins go. I let Geldoff slide 'cause he's an artificial mutant, and he has ties to a bigger story down the road.