Random's Great Webcomic Quest

Wow! I can't believe you got him to do a guest comic! ;) (It's actually a pretty good fools.)
I am guest writing the next arc of LCS and I feel like hyping it a la Marvel Previews style!

~Witness betting on a scale that is never seen before!
~One hero's life will change completely!
~The problem is so huge, Santa and Jesus have to resolve their differences to face it!

Well I announced the beginning of my webcomic here, I might as well announce the end.


So for those of you who weren't here then, I use to post on this forum all the time but haven't for years. A little over ten years ago, I made this thread to declare my intention to make a webcomic and seeking general advice on what I should do with it. Another member, McCheese, told me he had been planning on writing a webomic with the same concept and we teamed up. And yet another member, Ultimate Houde, had guess written story arcs (currently in progress of one now). After a decade, I have officially decided to end the comic with 1,000 pages, currently on page 900. So in little over a year the story will be complete.

Not sure if anyone still on here remembers or cares but whatever. The circle is now complete, now I am the master, this is the way, [insert another Star Wars quote]


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