Sensational Spider-Man

And just when you thought this would die...


Sensational Spider-Man #10 & #11
Written and cover by icemastertron

"Armed & Dangerous" Parts 3 & 4 of 4

Join us as the arc ACTUALLY comes to a close! Spider-Man vs. Doc Ock vs…Spot? When these three clash together, who will be the last man standing?

#10: 2/4/06

#11: 2/8/06 yesterday was the 4th...hehehe...

So let's recap what's been happening, just for you folks out there. The crazy nut here, Dr. Otto Octavius, went bonkers after some explosion at a lab he was at with some other guy. Speaking of which, where is he? Anywhos, whatever that thing is around his waist with those octopus-like arms, they seem to be a part of him. And now of course, they just love me sooo much, that they're showing their affection by choking me. How thoughtful. Flowers could've worked. Well, losing oxygen here. Better think of something…getting very…sleeeepy.

Sensational Spider-Man #10

"So what will it be, Spider-Man?" Asked Dr. Octavius. "How would you like your death to be? Choked or beheaded?"

I could try to reason with him, you know. Maybe he'll listen to me. He looks like the listening type. Oh yeah right. Like THAT is going to work. Crazy people are stupid. Wait, that's it! Spider-Man thought to himself as he put his hands out.

"What are you trying to do? It's useless now, you pathetic insect," Dr. Octavius said. The lighting around them was gone. Only the reflection of the moon's light gave them enough light to see, since Octavius broke the wall. Without Octavius noticing, Spider-Man shot thin web-lines to the ceiling behind him.

"Just one thing, Octy," Spider-Man said faintly. "What's that behind you?"

"You bring only shame to yourself, Spider-Man. Not even in your last moments of life can you act like something of a man," Octavius replied, choking Spider-Man harder.

"I...wa-warned you…" Spider-Man struggled to say, than pulling the web lines as hard as he could. Pieces of the ceiling came flying fast behind Octavius, hitting him smack-hard in the back of his head, making him loose his grip on Spider-Man.

"YOU IMBECILE!" screamed Octavius, as he held his head in pain. Spider-Man stood up, faintly, only to get an uppercut by one of Octavius's arms. Spider-Man flew out the hole of the building, landing with a loud THUD on one of the waiting cop cars. Everyone looked at Spider-Man, than looked to see Octavius had fled.

"Spider-Man…Spider-Man…I can…oy…" Spider-Man murmured. This is SO not the way I wanted to the night to go. Than again, when does ANY day go the way I want it to?

The Daily Bugle
The following day.
J. Jonah Jameson's office
2:53 P.M.-

"WHERE'S THAT BLOODY KID AT?! He was supposed to be here TWO hours ago! I need those damn pictures of that thieving, sleazing, low-life, two-bit thug, SPIDER-MAN!"

"Uh-oh, Peter. Looks like someone's not liking his afternoon tea, it seems."

"Very funny, Betty. I better get in there. Otherwise, I'm going to loose my job," Peter calmly told her as he walked towards Jameson's office.

"Job? But you're only a free-lance photographer," Betty said back to Peter, confused.

Peter only replied with, "Exactly." As he entered to the office, it was like entering Hell, with Jameson being the one and only Devil.

"Where the %^#& have you been?! You DO realize that I can't put out the evening edition without those photos of Spider-Man destroying the hospital with that lunatic?!"

"Mr. Jameson sir, Spider-Man wasn't-"

"If I was asking for your opinion, I would have said so! I don't want your opinions. In fact, I don't want ANYTHING from you that's not the incriminating photos of that wall-crawler!"

"Jonah…," Robertson slowly sighed, as he stood in the behind Jameson, silently.

"Not now, Robbie! I have a newspaper to take care of," Jameson told him, brushing him off as he went up to Peter.

"Now you listen to me, Parker. Get those photos ready to be printed within the next hour, or you'll be working janitorial duties for that second-rate garbage newspaper, The Daily Globe. Now get your-"



"No, Jonah, don't worry, I'll answer it your phone," Robbie said, sighing and shaking his head as he picked up the phone.

"Daily Bugle, Jonah Jameson's office, Editor-In Chief. This is Robertson speaking, how may I help you? Um…alright than.

"What? Who is it, Robbie?" Jonah asked.

"He wants to talk you. I'll put him on speaker. One second please, sir." Robbie put the phone back on the hook and pressed the speaker button.

"Go ahead, sir," Robbie spoke loud.

"Jonah Jameson?"

