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I've got the plot and ideas rolling around in my head, just need to type them out.

Anyone else going to read it besides Ice and Seacow though? Patriot said he was interested, Nurhachi's busy, where's Caduceus?

I need ratings people. :D
I've finished #6 just waiting for Ice to edit it. What happened to him anyway?

Sensational Spider-Man #6: FEROCIOUSsss
Written by ProjectX2
Cover by Icemastertron
Astounding second issue! There's something happening behind Spider-Man's back. What is it, and what else lies in story for our hero?
Sensational Spider-Man: Ferociousss #6: "Big Guns"

Spider-Man awoke with a throbbing pain in his head. He tried to stand up, but dizziness over took him. He pulled up his mask quickly and vomited. He didn't feel too good. He had been accidentally shot with an animal tranquilizer, been nearly eaten by crocodiles, and fallen from about five stories onto hard solid concrete. Someone screamed in the distance. He wiped the vomit from his mouth and slipped his mask back on. He still had a job to do.

He ran onto the streets and was shocked. The streets of New York had gone crazy. Shops were being robbed, cars were on fire and people were fighting. A plague of violence had it New York. But who had caused it?

"Yo, put that down!" Spider-Man yelled to a guy who was carrying away a television.

"Heck no," He spat. "You can't tell me what to do…"

"Oh yes I can."

He shot out some webbing and it covered the man. He couldn't move and was stuck balancing straight.

"Help me!" A woman cried as a man tried to cover her mouth.

"Leave her alone!" Spider-Man leaped into the air and came down upon the man's head. He let go of the woman, and fell backwards.

"Thank you so much!" She cried.

"Do you know what's going on?" Spider-Man asked.

"Not really, but…" She paused.

"Go on." He replied.

"Well, everything was normal until some green gas poured out of the sewers. It covered everything and everyone just started going crazy. I must admit I felt like hitting someone as well…"
"Is that all that happened? Are you sure there's not something else?" Spider-Man asked.

"Well, there is word on the street that someone has challenged to Kingpin to a gang war…" She said, and then ran away.

"Great, more trouble." Spider-Man shrugged. "I guess I should go with my first lead…"

As Spider-Man crawled down the sewers he noticed that there were no rats running around. This was surprising, as New York had just had one of its biggest ran infestations ever. As he walked through the murky green liquid, he did notice one thing: There seemed to be lizards sticking to the walls.

"Why are there freaking lizards in the sewers?" He asked himself, but then his eyes opened in terror.

One alligator made its way slowly towards him. He had had rumours that there were alligators in the sewers and now he knew that this was true. It was strange. All reptiles had suddenly grown strange, just like the humans on the streets. Perhaps this strange green gas affected the reptiles as well. He stopped thinking when the alligator opened its mouth and nearly chomped on his leg.

"Don't make me angry," He said as he shot some webbing into the alligator's mouth. "You won't like me when I'm angry."

He leaped over the alligator and reached the end of the tunnel. There was a ladder leading out to a manhole and he climbed it.

He emerged in a laboratory. It was in ruins. Beakers were smashed on the floor, tables were overturned and science papers were everywhere. Something had happened here. Something that Spider-Man didn't want to find out.

Suddenly, a ball of green spikes flew into Spider-Man. He was thrown to the opposite wall of the lab.

"Ah, crap." He groaned as he got back onto his feet. "What was that?"

He looked across to the other side and saw what had hit him. It was a giant green humanoid lizard dressed in a white lab coat. Spider-Man didn't have time to think. This lizard was licking its lips as if it was hungry and Spider-Man had to take it down before he became dinner.

He ran forward and smacked his fist into the creature's scaly skin. That was ineffective.

"#$%#@!" He yelled as he held his hand. The lizard's skin was as hard as rock. The lizard swinged around and it's tail slammed into Spider-Man's stomach. He hit the ground with a few broken ribs.

