Snow and the Seven

Meh. I never read Fables, even though I know I should. I'm kind of ashamed of myself.

But otherwise...I have a strange feeling that this is going to end up being the most awesome thing ever. Next to The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra.
I HATE dwarf/midget sex.

It's like pedophilia, but without the actual fun of it being illegal.

Also, the difference between a dwarf/midget and a five to eight year old boy, is that the dwarf/midget has to shave.

Hey, that's pretty good.

:lol: :lol: :lol: only took me two years and a good portion of 8,400 posts to finally gain your approval...But I did it!

I'd rather the secret sex videos of Fables' Goldilocks and Baby Bear.

Thats a lot of fur...and I'm not talking about Baby Bear...apparently Goldi is into the "unshaved" look.

I expect nothing less from you. Then for the sequel you'll wanna see the sex videos of Snow and Bigby in Giant Wolf form. It seems you're all about the furry pinga.


This sounds awesome if you ask me.

But I didn't.

Film Ick said:
Disney's Martial Arts Snow White Finally A Go

Francis Lawrence has signed on to direct Disney's long-gestating martial arts take on the Snow White story. The working title has Snow and the Seven for some time though this has long been earmarked for replacement.

According to new and old reports, the lead character, Snow, is a member of British aristocracy raised in China. She leads seven Shaolin monks into battle against an evil 'force' (read: wicked witch). Rumour has it that Natalie Portman has the part already in the bag, but these don't seem to be very credible rumours. Finding the seven Shaolin monks shouldn't be too hard - maybe this is the perfect excuse a Shaolin Soccer reunion?

Yuen Woo Ping is choreographing the fights and acrobatics. That's a very good thing.

The story Film Ick is referencing can be found here
Damnit this is such a good idea, but it's Disney, so it's going to be for little kids.
Damnit this is such a good idea, but it's Disney, so it's going to be for little kids.

not ALL , I admit I thought that until I thought about it , Is "The lion king" a little kids film with it's Shakespearian themes? Or about Bambi when Bambi's mother got shot? How about mighty ducks? I hate using this example but Highschool musical? Toy story and cars like E said.

Give it a chance dude , might surprise you.

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