"Yes, what do you want? Who are you?"

"How would like to have an exclusive on Spider-Man getting beaten to near death?"

Jameson grinned an evil smile and replied, "I'm listening." Peter stood still with his eyes widened.

"If you get the word out for Spider-Man to be at the Brooklyn Bridge today at 4:30, you'll be a happy man."

"What's the catch? What's in this for you? And who are you anyways?" Jameson pounded the caller with questions.

"Getting my just deserves is all I need. As for who I am…just call me, 'Spot'."

Silence quickly spread throughout the office. But it didn't take long for Jameson to break it. He grabbed a nearby edition of the Daily Bugle, curled it with his hands and pointed at the door as he yelled, "Well what are you two waiting for?! An invite from the bloody queen of England?! Get your ***** out my office and get me my scoop!"

3:15 P.M.
Area Unknown.-

"Damn it! Damn it! DAMN IT! Why can't this come off? Why?!" Octavius said in frustration as he walked about back and forth trying to take off the actuator arms.

"It's a part of you now."

"We're a part of you now."

"We are you."

"As you are us."

"Who are you? Why are you in my head?" Octavius asked, panicked. He didn't receive any answer. After a few seconds, he calmed down, and walked over to a radio that hung nearby.

"In the latest news, word has spread from the Daily Bugle that a man named 'Spot' has challenged Spider-Man to a dual at the Brooklyn Bridge At four-thirty this evening. The NYPD have already sent some of their finest men ready to halt the fight before it even begins. In other news-"


"Well, well, well. A gift in un-wrapped package, just for me," Octavius smiled, and left.

3:59 P.M.
Peter Parker's apartment
Upper West-side of Queens-

What am I doing here? In less than an hour, I'm supposed to be fighting some Spot guy. Could that guy be the other man from that lab explosion? Could he also be blaming me for whatever happened to him? Well, what DON'T I get blamed for these days? I bet that spider that gave me the powers is gonna show up and blame me for being there that day and biting me. I'm still not completely healed. It hurts thinking about it.

"It's almost time Parker. What's the game plan? I know! Go to the bridge and get your butt handed to you three ways from Sunday. Sometimes I wish I never got these powers," Peter said to himself. "Well, time to get the camera. Jameson's gonna need the pics of Spider-Man dying."

4:27 P.M.
Brooklyn Bridge-

Spider-Man swung over the cars as they passed by on the Brooklyn Bridge. He looked around looking for the man who he would be fighting any minute now. He swung down and started talking to a man that was on the side of the bridge, fixing his car as a little bit of smoke came out of the engine.

"Hello there mighty citizen of this oh so wonderful city that is Queens, New York, or are we already in Brooklyn, do you know?" Spider-Man asked.

"Eh…you are?" The man asked, puzzled.

"Ha-ha. You gotta be joking right? You're asking who I am?" Spider-Man asked him, as he jumped down to his side.

"I'm not from around here, sorry."

"But I'm like…world famous!"

"I'm sure you are," the man told him, without even taking a look at Spider-Man.

"You really gotta be joking! I'm Spider-Man! SPIDER-MAN! I can do like…whatever a spider can! I can swing a web any size! And I catch thieves just like flies! Really! So you gotta…you know…watch out. Cuz here I come. Spider-Man. Yeah…"

"Sorry dude doesn't ring a bell," the man said as he shut the car's hood and got in the car. "You mind helping me start this?"

"Start it yourself!" Spider-Man said as he turned away from the man. Out of nowhere, a hole appears in front of Spider-Man, having him fall through, but suddenly landing on top of the Brooklyn Bridge.

"Whoa there! How the hell did I get here?!"

"That would me, Spider-***," a voice said behind him. Spider-Man turned around to see a man in a white suit with black spots all over him.

"Wait! Don't tell me! You're in the next Dalmatian sequel. '103 Dalmatians'. Or was it 104?"

"It's Spot! Now get ready to face my wrath!"

"Grapes of wrath?"

"The only one who will be killing anyone around here now would be me." Spider-Man and Spot turned around to see none other than Octavius standing on his actuator arms.

"Hey there, Doc Octopus! HEY! That's a good name. Go ahead, take it. It's yours," Spider-Man joked.

"Perfect. The other guy who I need to take out. Well, let this party begin," Spot said.