"I guess I'll have to try something else then." Spider-Man said as he picked up a metal pole that was on the ground. He swung it around and it cracked the lizard in the face. Spider-Man rammed the pole into the lizard's stomach and it hissed.

"Doesn't little lizzie poo like being tickled?" Spider-Man mocked. But he was foolish.

The lizard charged into Spider-Man and the pole was sent flying. Spider-Man was rammed against the wall and couldn't breathe. He could smell the lizard's horrid breath. Saliva dripped out of the creatures' mouth and poured onto Spider-Man's chest. It was steaming.

"Uh oh," Spider-Man mumbled. "This can't be good."
This is great. You're story-telling of Spider-Man here is very interesting to read, and enjoyable at the same time. Yeah, the chapter seemed shorter than the previous, but that doesn't matter.

Loved these nice lines you put in:

"Well, there is word on the street that someone has challenged to Kingpin to a gang war…" She said, and then ran away.
Nice nod to Ultimate Spider-Man.

"Don't make me angry," He said as he shot some webbing into the alligator's mouth. "You won't like me when I'm angry."
I wonder if he "Spiders" out... Get it? Spiders out? Hulks out? Gah! Nevermind....

"Doesn't little lizzie poo like being tickled?" Spider-Man mocked. But he was foolish.

"Uh oh," Spider-Man mumbled. "This can't be good."

Big mistake.... :lol:

As for this line:

"Heck no," He spat. "You can't tell me what to do…"
'Heck no'? Must be one of those soooo few rare people who don't say "hell". :p

Sensational Spider-Man #7: Ferociousss
Written by ProjectX2
Cover by Icemastertron
Spider-Man is cornered by the Lizard. Will he survive long enough to uncover the truth behind Connors? Plus: A special back story consisting of Daredevil and Punisher in the middle of the gang war!
Sensational Spider-Man: Ferociousss #7: "Finale"

Spider-Man was in deep trouble. His whole body was aching in pain and he was incredibly tired. But the worse thing was that a giant humanoid Lizard was going to rip his head off with its razor sharp teeth.

"Sure you don't want something else to eat? I'm very chewy…" Spider-Man tried to plead with the monster.

"Help me…" The Lizard suddenly whispered.

"What? How many voices are in your head at the same time?" Spider-Man asked confused.

"Antidote…" The Lizard whispered as it pointed to a vial on the floor.

"You want to wash me down with some liquid?" Spider-Man joked.

The Lizard grabbed its head and let out a hiss. Spider-Man realized this was his time for action. He picked up the metal pole off the ground and swung it into the creatures face. The force was so powerful, and the Lizard's skin so tough, that the pole snapped in two.

The Lizard hissed and dived towards Spider-Man.

"Aah!" He shouted as the creature narrowly missed him. Spider-Man landed next to the vial and stood up.

"Come to papa!" He shouted as the Lizard charged again. Spider-Man grabbed the Lizard's mouth and forced it open. He let the liquid from the vial pour down its throat and then he kicked it into the stomach. He webbed its jaw shut and it immediately calmed down.

A few minutes later, the scientist known as Curt Connors got up off the floor. He looked around his lab. It had been trashed. His head was blurry.

"How much alcohol did I drink?" He asked himself as he rubbed his head.

"Not sure. But you were definitely wild." A voice answered sarcastically from the shadows.

"Who?" Curt asked as Spider-Man walked out.

"Peter? What happened?" Curt asked.

"I was hoping you could tell me…" Spider-Man answered.

"Oh no…" Curt muttered.


"It was the regeneration system. The main ingredient was Lizard DNA. Lizards can regenerate lost limbs, and it looked like it worked. It worked too well."

"You can say that again. Were you really going to eat my face?"

"I don't know. I couldn't control myself. I was hearing whispers in my head." Curt answered. "Uh, did I kill anyone?"

"Don't think so. Though the various reptiles have been going mad. And the humans have gotten a bit more violent."

