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where should i click so that you can make the moneyz?
your ad spaces just advertise ad spaces :s

The tall ad is the only active one, but people can buy region specific ad space, right now only the American space is up. Canada, Europe, and Elsewhere are free for purchase. So unless you're in the US or until some buy space for the other regions not much you can do.

ALSO, If you visit the site often to may drum up more interest with page hits. So that's one way
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So has anyone else been seeing this cafe press ad with my Obama yard sign in it, I want to know if everyone sees that, cause this ad has been popping up everywhere for me.

man, theres like buttons that say "previous" and **** up there! magically appearing in the place. they came out of nowhere i swear!

i just came here today actually to find the link to your webcomic and looking at the site, thought the posts below were the last ones.

man, i am an idiot and dont come around here very often
So I was checking visitor stats on the webcomic and one google search that lead someone to very our site was "lcs comic dies" Now I'm thinking "dies?" who wants us dead, I'm pretty certain I'm not dead. So I looked it up on google and even though my site is the first result it turns out the one viewer was looking for information about a comic from Last Comic Standing passing away a few days ago.

For a second I thought some pyscho was plotting my demise
Oh please. As if I'd be foolish enough to leave a trace in google. :shifty:

Congratulations on #100.

BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH! *thunder* *lightning*

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