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It's not the 8th, I know. But hey, it's better to be late and here, than not here at all. And now, the long awaited (but not really) conclusion:


What will be folks? I got $500 on me, Spider-Man! Do I hear $550? $550! $550! $600 on Doctor Octopus! $600! $600! $600! $600! $700. ON. SPOT!! What a table this is turning out to be! Hey, where's all the love for your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man? Well, let's see what's actually going on at the moment. You have this Spot guy who for some reason has it out for me. I'm betting that he's that other guy from the lab. What do you think? Then there's Doctor Octopus, the fat guy with those…well, Octopus metal arms thingamajigs. You know, I wonder what they actually do. With those clamp thingies at the end of each arm there, must be for something important right? I'd love to exam them. Oh silly, silly me. I'm rambling again, aren't I? Why didn't you stop me? Well, I guess it's time to see us fight, huh? Oh wait; you can't actually see us can you? Sorry about that! Okay, okay! I'll shut up. Sheesh. Mexicans and their crazy candy sticks. Oy.



The top of the Brooklyn Bridge-

"It's like a reunion for "Three's a Company"! I SO call the guy!" Yelled out Spider-Man as he threw his arms in the air. "Hey, Doc, I see you got some threads on you. When did you did go stealing clothes?" Spider-Man continued as he put his hands on his hips and titled his head a bit.

"Spot, I see you made it out fine after all," Doctor Octavius turned and said.

"Shut up! This is as much your damn as is Spider-Man!" Spot yelled out, angrily. "I told you this was a bad idea! Now look! LOOK!! The suit is a part of me now. And it's all because of you two!"

"Now, now. I gave you a chance to become a part of something special. To become a part of Science History. Everything would have gone as planned if this insect here didn't decide to intervene," replied Doctor Octavius.

"Gasp! Not me!" Spider-Man said, mockingly.

"Stop it! Stop it! STOP IT!" Screamed Spot in a furious rage. "This is the cause of you both! He was close to the edge, and if he kept walking back, he would have fallen to his death.

"Listen, why can't we just sit and have a tea party? That's better isn't it?" Suggested Spider-Man.

"Enough with the chattering and FIGHT!" Yelled Doctor Octavius as he sent flying one of his arms towards Spider-Man and another towards Spot. Spider-Man did a summersault as the arm passed him, and Spot created a black hole which he jumped in. Frustrated, Doctor Octavius retracted his arms.

"You have to work on your arm. Even Daredevil is better than you. AND HE'S BLIND!" Spider-Man mocked him, as he landed in a squat position. Right then, a giant black hole was created behind Doctor Octavius, and Spot flew through. He tackled Octavius and almost made him fall towards the water, but to Octavius's quick thinking, he grabbed the side of the bridge with all of his actuator arms.

"You'll have to better than that. And how in God's name did you get that blasted suit to work? You said it was a prototype," Doctor Octavius asked.

Spot replied, "That was three years ago! You don't think I could have perfected since than?" Octavius took two of his actuator arms and used them to flip himself back on top of the bridge. Trying to sneak an attack, Spider-Man webbed Spot, rendering his arms useless.

"Down boy, down!" Spider-Man told him. Much to Spider-Man's surprise, Spot broke through the webbing with a little struggle.

"Uh…that's not supposed to happen," Spider-Man said.

"Oh? Did I not tell you? The suit adds to my strength. Granted, I can't lift anything like you can, but it helps like you just saw," Spot told him as he created a hole and jumped through.

"Oh-no," Spider-Man muttered as his spider-sense went off. He turned around to get kicked in the face by Spot, flying back and then being grabbed by Doctor Octavius.

"And now the spider becomes the meal," Octavius said as he held Spider-Man very tightly with his arms, and having one squeezing his neck.

(Museum of Modern Art)

"This is it? This is the painting you want me to steal?" A blonde hair woman whispered. She stood in front of the famous painting of 'The Scream' by Edvard Munch, in her dark brown trench coat and black glasses.

"Yes, yes. That's it. That is what you're getting paid to steal tonight. Bring it in the condition it's in, or you don't get paid, you understand me?" A voice replied back to her in her ear.

"Yes, yes, I know the deal. I'm just surprised you want this painting. I mean, you seem like a guy who would want some…magic tablet of something. If that existed, that is," the woman told him as she walked away from the painting, looking around the room she was in while heading towards the exit.

"Of course. If it existed."

"This is going to be costly for you, you know that, right? The Museum now have the paintings they show on display with a microchip in the back of them. If any painting goes out of its encrypted range for more than 2 feet without the de-access code, it will trigger the silent alarm," explained the woman as she headed out the museum.

