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Jul 24, 2004
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Coming in just a few short days!:


WEB OF LIES Part 1 of 4

Someone's after Spider-Man, yet again. But this time, the villain will go through anything to get the man he wants. Even actually try to kill…Peter Parker?!
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Here's your toughest critic posting...

This better be good because I haven't heard anything new about this series yet... Peter Parker on the chopping block? OLD! ;)
Goodwill said:
Here's your toughest critic posting...

This better be good because I haven't heard anything new about this series yet... Peter Parker on the chopping block? OLD! ;)
I will do my best to make this as interesting as possible.
So is this in your own universe? Does this have Spider-Man's origin? Looking good though...
ProjectX2 said:
So is this in your own universe? Does this have Spider-Man's origin? Looking good though...
Yes this will take place in my universe. No, there is no origin story. You'll see why when the first chapter comes up next week.
icemastertron said:
Yes this will take place in my universe. No, there is no origin story. You'll see why when the first chapter comes up next week.
Next week? Good. I'll be back from vacation by then.... :)
He doesn't have to be a mutant. It could be an issue of him being Spidey and then there was the origin like a flashback...
Yeah, I'm guessing you're right... Ice could actually do it like Wolverine, too, and not know a damn thing about his past, right?
Spidey- a mutant? Wow, what theories...

I'll tell ya this. Since I said this takes place in my universe, this connects with my last arc in EXM. :wink:
Well, it's not that much of a stretch if you can believe it... I've read fan fics where there's an intricate theory that Peter is a mutant and it turns out that he is but was bitten by a radioactive spider, which defined his powers. We'll see about your spidey, though.
Everyone pracitically is a mutant. Everyone has an X-Gene and it was probably the radioactive spider that awakened it. So, anyone could be a mutant...

ProjectX2 said:
Everyone pracitically is a mutant. Everyone has an X-Gene and it was probably the radioactive spider that awakened it. So, anyone could be a mutant...

That's Earth X, and another story elsewhere.

Just get that Peter Parker is NOT a mutant in my fic. :wink:
Web of Lies: Chapter 1.

And now, ladies and gents, it's time. Welcome to the first chapter of my new ongoind fic, SENSATIONAL SPIDER-MAN. Here now, is the first chapter of many more to come. So read, enjoy, and post all of your thoughts.



"So I tells her, I tell, why not just buy the dress?! Women, pfft. You can never figure them out."

"Spider-Man, please," A man hanging upside down, cried, as he tried talk to Spider-Man, "let me go. I promise to be good. Please, just let me down."

"Oh, come on. The cops will be here in about…oh boy! Gotta go! Me lady awaits!" Spider-Man told the man, as he swung away, leaving the man hanging from a flagpole, 15 stories up from the building he hung at.

And about 10 minutes later…

"Would you slow down?!" Mary Jane yelled.

"Sorry. I mean, I just had a SENTINEL after me. But yeah, let's slow down a bit, so it can catch up and kill me, you know?"

"Don't you dare take that tone with me, Peter Parker." Mary Jane snapped at him.

"Oh yeah! Even better! Yell my real name…WHILE I'M IN COSTUME!"

Spider-Man quickly landed on a nearby rooftop, and took off his mask, as he stood behind a pillar. He came out into the clear, as Peter Parker, boyfriend to Mary Jane Watson, and college student.

"Listen, it's been only a couple weeks since that whole Sentinel thing went down. I just got scared seeing one just come out of nowhere, you know? It just freaked me out a bit. Last time I came face to face with one of those, it wanted to kill me."

"I…I'm sorry. It's that, you going so fast, so high, I got scared myself. I felt like I was going to fall. I mean, I feel closer to you with now knowing that you're really Spider-Man and all…"

"Closer? Really? I mean, I just told you like, two weeks ago."

"Ugh! Men…!" Mary Jane sighed, and walked into the stairs, heading down into the building. Peter stood there, looking like he lost something.

To himself, he said, "What? Was it something I said?"

Peter walked to his apartment, and saw MJ standing in front of the door.

"We'll, you'll be glad now. The Ultimates just finished taking down the Sentinel. Just heard it in the news. Your neighbor's watching it." Mary Jane said to Peter, without even giving him a glance.