"Hmm, that's strange. I could hear the whisper communicating with various creatures. That may mean I can control reptiles…" Curt pondered.

"And why are the humans all of a sudden more violent?" Spider-Man asked.

"That one I don't know. I think I may have let of a scent or something which increases anger or strength into certain individuals. I'll have to research more of that one."

"Just don't go turning yourself into any giant mutant creatures okay?" Spider-Man joked.

"I'll try not to." Connors smiled. "Thanks Peter."

"Sure thing. But now I've got a gang war to stop." Spider-Man said as he swung out of the lab through the broken window.


The man known as Frank Castle looked around him. The people of New York's streets had suddenly gotten more violent. He had heard from many sources that Hammerhead was attacking Kingpin's domain. These two men led the biggest criminal empires in New York City. If they weren't stopped, there battle could spread and kill many innocent people. They had to be stopped. They had to be punished. And Frank was just the person to do it.

The man known as Matt Murdock looked down onto the streets. He watched as Hammerhead's men fired shot after shot at the Kingpin's men. Innocents were being killed in the crossfire. It was time for Matt to go to work. It was time for him to be Daredevil once again.

"Look! It's the freaking Punisher!" One of Hammerhead's men yelled out. Frank Castle was the Punisher. And he meant business. He raised his twin Uzi's and fired. In a few seconds all of Hammerhead's men lay dead. He looked around and saw some of Kingpin's men. They were armed and very dangerous. Unfortunately, Frank had no bullets left.

"Let's kill him!" One of Kingpin's men cried out. They all raised their guns at Frank. "Say goodbye *******!" They never got the chance to pull the trigger. Daredevil had jumped off the building and landed right in the middle of the gang. He swung his baton round and round and bought down all of Kingpin's men before they even fired a shot.

"I could have done that." The Punisher growled.

"Sure you could. You would have killed them all. I just knocked them out." Daredevil muttered.

"Hey, you have your own brand of justice. I have mine." Punisher growled.

"Then get the #$%^ out of Hell's Kitchen!" Daredevil yelled.

"I was leaving anyway. And by the way…" Frank turned around to face Daredevil. "Kingpin's got Bullseye heading towards Hammerhead's warehouse on the East side. If you don't get there in time, well, you get the picture. But for me, it's someone dead that I don't have to kill."

The Punisher watched as Daredevil shot out a grappling hook and climbed up the building. He disappeared into the moonlight.

"*******." Frank growled.
Coming soon:


Sensational Spider-Man #8
Written and cover put together by icemastertron

Armed & Dangerous: Part 1 of 4
I have returned! And guess what I brought with me? Doctor Octopus! Join along as I introduce Doc Ock's origin, and the psychotic mess he's gonna bring into Spider-Man's life!
icemastertron said:
Aw come on. Where'd everyone go? :cry:

This sucks.

*listens to Hilalry Duff*

Finally finished. Loved all of it, but favorites were #4 and #5.

cant wait for more.
ultimatedjf said:
Ooooh, these are really good. Sorry I never got to read them before, Ice.
Why, thanks. And Im sure PX2 would say thanks too.

The next chapter is done, and just awaiting its return from the editor.
icemastertron said:
Why, thanks. And Im sure PX2 would say thanks too.

The next chapter is done, and just awaiting its return from the editor.

*tied up in Ice's room*

*mumbles thanks*

*mumbles help me*
Welcome all to the new arc of Sensationa Spider-Man! Here we bring the origin of Doc Ock! So read, enjoy, and post all thoughts!



Nuclear Power Plant-
New York

"And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how, in theory, we would be able to stop radiation poisoning from harming life once and for all," said a tall, overweight man, dressed in a white lab coat. He had short brown hair, coming down to his collar with a fringe almost touching the tops of his heavy lab goggles. He stood on a stage, in the power plant's auditorium, with some assistants at his side, all who stood in front of a giant screen that had just finished showing a power point presentation

From the audience, a man stood up at his seat, alone, and began to clap as he said, "Bravo, Dr. Octavius! Bravo! Your speech was marvelous! I speak for my students here, and the others that weren't able to come, that it has been a great honor being here today, learning this from you."