"I did not ask for any excuses that will stop you. That is not why I hired you. Do your job and you get your money. I don't care how you do it. Just take your steps as you please to get me what I want!"

"Hey, don't get your giant panties in a bunch, now. You'll get your painting. Just…why?"

"Why? I was not aware you cared for what you stole for others."

"Hey, every woman has her taste for everything. Mine just happened to be in what I steal. But why this painting? It horrid."

"That is nothing you need to know. Listen, you are wasting my time. I don't want to hear from you again until you have what I want. Do you understand?"

"Yeah, yeah. I hear you loud and clear…you fat*** lard."

"Excuse me?"

The woman hung up without another word as she gets into a red car and drives off. Meanwhile, the man she spoke with stands in a window high above the city, only one block away from the museum. He stared as he saw the red car leave.

"Smitty, to my side. We have to prepare for tonight," he said walking away from the window to his desk which was right behind him.

"Of course, Kingpin. Just give me a minute," Smitty told him.

Back on the Brooklyn Bridge-

"Now Spot," Doctor Octavius began to say to him, "You don't really want to against me. You don't have a chance. So make the smart choice. Come with me."

"You think I'm retarded? To hell with you both!" Spot yelled as he charged towards both Spider-Man and Octavius.

"Wrong choice," Octavius told him as he charged on his arms that he held Spider-Man with. Spot quickly created a black hole which Octavius's arm went through. He created another one in front of Octavius's face, but this tie a small one. Octavius's own arm came and smacked his face. Octavius almost fell back, but in doing so, lost his grip on Spider-Man. Spider-Man quickly took his distance between himself and the other guys, but did a back flip and back kicked Octavius over the bridge, having him fall into the water.

Spider-Man turned around to see Spot missing. His spider-sense went off, and turned around to see Spot charging at him again. This time, Spider-Man worked faster on his toes and jumped over Spot, and webbing his back. He landed and pulled the webbing, having Spot fly over him and hit the side of the bridge with a hard thud.

"GAAAAAAAAAAAH!" screamed Spot in pain.

"I'm sorry? Did you say something? You should speak louder so I can hear you!" Spider-Man yelled as he flipped back Spot on the bridge again.

"This time, you're not getting loose from the webbing," he told him as he webbed him more than before and than preceded to knock him out with a right hook to his face.

"One here, one missing, what can go wrong now?" Spider-Man asked himself. He than a heard a noise behind him and turned around in a hurry.

"Oh no! The camera!" He said as he went to the corner of the bridge where he webbed up his camera. "Great. Just great. Out of film, and I didn't get that many shots. Jonah's going to looove this," he sighed.

Later on-

"Parker, you call yourself a professional?" Jonah asked, smoking his cigar and blowing the smoke towards Peter's face.


"Damn right you're not. These are pieces of %*#$ shots you have here. What is it, you have that disease that Fox guy has or something?"

"You mean Michael J. Fox?" Peter asked, timidly.

"You want to get paid or not? Here, take that Betty. Now out of my sight before I fire you," demanded Jonah.

"But I don't work-"

"OUT!" Jonah yelled at Jonah as he pointed out the door and his cigar fell on his lap. "Ahhh, ^%$&! Hot! Burning! Dammit Parker!"

Not too far from the Brooklyn Bridge-
9:05 p.m.

"This isn't over yet, Spider-Man. I will be back. And nothing will stand in my way. Nothing…" said a man as he got out of the water. It was none other than Doctor Octavius.


Sensational Spider-Man will be back soon with a new writer and brand new dangers for Peter Parker and Spider-Man. So stay tuned!
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Did someone edit part 3? Because there seems to be more mistakes than usual, which is normally none. :?

And it's been so long since part 2, I can't remember what's happening...
ProjectX2 said:
Did someone edit part 3? Because there seems to be more mistakes than usual, which is normally none. :?

And it's been so long since part 2, I can't remember what's happening...
Cad was my editor. But since he's been busy...

Every man has his breaking point. Peter Parker just reached his.

Sensational Spider-Man #12-14: "Identity Crisis"

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Sensational Spider-Man #12
Identity Crisis Part One
"Down Came The Rain"​

Thursday Night.

"You're Harry Osborn, right?"

"That would be me."

The conversation had started simply. Harry had been walking down the brisk New York City streets, when a man had crossed his path. He had blonde hair, and his face was covered in dirt. He wore a long overcoat, and when he talked fog emerged out of his mouth.

"Norman Osborn's son? The guy from Oscorp?" He asked.