Peter took his keys out, and opened the door to his apartment. When he and MJ walked in, they found the place had been ransacked. Papers all over the floor, a torn couch, scratched walls…someone had tore the apartment from inch to inch.

"Do you think anything is missing?" MJ asked Peter, walking around, and cleaning up the mess. Peter looked around, and quickly ran to his bookshelf. He looked through all the books, and took out a science one.

"Pheew. At least my Micro-Biology 3.5 book is still here. This book costs a lot of money!"

"You are such a geek…I don't know what I see in you." MJ said to him, giving him a wink.

"Oh ha-ha." Peter replied, as he went back to close the door to his apartment. As soon as he did, MJ looked at what was right behind him, and gasped as she started to fall to the floor. Peter ran to her, before she hit the floor.

"MJ! MJ! What happened?!" Peter asked her, worried.

But MJ didn't say a word. She just pointed behind Peter, pointing at the door. Peter looked to find a stuffed version of Spider-Man, bloodied, and with a note pinned to it. Peter slowly put MJ on what was left of his couch, and then went to get the note.

He grabbed it, and read aloud:



"A woman…OH NO! Aunt May!" Peter quickly went changed back into his Spider-Man costume. He rushed out his window, not looking back to MJ.

"Peter wait! You're…never mind." MJ looked around the apartment, and gave one big sigh. "What has Peter gotten himself into now?"

Aunt Mays House-

Spider-Man landed on the roof on Aunt May's house. Lucky for him, it was getting dark, so he wasn't too easy to spot, as he hid in the shadows of the trees. He went to the side of the house, and looked in to see if he saw his Aunt May. Relieved, he saw her in the living room, playing a game of Scrabble with her best friend, Anna Watson, MJ's Aunt.

"Pheew. Aunt May is safe. But I better pay close attention for the time being." Spider-Man said to himself, trying to take a closer look.

"May, did you hear that?" Anna asked, looking around to see who just talked.

"Oh dear, you know my hearing isn't as good as it used to be. It could just be the wind." Aunt May said to her, smiling. "C-R-A-I-G. Craig. How many points is that?" She asked Anna. But Anna Watson did not pay any attention. She went to the window, still determined to see if anyone was around. She opened the window, but found no one.

"Hmm…The wind, indeed. Now, what did you say, May?"

Spider-Man was on the roof. That was TOO close. It's better off if they don't know I'm here, Spider-Man thought. He went back, took one last peek, and left back to his home.

"I guess with Anna Watson around, Aunt May should be safe…I hope. Better get back to MJ….MJ! Oh man, I forgot about her…again."

In a hurry, he swung back to his apartment on the other side of Queens. By the time he got back, the night had consumed the sky. The stars were out, so he knew he was gone longer than he should have. He went back through the same window he came from. That's weird. Why didn't MJ close the window?, he pondered. He went in, and took of his mask.

"MJ? You around still, babe?" He asked loudly, while taking off his Spider-Man suit. He went looking around the whole apartment, but didn't find MJ anywhere. He put on his regular clothes, and went and picked up his phone. He dialed MJ's cell phone first, but got no response.

"Definetly weird. What kind of model doesn't pick up her cell? Ha! Made a funny." He said to himself, trying to keep calm.

"Pathetic. Just pathetic. You know that, right? You're just an utterly pathetic little man." A man's voice said. Peter looked around, but saw no one, anywhere. He looked outside, but there was no one around.

"Look all you want. But you won't find me. You know who else you won't find?"

Peter's eyes widened. He knew whom this man had taken. MJ.

"Yes, that's right. I have your precious Mary Jane Watson. I told you to get me Spider-Man, did I not? You didn't deliver, so I kept up my end of the bargain."

"Look you son of a –"

"Temper, temper, now, Mr. Parker. You wouldn't want to say anything that would offend me, now would you? My feelings would be hurt, then I would need someone to take my rage out on. And just guess who that would be."

"Listen to me, you sick psycho. If you touch one hair on her, I swear I'll-"

"You'll what? Kill me? Please, you're just as pathetic as that uncle of yours. Both of you, WEAKLINGS! That's why he's dead now. Because he was a weakling, like you. But you know what you could do Mr. Parker? You could get Spider-Man to rescue your little damsel in distress. I mean, doesn't he like to do that? Help people?"

