SDCC 07: Ultimate Universe Panel Report


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This was announced at the UU panel.

It'll be a six-part mini-series that will take place in the pages of UXM and UFF for three months. What this means is still anyone's guess, though.

Loeb said that he doesn't want the UU to become the 616 universe and that this will be an attempt at a story that can't and won't ever be done in the flagship universe.

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Re: Ultimatum the big event for 2008.

What does Loeb mean by "mini crossover" I think it means that ultimatum will be a series of backup stories like they did with ultimate vision running in Ult. X-men and Ult FF. anyone else care to give their two cents on what "mini crossover" means I just wonder why they didn't make this a mini series and instead have it run through the ongoing titles?
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Re: Ultimatum the big event for 2008.

Ultimate... events... overload...


Oh, goody, it's related to Ultimate Power. I'm sure everyone here will totally love it. XP

Yeah, I'm going to wait until more details come out to judge this. I just hope it doesn't screw up Kikrman's awesome run of UXM.


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I will be the first to say that I am excited. They will finally be explaining things and we get more Namor, Thor's a big character in Ultimates 3, and all of this sound really awesome.

Firestar is a Brotherhood mutant's baby possibly?


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Merged all 3 threads. Geez.

I'm not excited at all. In fact, Ultimatum sounds terribly cliche. It's like Loeb knows it and he's doing it on purpose. This line in particular "The idea is that things will change, forever," is hilarious.


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Merged all 3 threads. Geez.

I'm not excited at all. In fact, Ultimatum sounds terribly cliche. It's like Loeb knows it and he's doing it on purpose. This line in particular "The idea is that things will change, forever," is hilarious.


Sounds terrible.

This almost dampens the newfound enthusiasm I have for comics after the Warren Ellis/Astonishing announcement.


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Some titles looked to be picking up. Ultimate X-Men went through the worst year of its short life just last starts picking up and now it has a sense of direction and that everything is building up to something big.

Ultimate Fantastic Four...well, I'm tradewaiting it since Millar's run. I loved Millar's run but for one reason or another I just started trade waiting after that. God War was alright, I heard Diablo wasn't, and Silver Surfer's run seems shoe-horned in but I don't know what to think of it from reviews alone.

Ultimate Spider-Man has sucked for two ****ing years. TWO OF ITS MOST POPULAR YEARS YET! But with an artist change even the most cynical reviewer and reader out their in cyberland seems to suddenly love this book again!

And now they pull this. It's one thing to ignore Ultimate Power and it's terrible-****tiness. It would be easy to ignore Ultimates 3 if it too sucks ***. But mixing all these books into Ultimates 3 is stupid. And I gotta say I find the idea that a writer of a series that doesn't even have a release date coming into two other books and shaping them to his whim is quite insulting and ****ing rude to Robert Kirkman and Mike Carey.

"...and then Ultimates followed and Mark and Bryan created something that was so bombastic -- and keep in mind this was before New Avengers heralded a new era in for the Earth's Mightiest Heroes back in the Marvel Universe," Loeb explained.

Ultimates had a slow build up. It really wasn't until issue 5 that we got any superhero action. Not really bombastic, and yeah I know Ultimates got people interested in the Avengers....and then Marvel killed off Cap and Thor and turned Iron Man into a villain while putting Wolverine and Spidey on the team.

Although, New Avengers right now is pretty sweet but that first year or two was bad.

"Basically, it was a world where anything can happen," Loeb continued. "Now, six years later, we run the risk that some -- not all -- of our stories there are retellings of stories from the Marvel U with that Ultimate spin. Meeting with Bendis and Joe Quesada and Dan Buckley we decided to make a move that would embrace that "Anything can happen" feeling..."

I don't buy this ****!

Cable's Wolverine! Shi'ar's a church not an alien group. Surfer works for Psychoman not Galactus! There are some big differences and that's why a lot of people were pissed at Ultimates 3's line up and art! It reeks of 616!

And the way Loeb talks this might be the end of the Ultimate Universe....which is a shame since IMO Loeb doesn't have the writing chops to tie everything together in suitable fashion.


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I have faith in Loeb and Bendis. I think the Ultimate Origins mini-series will be an interesting turn (hopefully) and it's good to see that there is a universal direction being carried on afterwards with Loeb's Ultimatum. I'm interesed to see where this will be taken - I would imagine it has a lot to do with Magneto seeing as how he'll be in USM, Ultimates 3, and we'll probably see a bit of him in UXM with all of this...

The only part I don't like is that it interferes with Kirkman's run on UXM. Why? And will he return afterwards? What's the deal with that?

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