"Yep. What do you want?" Harry replied, wondering what to do. The guy had blocked his path. Should he just push past him?

"Your money." The guy grunted, his brow turning into a frown.


"You heard me. Give me all ya money."

Harry Osborn froze as the dirty man's pulled a rusty pistol from out of his overcoat.

"I don't have all night, so hurry up!" He demanded, and it was loud enough to shake poor Harry out of his shock. He began to rummage among his pockets, searching for his wallet.

"Hold on, I think I left it inside -" Harry stammered, pointing back down the street.

"Oh, stuff this!"

Harry Osborn's last moments seemed to go into slow motion. He watched as the world around him revolved and blurred together. He turned his head back towards the gun and watched as the bullet shot out of the chamber, through the barrel, and into his chest. He felt the pain explode within him, and he opened his mouth to scream, but nothing came out. He felt himself falling backwards, slowly, and in the corner of his vision he saw a blue and red figure race towards him. He saw his killer look up into the sky, his face twist into terror. He turned, and ran.

Harry hit the ground, and finally felt safe. His eyesight began to blur, and the red and blue figure knelt next to him, shouting something that he could not hear.

Peter Parker ripped his Spider-Man mask off, tears trailing down his cheeks. He sobbed as Harry's eyes enlarged in surprise, and then close. For good.

Harry Osborn was dead.

Sunday Morning.

Peter Parker watched as Norman Osborn tried to stare him down. They were at Harry Osborn's funeral; Peter's best friend and Norman's own son. Peter had gained his Spider-Man powers when a genetically modified spider bit him, one that Norman Osborn had been testing on. If Norman knew about Peter's powers, he didn't show it. But this look… it was evil. Deep inside Norman's eyes there was a fire; a fire that burned for revenge.

Norman knew Peter had been there when Harry died.

Other than the creepy stares from a Mister Osborn, the funeral went quite well for Peter. It was sad losing his best friend, but luckily he had Mary-Jane Watson and his Aunt May for comfort. Peter did notice that Norman left before the funeral was over. He took a mental note and had to remember to investigate that later…

"Hey Tiger, you think we should go down to that burger joint that Harry loved so much? Y'know, so we can hit him off in style?" MJ smiled, and Peter remembered how beautiful she was.

"Sure thing," Peter smiled.

Sunday Afternoon.

Peter bit down into his burger, feeling his teeth sink into the juicy meat. He noticed MJ also doing the same, but his aunt trying to cut it up with a knife and fork. He smiled. Good old May.

An explosion suddenly shook the building. A few seconds later, a car flew past the window.

"What's going on out there?" May gasped, looking worried.

"Hold on, I'll go check after a quick toilet stop." Peter winked at MJ and burst off.

Maxwell Dillon, better known as Electro, hovered above the middle of the road. Static electricity crackled around his body, and he was grinning.

"The itsy bitsy spider crawled up the water spout…" He sung, and fired a blast of electricity from his palms. It came into contact with a car, causing it to erupt with an extreme fireball.


Electro twirled around. Not many people knew his real name, but among them would have to be…

"Spider-Man." Electro grinned again.

"What do you want?" Spider-Man asked, clinging to a nearby wall.

Electro continued hovering, pondering for a minute. "Besides being paid to distract you? Well, I wouldn't mind taking a peek behind that mask and kicking your face in."

"What?" Spider-Man asked, before leaping into the air, dodging an electrical blast. He fired his web-shooters and swung to a telephone pole.

"Whoops. Did I just say something I wasn't supposed to?" He laughed, and fired another blast at Spider-Man. Spider-Man leaped into the air again, avoiding the wall falling behind him, and landed upon a fire hydrant.

"Down came the rain and washed the spider out…" Electro continued his song, and summoned all his power for one final blast: the killing stroke. He fired at the fire hydrant and Spider-Man sprung up. The fire hydrant was blown off and a fountain of water shot into the air. Electro blinked: where the hell did Spider-Man go? He suddenly felt a powerful kick to the lower back: Spider-Man had flipped over him. He fell down, landing right where the fire hydrant formerly was.

Spider-Man bounced back onto the ground, and fired some webbing at Electro. He tried to power up, and combined with the water, jolted himself unconscious.

"Down came the rain, Electro."

"You're wet, honey," Mary Jane glanced up at Peter as he sat back down at the booth. "What happened?"

"Ah, it's nothing. I just underestimated the tap, is all." Peter smirked.

"What about the explosions? What was all that nonsense about?" Aunt May suddenly piped up.