"Enough! Who are you?! Tell me already!" Peter yelled. One of Peter's neighbor was hearing him. Figuring he was alone, he thought that Peter had lost it.

"Oh Mr. Parker. Why would you ask such a question? I'm not ready to reveal myself. And you won't make me. Now, gob get me Spider-Man."

"Hey! You never mentioned a deadline, anyways!" Peter tried to call out. But no luck. Whoever had talked to him, from wherever the man was, had left. If he really had MJ, there was only one thing he could do. He had to give into the man's demand. He had to give him Spider-Man.


"Alright already! I'm coming, geez!" Peter walked to his door, in his pajamas. As soon as he opened the door, Anna Watson came bursting through, knocking Peter to the floor.

"Where is she?! Where is Mary Jane?!" She demanded to know. She didn't bother to wait for an answer. She went looking around for her niece, without any permission.

"Eh? I haven't seen MJ since yesterday afternoon." Peter replied, closing the door and rubbing the back of his neck.

"You good for nothing man. What kind of boyfriend are you? Honestly. You're a 20 year old man, and you can't even keep track of your own girlfriend!"

"Excuse me! I don't know where MJ is, and I don't appreciate you just bursting in here like you own the place. So if you don't mind, I have a class to prepare for." Peter opened the door, waiting for Anna Watson to leave.

"I knew you were a bad seed since day one!" She told him as she left.

Now time for me to go get MJ! But where to start?, Peter thought, as he took off his pajamas to reveal his Spider-Man costume under. He left swinging, out to look for MJ.

"Wait, I can try the Daily Bugle. Maybe something can give me a lead there." Spider-Man said, as he jumped off a rooftop, and swings off a laundry line. About two minutes later, he arrived at the Daily Bugle building. He landed on the roof, and changed quickly back into his normal clothes. He took the stairs down into the building, and into the newsroom floor.

He walked in, and the first voice he heard, was one he liked to hear just about…never actually.


It was Jameson's voice. J. Jonah Jameson. The owner and publisher of "The Daily Bugle" newspaper.

"Yes, Mr. Jameson?" Peter asked. "You called?"

"No, I just like to say you're name because it makes me feel like a pretty pony. OF COURSE I CALLED YOU! Where are the pictures of Spider-Man? Honestly, how do you expect to hold a job here, if you don't give me what I need?!"

"But I don't have a job here, Mr. Jameson. I'm just a freelancer."

"Exactly! Now go get me some damn SPIDER-MAN PICTURES! Out of my office!" Jameson yelled at Peter, pointing out his door. Peter walked out, and was lightened up a bit, seeing a familiar face.

"Cheer up, champ."

It was Betty Brant. Peter's old girlfriend from three years ago. She smiled and gave him a wink. Peter smiled back, as he took the elevator down to the lobby. Wait a minute, I didn't even get to look for anything!, Peter thought. I just wasted my time! Now MJ could be in more danger, and it's all my fault. Seems everything is. You know, I say this is all that stupid radioactive spider's fault, actually! I never got asked to be bitten in the first place!

Peter walked down the street, still thinking on what to do. But suddenly, as he passed an alleyway, someone reached out, and clobbered Peter in the head, rendering him unconscious. Peter's body was dragged in the alleyway, away from the public's eye.

Hours later, Peter wakes up, hands tied to a rope, that's tied to a ceiling. He looked down, with his eye site a bit blurry, but could see enough to see that he was hanging pretty high. He tried to get loose, but his hands were tied tightly.

"Don't think about it, kid." Someone said. Peter swung around to see who it was.

"Who…who are you? Are you the one-"

"Who took that pretty gal of yours? Ha-ha, no. That ain't me, kid. That's who I work for."

"Who do you work for?" Peter asked, trying to get answers.

"Don't even think about it. I ain't telling you a damn thing. But I am gonna tell you this. You got one chance to keep your life. So you best tells me where I can find Spider-Man, right now."

"…Or…?" Peter asked.

The man got up, and made his way to Peter, by flying up with a jetpack. He took his gun, and pointed at Peter's eye.

"Or you die this very second."

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