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Oct 24, 2004
New York, NY
Jim Hill Media said:
Speaking of action adventure, Walt Disney Pictures is looking to put a martial arts spin on the studio's animated masterpiece, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" with the studio's 2008 release, "Snow and the Seven." This live action feature (Which the studio hopes to shoot on-location in China) is set in the 1880s, when an reluctant English princess suddenly finds herself in need of protection while traveling overseas. And who then comes to her aid? Seven Shaolin monks.

I know, I know. "Snow and the Seven" sounds kind of bizarre. Though -- truth be told -- this production has a pretty amazing pedigree. The film's screenplay is written by Michael Chabon, the 2001 Pulitzer Prize-winner who also crafted the scripts for "Spider-Man 2" and "Wonder Boys." And for Woo-ping Yuen, the movie's director ... This is the guy who choreographed all of the fight sequences in the "Kill Bill" films as well as the "Matrix" trilogy.

And Yuen ... According to what studio sources have told me, Woo-ping is looking to make "Snow and the Seven" the "Ocean's 11" of martial arts movies. Meaning that Yuen is out to recruit some of the biggest names in martial arts film history to make appearances in this motion picture. Then add to this Chabon's clever concept that each of the Shaolin priests will have at least one trait that will remind viewers of the dwarfs from Disney's 1937 animated version ... And it sounds like "Snow and the Seven" could be one fun flick.

Alright. I know that there are those of you out there who are already upset that Disney would even think of remaking "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." Much less turning this animated masterpiece into a martial arts movie. But you have to understand that this isn't the first time that the Mouse has actually thought about remaking "Snow White."

Case in point: Back in 1979, as Walt Disney Productions was getting ready to release "The Black Hole," then-studio head Ron Miller began talking up the studio's next sci-fi-based project. Which (depending on when you talked with Ron) was either known as "Snow Star," "White Star" or "Star White." Anyway, the film's storyline dealt with this Princess Leia-like royal who was fleeing from an evil sorceress who's out to destroy the princess's home world. When the Leia-lookalike's spaceship suddenly develops engine problems in deep space, the princess seeks shelter in this supposedly abandoned space station.

Only (surprise, surprise) this space station isn't actually abandoned. When the original colonists left eons ago, they left behind seven little droids to maintain the facility. And it's these robots who now become the princess's protectors and keep her safe from that evil space sorceress.

So you tell me, folks: What sounds worse? "Snow and the Seven" with its Shaolin monks or "Snow Star" / "White Star" / "Star White" / Whatever. Which was basically "Snow White and the Seven Droids."

Heh, I actually think it sounds pretty sweet, although the name sucks.

Michael Chabon writing the Script seals the deal for me.
So you tell me, folks: What sounds worse? "Snow and the Seven" with its Shaolin monks or "Snow Star" / "White Star" / "Star White" / Whatever. Which was basically "Snow White and the Seven Droids."
Hmm, both sound pretty retarded if you put it like that.

I mean this may be good only if the distance the parallels enough, instead of just "SnowWhite with kung fu lololololol!"

Um . . . I'm not sure what to make of this. This could either be really good . . . or it will be a mockery. :?
This actually sounds interesting.

I'll hold off hope until we get some previews though.
This sounds awesome...
That sums it up

But in ourchair's version it would have strange sexual acts.
Ourchair's Snow White and the Seven Dwarves would be horrifying. A young girl and seven midgets? Can anyone say...


With 10 times more aborto than originally planned!
Yes! I can't wait to get the DVD and see all the deleted Aborto!...

Wait, I think that's a double negative...
Simply put, yes

Why? I would rather see a dark tale about evil dwarves who hold a young, raven-haired, porcelian skinned beauty hostage in the woods---and then she finds a way to escape.

The story from Fables, where this happens to Snow and she extracts her revenge was awesome.

I'd rather the secret sex videos of Fables' Goldilocks and Baby Bear.

I expect nothing less from you. Then for the sequel you'll wanna see the sex videos of Snow and Bigby in Giant Wolf form. It seems you're all about the furry pinga.

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