"I only saw a glimpse, but I think it was that Electro guy. I think Spider-Man got him though."

"That's good then. I don't like all these mutants running about. Spider-Man's alright though, from what I've seen of him, he acts familiar…"

Mary Jane winked at Peter, and he smiled. Deep down inside he knew something was wrong, though. Electro had mentioned that the fight was a distraction. And someone had paid for it. Someone was planning something… and Peter was sure who was behind it all:

Norman Osborn.

To Be Continued
Funny thing is, I was shown a preview, not spoiling anything of this the other day. But even reading it all, I didn't even see it coming! My jaw dropped when I read that Harry had died!

This is one killer start. Interesting on how you're doing this story. Definetly one of your best issues so far.
Sensational Spider-Man #13
Identity Crisis Part Two
"Roses Are Red, Goblins Are Green"

Sunday Night.

"Yeah, that's right, I killed Harry Osborn."

An abrupt silence suddenly hit the overcrowded pub. Heads turned to see who had talked, and the person who they saw surprised them. Dirty ol' Quentin Beck.

"How'd ya do it? Guy's got like 4 guards on him at all time!" Someone shouted enthusiastically.

"Haha, you're wrong. This is the son, not the father. No one cares about him. He's not as important. But that's where everyone's wrong. He's still got a **** load of money." Beck explained, laughing and helping himself to a beer.

"And you got a way with it? How? What about Spiders-Man?!"

"That's the best thing. He came… and stopped. He let me get away!" The entire pub burst into laughter.

These were all crooks and criminals, the c-list villains compared to people like Doctor Octopus and Magneto.

"Nobody can touch me!" Beck shouted.

"I wouldn't know about that…"

"Who?" Beck suddenly turned around, to see a green figure walk towards him through the crowd. He was wearing some form of armour, and carried a brown bag over his shoulder… but the worst thing about him… it, was the mask. It was entirely green, and a pointed nose protruded from it. Like a goblin. There was a twisted and evil grin… nightmare inducing.

"Who… who are you?" Beck stuttered. His pants felt wet.

"Revenge incarnated in a mortal form…" The figure laughed, a harsh and piercing groan.

"What do you want?"

"You. You killed Harry Osborn. Now, it's payback time. I've been sent by the demons to make you pay for what you've done. By the time I've finished with you, you'll regret the decision to even walk down that street. I'm the Green Goblin," he paused, for a frightening effect, "welcome to Hell."

The Green Goblin reached into his brown bag and pulled out a spherical object. He grinned once again, and threw it to the ground. It exploded, spraying a green gas into the room. The other crooks kneeled down, coughing and clutching their chests. By this time, Beck's clothes were covered in urine, fecal matter, and his own vomit.

"You," The Green Goblin raised his gloved hand and pointed to Beck. "You're coming with me."

Monday Morning.

Peter Parker watched the television report with interest. Police had been called down to a local cemetery to find a man known as Quentin Beck, pinned to a giant cross, dead. This was strange in itself, but Peter felt as if this was some kind of message. The cross had been placed over a grave. The grave belonging to Harry Osborn.

Quentin Beck was definitely the guy who had shot Harry. Peter would have recognized the dirty and disgusting face anywhere. The news report suddenly flicked over to a reporter at a pub, talking about a lot of people who had apparently been gassed.

"MJ, I'm going for a minute," Peter shouted over the din of the TV.

"Don't be long," came the reply, but by then, Peter had already disappeared out the open window.

Monday Afternoon.

Peter, as Spider-Man, kneeled on the edge of a building. He needed time to think. Harry Osborn was dead… Electro being hired as distraction… Harry's killer attached to a cross… a pub filled with criminals gassed… what was going on?

Norman Osborn.

The name kept popping into his head, and no matter what he did, he couldn't get it out. It was his gut instinct: Norman was up to something. Could he be behind all of this? What even was "all of this"?

"Hello, Parker," Spider-Man's spider-sense suddenly exploded, sending the equivalent pain of an atomic bomb headache. He twirled around, and came face to face with a green figure hovering on some kind of glider.

"Who are you," Spider-Man paused, and then added, "and who's Parker?"

"Don't play dumb with me, Peter. I know who you are. I know everything about you." The figure sneered.

"How? What do you want?"

"I want to ruin your life. This is a game… a game I plan to win. You can try to stop me if you must, but you won't be able to. This time, I'm invincible."

"This time? Who the heck are you? What are you going to do?!" Peter shouted, furious. Who was this freak?