Dr. Octavius looked in glee as he told the man, "Why, thank you Mr…"

"Paxton. Professor Paxton, actually," He replied back to Dr. Octavius, still standing at his seat.




The students screamed from the desks, the entire class bursting into laughter. Professor Paxton. Everyone, but the professor himself, of course. His face grew red as a tomato, and immediately yelled at the students.

"ENOUGH!" He began. "You have NO respect for the wonders of science. For that, you will all have to do a 12-page report on this field trip, due NEXT class! Now everyone, back on the buses!"

All the students walked out as they muttered and complained about the punishment given to them. As they walked out, Professor Paxton counted them all, but noticed one student was missing. He kept thinking, looking quickly at all the students, who was missing?



It's just my damn luck running back into the Lizard. I mean really, why can't these guys just stay away?

Spider-Man thought to himself as he fought the Lizard on a school rooftop. The Lizard, spat green ooze at Spider-Man, nearly hitting his target, but missed as Spider-Man back flipped onto an air conditioner.

"Come on lizzie, can't we talk this over?" Spider-Man asked The Lizard as shot his web and at him and tried to hold him with it. But the Lizard broke free and flung himself at Spider-Man to try and tackle him.

Spider-Man dodged out the way, and said to Lizard, "Ha! You mis-!" Spider-Man was saying, but than his spider-sense tingled, and when he turned around, The Lizard's tail slammed into him, sending him flying from the rooftop towards the middle of the school's playground, but Spider-Man quickly shot webs to the sides of the school, catching himself quickly before falling into the ground.

You'd think I would have seen that one coming, seeing how it ALWAYS HAPPENS IN THE MOVIES! Man, I must be slacking! Come on Parker, focus here!


Oh yeah, talking to myself reeeeeeaaaaalllly helps a lot.

Just than, The Lizard jumped down in front of Spider-Man, who quickly jumped on his feet.

"You don't want to keep doing this! We talked about this, remember? Don't let those voices take over you! Pull yourself together, Connors!" The Lizard stood there, staring and hissing at Spider-Man.

Hey, did I actually get through to him?!

The Lizard again charged at Spider-Man and wrapped him with his giant tail. Spider-Man tried to escape, but The Lizard was fast enough to catch him there, and had a tight grip on him.

"That's a big 10-NO!" Spider-Man said to himself.


It talks now?!




"Wah?! Huh?!"

A dream. It was all just a dream. I hate my dreams.

Peter Parker fell asleep during the presentation by Doctor Octavius. Though with the expression on Professor Paxton's face, he would've stayed getting a beaten from The Lizard, than face what he was about to face.

"Parker! This is unbelievable!" The professor started to yell. "This is something I would've expected from Flash or someone else, but not you! You should be ashamed of yourself! Sleeping though all this? What were you thinking?! We will finish this talk later at my office. Now get on the bus!"

Later on-

"Jonathon! Jonathon Ohnn!" Cried out Octavius.

"Yes, Doctor Octavius? How can I be of help?" Jonathon asked. Jonathon was Octavius's favorite assistant, who was soon going to become a doctor of science himself. He was only a young man, in his early twenties. With having smooth black hair and smooth skin, he was a favorite among the women there as well.

"Jonathon! It's ready for testing! The actuator arms are ready for testing for tonight! You must be there!" Octavius said in joy.

"Doctor Octavius, you were told to stop that project. Are trying to get us fired?!" Jonathon asked in shock.

"Listen to me, my boy," Octavius told him as he grabbed him by his shoulders. "The purpose of creating the actuator arms was to help create successful fusion! Just imagine the wonders it can do for mankind! Think of cheap electricity with the fusion! Please, you must be there to witness the miracle!"