"I'm the Green Goblin. I murdered Quentin Beck. I gassed all the criminals in that pub. They deserved it. You are too weak, Parker. You hand out justice like candy. While, I, on the other hand, hand out justice like a bullet. They all deserve to die… including you.

"As to what I'm going to do… well, let's just say that tomorrow's newspaper is going to have a very shocking heading. I believe when Mr. Urich interviewed me, he mentioned the title being something along the lines of:


"No…" Spider-Man mumbled. "You can't do this!" He clenched his fists. He would stop him.

"No, the battle royal doesn't begin now, little Spider-Man… we fight when every citizen in New York City knows your name, where you live, your favourite food, who your girlfriend is…" The Green Goblin sneered again. "I'll let you think about that, Mr. Parker. But remember… there's no underestimating the power of the press."

He flew off, and Spider-Man watched.

This was the end.

Monday Night.

"MJ, I'm telling you, you have to get out of here!" Peter shouted at his beloved, as he furiously chucked her clothes and possessions into suitcases.

"But you're not telling me why! Please, Peter, tell me what's going on!" She screamed.

"There's no time; I'll have to tell you later. You have to get Aunt May and get out of the country. Go visit your friend, Gwen, or whoever her name is."

"Peter, she's in Paris! Why do I have to go?"

Peter stopped, and grabbed her by the shoulders. He looked deep into her sad eyes, and spoke. "They're going to come after you to get at me. I won't be able to live with myself if another one of my loved ones die." He felt the tears slide down his cheeks.

"Peter, it's going to be alright…" MJ tried to comfort him.

"No… you have to get May out of here. There's no time."

He pulled the Spider-Man mask back on.

"Go. I have work to do."


Norman Osborn looked up at the crouched figure upside down on his ceiling.

"Spider-Man? What is the special occasion?"

"Don't be a jackass, Norman. I know you're all behind this. You've known I've been Spider-Man ever since that freak spider of yours bit me. And now that Harry's dead… you somehow blame me."

"I think you're jumping to conclusions, Mr. Parker." Norman turned around and went back to work, mixing some chemicals together.

"Shut up, Norman. You're the only one who knows my secret identity. It's also no secret that you've been creating some secret serum for the army. How hard would it be to create some goblin suit and some crappy glider?" Spider-Man demanded.

"Oh, I'm too old for theatrics now, Mr. Parker. I do hate you quite a bit, and I would do anything to save my son's life. But I am not this Green Goblin thing you are so desperate on finding."

"If it's not you, then who is it?!"

A sudden explosion shook the lab. Glasses broke, and Norman fell to the ground. Spider-Man dropped down, and kneeled to the ground, sensing for anybody who had caused the explosion.

Norman Osborn pointed to the window. "Maybe him?"

The Green Goblin was on his glider, hovering near the window.

"Change of plans, Mr. Parker. I've decided I'm going to beat you up in front of your girlfriend before I kill you."

To Be Continued
Well there goes my guess of the Goblin being Mary Jane.

Still, great chapter. This is getting intense by the second and I still can't wait to see why Electro was paid to distract Spidey.
Sensational Spider-Man #14
Identity Crisis Part Three
"The Green Goblin Is…"

Monday Night.

The bomb whizzed past Spider-Man's head, and made contact with a lab wall, exploding and sending objects into the air. Spider-Man had come to Oscorp thinking Norman Osborn was the Green Goblin… but he wasn't. The Green Goblin had appeared… and meant business. He didn't care if Norman was hurt while he went after Spider-Man. But Peter Parker did.

He fired his web-shooters and made contact with the wall. He was pulled off his feet, and launched himself out through a hole in the wall, which had been the result of a off-target bomb.

"You can run but you can't hide, Parker!" The Green Goblin shrieked, turning the joystick on his glider, and flying after Spider-Man.

Spider-Man had to get this freak away from any civilians… but in New York City, that's quite a feat to accomplish. He continued shooting webbing and springing off of buildings, dodging the occasional bomb. He could hear the Goblin's glider squealing as it tried to catch up.

And then he saw it: the Brooklyn Bridge.

"No…" Spider-Man mumbled. There were many cars driving along the bridge. Too many. Too many chances for someone to get hurt.

And then the bomb hit. Spider-Man felt his ribs break. The explosion blew him out of the air. He felt himself falling… and then, a collision. More bones cracked. He had hit the top of the bridge. And it hurt.

"How'd ya like that, Parker?" The Green Goblin hovered over him, sneering. "You want fries with that?"

"Shut up!" Spider-Man suddenly sprung up, shooting web into the Goblin's face. He fell off his glider, and landed on the top of the bridge, next to Spider-Man. Spider-Man rushed towards him, thrusting his fist into the Goblin's face. "Shut up!" He screamed again.

He continued punching until his knuckles were broken, his fists covered in blood, and when the Goblin's face was no longer a solid. Spider-Man stopped, breathing heavily. The Goblin had stopped talking… he had stopped moving.

Spider-Man's hands slowly moved towards the Goblin's mask. He grasped it, feeling it's leathery grip in his hands. And then, in one quick movement, he ripped it off.

There was no mistake. Even with all the bruises and cuts, Spider-Man recognized who it was. He backed up slowly, in shock. He pulled his own mask off, and crouched to the ground.


The Green Goblin had been Harry Osborn all along. But that was impossible… Harry was dead.

"How?" Peter asked.

Harry swallowed, trying to speak. Finally, he began to mumble. "My father… Norman… he used his formula… brought me back to life… kept me alive… made me stronger, faster… smarter… crazier…"

"Why? Why would he test it on you?" Peter felt the tears roll down his cheeks, but he couldn't be bothered wiping them away. Not after all that had happened.

"I'm his only son… you failed to save me… but he didn't…"

"The Goblin. Why did you have to dress up and do all of this?"

"That night… I was shot. You could have saved me… taken me to the hospital. You could have at least caught the killer… but no… you failed. You didn't have the guts. You're weak, Spider-Man. And I am strong…" Harry smiled, the same evil grin that had been on the Goblin's face.

"You're insane!" Peter shouted.

"I'm perfect," Harry grinned. "Now… please, kill me."

Peter slowly walked towards Harry and placed his tired hands around Harry's neck. Harry grinned evilly one last time.

"You were my best friend, Harry Osborn." Then with one final twist, it was all over. Peter snapped Harry's neck like it was a twig. He picked his limp body up in his bloody arms, and dropped him over the side of the bridge, making sure the body hit the water.

All of this… it had all been because Spider-Man had failed to save Harry. Had he failed? When he had first became Spider-Man, he had made a vow to save every one he could… and to never kill. He had broken those two vows in one night.

One night. That was all it took.

Peter picked up his mask, and lifted to his eye level.

By tomorrow, everyone in New York City would know that Peter Parker is Spider-Man. Every C-list super villain trying to make a name for themselves would come after his loved ones. Spider-Man and Peter Parker would have to vanish. No, they'd have to die.

Peter clenched his fists, and then tossed the Spider-Man mask over the side of the bridge. He watched it float down towards the water.

Spider-Man was dead.

And Peter Parker was no more.

Tuesday Morning.

"I see you're not in that ridiculous costume anymore," Norman mused. Peter was sticking to the wall of the lab, dressed in normal clothes. Norman. How good it felt.

"Harry's dead, Norman. He told me everything."

"And you're here to tell me I'm going to prison? Well, you're wrong. You'll find the only way this Green Goblin character connects to me is by last name only."

"Who's in the grave?"


"Why was Electro paid to distract me?"

"You were suspicious of me. While I was performing the operation, I had to make sure you didn't interfere. I didn't expect Mr. Dillon to open his big fat mouth, however."

"The formula… what does it do?"

"Other than bringing people back to life? It makes them stronger, faster, smarter… they become a super soldier. The military have already patented it. I'm ironing out the kinks now… like the insanity."

"The Green Goblin. What the hell is it?"

"I believe it's a side affect. A split personality, perhaps… whatever it is, it's probably gone now. But the question remains… can someone die twice?"

Norman looked up at Peter, and grinned… and the same image of Harry Osborn flashed in Peter's mind.

"I presume I won't see you again, Mr. Parker?"

"No. I'm leaving. And if you come after me or my family again… I'll kill you. I swear to you Osborn… I will kill you."

"It's a shame. You were my best subject."

Norman looked back to where Peter was, but he had gone. He turned back and continued with his work.

He smiled. The Green Goblin would return. After all, Phase 2 had only just began…

Holy ****!

That's one hell of a twist, and yet it's a great homage! That was a great story, and definetly a great big step-up from your previous, which was good. Seriously, this was a very well written arc and everything and everyone was handled with care. Great job.
Just bumping this to let people know it's not dead and that this is the site's original Spider-Man fanfic...

More issues will be coming soon.

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