Jonathon stood there, quiet, thinking. Would he help Octavius out? Risk his job to help out mankind for the better good, or turn away from the man that has helped him so much?

"….I…I'll do it. I'll help you," He told Octavius after some hesitation. A bigger smile grew on Octavius face when he heard the good news.

"Good, good, my boy! Meet me here tonight! We will test then," He said to Jonothon, turning back to his work. Jonothan looked at him a moment, face worried.

"I have such a bad feeling about this," he whispered to himself.

At Peter's residence-

"You cannot use that!" Mary Jane yelled.

"What? Come on, it's a word!"

"No, Harry, it's…it's disgraceful it what it is!"

Harry Osborne. Best friend of Peter and Mary Jane. He sat around the table with Mary Jane and Peter, as they played a game of Scrabble. Harry laughed at what Mary Jane said.

"What's wrong with me using 'boobies'?" Harry asked, still laughing.

"You are SUCH a pig! Peter, say something! Tell him he can't use that!" Peter just sat there, laughing himself, as well. Mary Jane grunted and stared at him.

"What? Come on, MJ, it's just a word. I mean, it's not like you're going to die from it, are you?" Peter asked her, chuckling.

"How about a soda re-fill?" Peter asked them.

"Pepsi," Harry responded.

"Same, but make it diet, Tiger," Mary Jane told him.

"Must be the model you in, huh?" Harry asked, trying to poke fun. Mary Jane just looked at him funny, and turned her head away.

As Peter kept playing before getting the sodas, he heard on the news about a hostage situation at The First National Bank.

One night! One night is all I ask for once in a while without having to go out. You know what? That's going to be the first thing on my Christmas list! Either Santa brings it, or HE gets a coal!

Peter, walking as fast as he could, walked towards his door, and told the others, "Uh…out of soda. Going to get more. Bye!"

"Out of soda?!" Harry asked, confused. "I just saw like two 12-packs in there! I swear to you, Mary Jane, he may be a genius in science, but he can be retarded sometimes."

"Look who's talking about retarded!" Mary Jane said, grabbing a pillow. She grabbed a pillow and threw it at Harry's face.


The police cars blocked the only exit of the The First National Bank, as they parked the cars in a half-circle formation, and news trucks close by.

The Captain yelled, "This is Captain Stacy. Come out with your hands up! Leave the hostages alone, and you won't get hurt!"

Inside the bank, a man wore a ski mask, as he held a woman with a gun pointed at her head. The woman cried, pleading to be let free, but the man would not listen.

He kept crying out, "This isn't my fault! Nooo! I…I told them to only give me another day. The check was coming the next day! But they took it away from me! EVERYTHING! My house, my car, and my wife took my kids and left me! SHE ^#*&^!$ LEFT ME! This is the entire bank's fault. They took too long with the money. Now they pay. I'm gonna get my money one ^&#^%#$ way or another!"

Spider-Man showed up, and landed right next to the Captain's side.

"Hi-ho, cap'n! What's the situation here arrrr?" Spider-Man jokingly asked.


"What? Where? Get me his autograph! He's soooooooo dreamy!"

"What are you doing here? You'll just make things worse!" Captain Stacy yelled at him.

"Worse? Aww…you hurt my feelings!"

"Listen, we can take of this. It's just your normal bank thief. Just an auto 8MM gun. We don't need you," Captain Stacy explained, trying to get rid of Spider-Man.

"We'll, I didn't come here for nothin'! So I'm steppin' in!" Spider-Man quickly made his way to the bank by flipping himself over and over. He crashed through the windows and quickly webbed the gun, and pulled it away.

"We're going to end up paying for the damn window. I just know it," Captain Stacy mumbled to himself.

"Spider-Man!" The man said, turning sideways to the cops, as he faced Spider-Man.

"See, everyone know me! Yet I'm no celebrity…" Spider-Man said, tossing the guns at the cops.

"That doesn't change anything! I have another one!" The man was about to pull another gun from his pocket. Spider-Man webbed his face, which the guy than tried to take off, and a web line at the hostage. He pulled the hostage away, and then shot another web line at the man, pulling him in, and punching his face in. He picked him up, webbed him all around, and then threw him outside through the window he came in. Spider-Man looked at Captain Stacy and waved at him. Suddenly, a white flash spread faster than the speed of light, which made Spider-Man's spider-sense go crazy.

"Wowza! What the hell was that? Whatever it was, it came from the east side. Better check it out, before anything else makes me come out again," Spider-Man hurried along, and went in the direction of the flash. He kept going it the same direction, and saw another flash, and kept following.

At the private lab of Doctor Octavius-

"Dr. Octavius, It's ready. Stage One complete," Jonathon said. He was in the giant Orb room where the testing of the actuator arms would take place. Both wore tainted safety glasses.

Octavius replied, "Alright. I have the arms ready."

"So you are completely certain this will function correctly since there's no control?" Jonathon asked.

"I control the arms with a neural link through my brain. That gives me the power to control them so I am able to handle the fusion reaction we're about to make," He told him.

"Is that suit you're wearing, the "spot" suit you created?" Asked Octavius.

"Yes. Thought it might serve a purpose here," Jonathon said back to him.

Doctor Octavius just turned around, and turned the actuator arms on. He walked towards the machine in which would hold the fusion creation.

"Now what are we going to use for the fusion creation, Doctor Octavius?"

"Tritium, my dear Jonathon. Tritium!"

"Are you crazy! That special source is the rarest in the world! Only 25 pounds of it, and you're using it for this!"

"Don't worry so much. It's small, but the right amount we need. Soon, we won't have to worry so much. Now, go turn on the machine."

As soon as Jonathon turned it on, the power of the machine was quickly rising.

"Perfect! It's working just fine. If I can just grab this here…"

But Octavius wasn't able to. The power of the fusion was passing maximum limits.

"Turn it off, Jonathon! It's too much!" Octavius yelled.

"I can't! The controls are not responding! It won't shut off!"

Right than, Spider-Man showed up on and landed on the roof's window skylight.

"Now what is this? A party that I'm not invited to?" Spider-Man than punched the glass, over and over, and once broken, was able to get in.

Octavius looked to see Spider-Man, but did not look too happy about it. "Spider-Man?! Go away! You'll ruin everything!" But Spider-Man didn't listen. Spider-Man saw that whatever was going on, needed to stop. He looked around and noticed the big bulk cables behind the machine. He went and dived towards them, but was knocked back by one of Octavius's arms.

"In case you didn't know, this needs to be stopped!" Spider-Man yelled.

"No! You're going to ruin this! You're going to mess this up and ruin my chance at a new life! I need this! I need to have my wife back!" Octavius yelled. The tritium fusion began to escape out of the machine, due to the actuator arms poking at it, trying to stop it from releasing. Octavius tried to stop it, but nothing could stop it now, but unplugging the cables.

Spider-Man got up, and attempted to unplug the cables again. He got to the cables and pulled as hard as he could to take them out. Octavius noticed him again, and wrapped two of his arms around him and pulled Spider-Man away. He than tried to plug the cables back in. Suddenly, all metal objects were being pulled towards the fusion machine. Jonathon was at the edge of the room, near the side windows. But then the window frames were coming at full force and one hit Jonathon, pushing him towards the machine as well.

As Spider-Man was dashing towards him from the further side of the room, he was caught in the explosion's blast, and wasn't able to get Jonathon out of the way, leaving him and Octavius in the middle of the explosion.

To be continued…
Best issue yet. Cool way to introduce Spot. The only bad thing is that you're going the same way with Doc Ock that the movie did.
ProjectX2 said:
Best issue yet. Cool way to introduce Spot. The only bad thing is that you're going the same way with Doc Ock that the movie did.
I liked how he that Doc Ock started out, but trust me, he won't be going down the same road. :wink:

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